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  1. As only five veer said above, stop trying to justify your stupidity, all you are doing is making yourself look more stupid.
  2. Heres what sant jarnail Singh says about Kalki/kal-ka Accept this is not the only explanation but this is as much as I know on this subject
  3. When the president steps down he is called the former president actually! It seems you don't have a clue about the use of grammer in the English language, you write as a freshie would speak, says it all really.
  4. Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is the name of mahraj just as Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was and as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was. They were not and are not referred to as 'the' Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji or 'the' Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Only those who see maharaj as an object would say 'the'
  5. Atleast two other people have posted above to show that the use of the word 'the' is actually grammatically incorrect in its use in this context. You being an illiterate pud however can not see this.
  6. Before he learns anything else the first thing he needs to learn is respect. Even enemies of a high moral fibre show each other respect, as Sikhs we should aspire to be of the highest moral fibre there is. I have never said anything to anyone on this site but after seeing his behaviour and the way in which he disrupts perfectly good discussions and debates I decided to say something
  7. The person who wanted to challenge and expose others has been exposed as an illiterate pud who was going to challenge people with his google researched Sikhi....... Great work Jsinghnz... If only the panth had more people like you......
  8. Doesn't take a mahapursh to figure out your a Muslim
  9. I have not taken part in this discussion so what exactly you have exposed is only known by you and that litte thing inside your head some could class a brain. As usual there was a perfectly good discussion going on in this thread until you showed your ugly face. I seriously suggest you check your family bloodline, someone definitely betrayed it along the way by coppulating with a Muslim, the unfortunate result being you.
  10. He may be a Hindu but I'm pretty sure your the incarnate of a Muslim
  11. The queen and president are not objects but they hold objectifiable positions. When they step down they will not be called the queen or the president. When talking about a living being by their name you never say that is 'the' mr smith do you? Or say the tenth guru of the Sikhs was 'the' Guru Gobind Singh Ji? If you are a freshie you might, but those who recognise mahraj as a jaagdi jot who is alive do not refer to them in this way
  12. Typical response of someone who has nothing intelligent to say, they resort to calling the other person a gyani out of mockery but are actually paying the person a huge compliment, read what status mahraj has given to a gyani before using it as a put down! It's understandable however, pendos usually are uneducated and lack any real gyan and therefore respond in such ways. You can take the pendo out the pind but he's still just a thick pendo
  13. Time for you to put some glasses on, you wrote 'the' Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Be a good little boy and read my post again. My issue was with use of the word 'the' and nothing else. Now that has been made even clearer surely even you can understand. If u want to learn arths of beej mantar iq-oun(g)-kar I suggest you listen to katha by mahapursh or if u are advanced enough and able to read....... Then read steeks on japji sahib. And its 'KNOW it all' not 'no it all'. But seeing as its you I understand. I won't be enlightening the sangat with my limited knowledge, however I won't remain silent when fools attemp to enlighten them with Sikhi researched on google
  14. Firstly it's not 'the' Guru Granth Sahib, it's Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, please refer to mahraj as the jaagdi jot malik of tri-lok and not as an object. Secondly the meaning of iq-oun(g)-kar is much deeper and more dexterous then 'there is just one god' that is what is taught to little 4 year olds. Mahapursh in the past have done katha of this mantar alone for days and days. It is the beej (seed) mantar which gives Prakash to everything else so definitely means much more than 'there is only one god'. People who have wiki-pedia/google gyan, YouTube granthis, facebook prachaariks and fundamentalist ignorant no brain idiots should also be challenged and exposed
  15. I assure you my intentions were not to pass any of that of as gospel, as I said it is from oral sources, which everyone knows are always up to debate and should be researched further. Who forced Baba Kartar Singh out at spear point? First time I have heard this
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