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  1. Unfortunately getting people 'into' Sikhi has become a business. Getting people into Sikhi means big donations from sangat, big buck contracts with media organisations such as t-series etc, television/media appearances, backing from politicians, fancy clothes & accessories not to mention flash cars with flashing red light! All expense paid trips around the world to do 'parchar' (it's actually panjab & rest of India that needs most parchar right now)! Parchar should be done with daya & gyaan on bani, explain the importance of naam, the 'spiritual' significance of kes, how rehit helps you build a deciplined lifestyle around naam. Naam has to be the root of all parchar, indepth athmic gyaan veechar on bani should then back that up. REAL historic facts & events should be discussed by the aid of puratan historical Granths such as Suraj Prakash, panth pracchin etc. Bani and gurmantar should be explained and their importance highlighted. Simply telling people to stop eating meat & grow your hair is not Sikhi parchar in my opinion. The Guru's never used emotional blackmail to spread Sikhi/dharam, they used daya and 'sat-naam'
  2. Emotional blackmail of sangat & little sings with dholki & chimta backing have become 'Sikhi Parchar' ...... No wonder the panth is in this state! Muslims would be proud of this kind of 'parchar'! Barking at the sangat & telling them they will go to hell because they have cut their hair is not 'parchar'. Look at how taksal/nirmale mahapursh did Sikhi parchar, how Nihang Dals travelled all over holding Amrit sanchars after giving indepth katha on actual Sikh history etc that is 'parchar'
  3. Your 100% right, mahraj has indeed said that plants, tress etc also are living beings. It is also written in panth pracchin Granth that Banda Singh Bahadur could talk to plants & communicate with them.
  4. Scientific study carried out indicates that plants are indeed 'alive' http://www.in5d.com/amazing-singing-plants-phenomenon.html
  5. so the truth is obtained from 'wikipedia'?i and not puratan granths written by highly respected Gursikhs?!! The Jathedars of Baba Bhidi Chand Dal have all been 'direct' descendants Of Baba Bhidi Chand himself, the bloodline of Baba Ji has been blessed with leading that Dal to this very day, they still uphold the Akali Nihang Singh Maryada of Shaheedi Degh but I guess they must be wrong aswell as you obviously think Rattan Singh Bhangu, the grandson of Mehtab Singh who with Sukha Singh beheaded Massar Rangar must be. 'Jinda Shaheed Baba Nihaal Singh must also be wrong! Wikipedia is right but all the above plus countless others and other written sources are wrong! I refuse to waste my time argueing with some obviously intellectualy of a basic level, so will not post again. Anyone who seeks the truth should read puratan sources for themselves and learn for themselves. Akaaal
  6. I am not fond of any drug, the only thing I am fond of is the truth, which is best obtained from realiable sources such as Puratan Granths written by people like Rattan Singh Bhangu ( Grandson of mehtab Singh) and not by reading 'wikipedia'! As for Balbir Singh he tried everything and still is trying everything to pass himself off as the real Leader of Budda Dal! And that piece of rubbish you just pulled of wiki after about 30 seconds of research on google clearly says only Balbir agreed to shun Shaheedi Degh, Baba Santa Singh and '20' other Jathedars refused to do so, but I guess ALL '20' were wrong and one power hungry sellout must be right. Nihang Singhs never say that Shaheedi Degh is for all sikhs, most Nihangs do not even consume it but still accept that during puratan times it was and still is part of 'Akali Nihang Singh Maryada' (not civillian maryada) and is available to those who which to use it as it was used by Singhs from puratan times as clearly recorded in puratan texts by Gursikhs of a much higher calibre then any of us. Do yourself a favour and take your wiki research to the easily fooled and guliable
  7. I never said Sikhs needed drugs to go to the battlefield, Rattan Singh Bhangu wrote it in Panth Prakash Granth! but I suppose to you his veiws are 'pathetic' aswell?! I suppose the views of 'jinda shaheed' Baba Nihal Singh are also pathetic in your eyes?! Countless other evidential proofs from puratan granths written by well respected and accepted Gursikhs must also be 'pathetic'! But your views MUST be right because they are yours or your jathas? Intellect levels within the kaum really are a disgrace
  8. Jathedar Akali Baba Surjit Singh Nihang, Budda Dal 96 crore with Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana after Bhai Balwant Singh had recieved khande bhatte de pahul
  9. So now Sikh are being treated badly in panjab you want Nihang Singhs to do something? Maybe the 'Panth' should have thought about that before they allowed the british and the britsh created SGPC to remove them as custodians of Akal Takht and as leaders of the Panth in 1921, you reap what you sow. The british had a shoot on sight policy for any Nihang Singh that was seen in panjab, and asked those people to come forward to take over the takhts that were willing to go againt the Nihangs, out of this was born the true sell out sakari dog the SGPC! With a bounty on thier heads and thier own people turning thier back on them the Nihangs either went back into the jungles, were put in jail or were in exile and went to Hazoor Sahib. Look at what has happened to sikhi in punjab under the rule of SGPC. Naujavan are not into sikhi, majority cut thier kes, take drugs/alcohol etc. Compare that to Hazoor Sahib were Nihangs are incharge. No one from a sikh family, whether amritdhari or not cuts thier kes. No one dares smoke tobacco within a 5 mile radius of Sachkand Hazoor sahib incase they are seen by a Nihang as they know a beating will be the least they get! A few years back muslims from a local nagar roughed up a sikh naujavan, he didnt go home and tell his parents or go and tell the police, instead he went straight to the Nihang Singhs at Hazoor Sahib. They heard what happened and about 10 of them instanly made thier way to the muslim dominated nagar and gave a beating to any muslim male they got thier hands on as a warning against troubling sikhs again in the future, compare that to SGPC panjab! You think real Nihangs have it easy in panjab? the real Jathedar of Budda Dal, Baba Surjit Singh Ji is in jail thanks to the SGPC and thier attempts to pass of one of thier own puppets as the real jathedar of Budda Dal! Someone mentioned Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana. hes actually in the same jail as Budda Dal jathedar Baba Surjit singh! below is a picture of the two of them togther after bhai Balwant Singh recieved amrit!
  10. Karkoo why don't you research the subject yourself instead of asking me, I know what I believe thanks to not listening to any Singhs with biased views based on thier jatha and instead reading puratan granths that were written with the sole purpose of recording our true and genuine historical facts and practices. Singhs from Taksal mostly all read and do katha from Pracchin Panth Prakash or Suraj Prakash Granth and others. Obviously Baba Jarnail Singh didnt do jatka but as for Guru Sahib read Panth Prakash and learn for yourself. Giani Thakur Singh got his vidiya at Taksal as everyone knows, he was Baba Kartar Singh Ji's garvai and also very close to Baba Jarnail Singh, if you listen to part 25 of his viakhya on Asa di Vaar at http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio, right at the beginning Giani Ji explains how the maryada of jhatka was given to Nihang Singhs by Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself and how Nihangs perform the maryada of jhatka in the present day, he also explains how this maryada is ONLY for Nihang Singhs and not for civillians/gristi jeevan sangat Akaal
  11. The reason Singhs from Dal Panth and Taksal do not drink tea is because tea leaf grows in the same fields and plantations, usually right next to tobacco leaf.
  12. The only pathetic post on here is yours! Luckily Nihang Singhs are made of stern stuff and our belief, maryada, intellect and faith in 'actual' recorded historical facts about our shaheeds and our Guru's is not easily swayed by speeches designed for the pappus and pinkys of the panth! You have all the modern luxuries of a modern life yet I wonder how 'intoxicated' your are with naam and bani, yet you deny that Shaheeds who lived in jungles may have been blessed by mahraj with a medicine that would put at ease thier physical pains/injuries! Next time you reach for the painkillers or run off to your doctor remember what you wrote above! Bani is the ultimate supplement and source of strenght for our athma, and I have no doubt that it is also perfect for our mind and body but that doesnt mean when I get hungry I dont eat and just recite bani instead! Read the excellent post put up by 'caveman', it is From 'Pracchin Panth Prakash' by Rattan Singh Bhangu and it is clearly stated that Baba Gurbax Singh and others consumed Shaheedi Degh as preparation for battle but also as part of thier rehat! Aslo listen to the katha by Baba Nihal Singh posted above. I know your response will be that Rattan Singh Bhangu must have been a druggy thats why he wrote that, he was the grandson of Mehtab Singh, the same Mehtab Singh who along with Sukha Singh beheaded Massar Rangar, I'm sure he knows what he's talking about as does 'Jinda Shaheed' Baba Nihaal Singh! As for the Katha by Baba Gurbachan Singh, listen carefully to whom bhagat Kabeer Ji is referring to! Baba Gurbachan Singh took amrit and grew up in Budda Dal and no doubt knew the difference between 'bhang' and 'shaheedi degh'! NO taksaal jathedar has ever said shaheedi degh or even jhatka are wrong practices, on contrary they say that these are specific aspects of Akali Nihang Singh maryada that only the Nihangs Singhs have ageya to carry out and that the rest of the panth should avoid these as it is forbidden for them as it serves no purpose in thier way of life! Go to India and actually live with, talk to and learn from Nihangs and Guru Ji's Taksaal's, then you will realise the deep level of love and respect between the 2 and acceptance of eachothers practices, akaaal.
  13. Sant Gurbachan Singh clearly says Kabeer Ji is talking about those in kansi who call themselves bhagats but eat/drink bhang, Shaheedi Degh is not Bhang, the same way medicine containing traces of alcohol is not shraab. Baba Nihal Singh clearly gives the maryada and history of shaheedi degh in his katha. Before people start saying stuff about his credentials he's been given the title of 'jinda shaheed' ( living shaheed) after he was shot liberating Paonta Sahib Gurdwara from the corrupt mahants that were in charge. During 1984 Baba Nihal Singh was Right Hand Man of Sant Jarnail Singh, and had many altercations with the Indian Army and Politians. The police raided a camp and caught Baba Ji and his Singhs, and tied him upto a jeep and dragged him around the villages on a rope,tearing his skin apart and painstakenly broke his arms and legs. They tied his beard up with his "nala" from his kachera and beat him continuously. But baba ji , never gave up. I'm sure such a gursikh jinda shaheed knows more about maryada and the meanings of gurbani then all of us put together!!! Won't be posting on this topic again, akaal
  14. Most medicine contains alcohol but how many of you take medicine when ill?! Alcohol on its own is not allowed and no Sikh would drink it but when small dosages are added to other substances if forms part of a medicine which is then allowed? Lol Bhang on its own is not allowed, in that state it is usually mixed with tobacco and smoked I believe. When preparing shaheedi degh it is rigorously grinded and then added to various other ingridients such as almonds, black pepper, lacche etc It is not consumed as an intoxicant the same way medicine containing alcohol is not. And besides I don't believe anyone just looking to get high can put all that time and physical effort into preparing shaheedi degh! A better source then me, Baba Nihaal Singh Ji ( close ally of Sant Jarnail Singh during Dharam Judh Morcha) explains the puratan history and legitimacy of shaheedi degh
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