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  1. I got bhavrasmrit from dtf book store in bham. I have seen the other book listed on waterstones website. Try googling the books and they might be available through online booksites. I haven't read the second book book but the first book is translation of rachna of bhai gulab singh jee who was from nirmal samparda. Nirmal samparda intepret Gurmat through lens of Vedant which is a philosophy within hinduism. Reading spiritual books is good to increase knowledge but Gurmat is above and vakhra (seperate) from other philosophies and religions. To get better understanding of Gurmat i suggest books by Gursikhs such as bhia gurdaas jee, bhan nand lal jee, bhai randhir singh jee, bhai vir singh jee, giani udham singh jee etc. Gurmat is very simple marag to meet god through naam simran. Over and over again gurbani stresses importance of naam simran. Bhul chuk maaf jee.
  2. I do not know the definition or root of this word but growing up I have heard this word used by "Sikhs" in a derogatory way against Muslims. This word I have seen been used casually even on "sikh" forums. In any case gursikhs and any person in general should not use such terms.
  3. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xaLSDsb6Fyo
  4. Very easy to tie without larh in mouth. I'm sure majority of gursikhs tie dastaar without putting in mouth, whether it be gol, dumalla, sidha.... It is unnaceptable for amritdhari to put dastaar in mouth, imagine if one is doing seva of guru sahib saroop carrying on head on top of dastaar. That dastaar should be sucha and clean. I tie sidha gurmukhi dastaar. This means no pooni, folds, pins and no larh at the back. One can tie quickly and is very comfortable. Bhul chuk maaf jee.
  5. You must tie joora on top of your head. Also when tying dastaar you never put into mouth. Dastaar can easily be tied without putting in mouth.
  6. Military advice was given prior to the massacre of operation blue star: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26027631 The UK government is defending itself by saying only "advice" was given to indian military prior to the attack. Quote from bbc website "Mr Hague said UK assistance was "purely advisory" and given months beforehand." The key fact for me in this is that the UK government knew about the attack on sri Darbar Sahib and the plans by the Indian government beforehand. However it kept silent then and has kept silent for all these years. Only when documents were "disclosed" did they admit to this knowledge. Daas however is not too interested in this. Nothing will happen, no action will be taken. Why get angry? In then end all these governments are jhoote (false). Why have faith in these political parties? They are devoid of parmatma (god) and parmarth (spirituality). Gursikhs put all their faith in Gurmat which is full of sach (truth). How can those devoid of truth provide justice? This world is temporary, the leaders are temporary, governments are temporary but Naam is truth and therefore eternal. Don't pay too much attention to politics, Naam jappo jee.
  7. Is this not the right time to call for sarbat Khalsa at akal takht. The sikh panth should gather at akal takht and seek azaadi(freedom) of sgpc and akal takht. The Sikh panth should hand letter to jathedar of akal takht and sgpc asking for resignation. Either serve the panth or politicians (badals) it is their choice. If anyone has contacts with amrik singh ajnala, sardar cheerma or other panthic gursikhs at gurdwara amb sahib, please make the suggestion for sarbat Khalsa. We don't want raaj, the badals can have as much power, money and land as they want. We just want the right to run akal takht without interference from outsiders. Bhul chuk maaf jee.
  8. We have to have realistic goals. Badals cannot just be removed from power, it is just not that easy. However an opportunity has arisen to capitalise on the anti badal sentiment that has now risen in the Sikh panth. We need to seriously make efforts to organise a third party to contest the next elections in punjab. The third party should fight sikh causes as well as the supporting the poor and removing corruption. Just recently the "aam admi party" has delivered a heavy defeat to the congress party. The sgpc should not be demolished and has the capacity to be great institution. There should be no political style elections for the sgpc. All we require for sgpc are gursikhs who have hunger to do gurmat parchar. The akal takht jathedar, under the guidance of the 5 pyare, should have the highest authority in the panth. This being said I do not see he above happening anytime soon.
  9. The sgpc is more powerful than the jathedar. The sgpc is run by badal therefore they will only select jathedars that will not go against badal. As soon as a jathedar goes against badal the sgpc fill remove them and select someone else. The whole system needs to be changed. The jathedar should be selected by the Sikh panth not a political party which the sgpc has become. One good thing has come out of this movement. People are now more aware of just how much influence badal has over the sgpc and akal takht. We need a third option for the next elections that will for fight for Sikh causes. Maybe sardar Mann could unite with aam admi party? The panth needs to prepare now and not just before elections. All panthic jathebandis should help in forming a third party so that we can finally get some sort of justice. We will not get justice through congress or akal dal.
  10. Akal takht jathedar has stated fasting in not legitimate way to protest as it is against sikh teachings. This was in recent statement on "day night news". We're darshan singh pheruman jee, sant fateh singh jee, bhai randhir singh jee all wrong? This question should be put directly to jathedar gurbachan singh jee. Jathedar also stated that government had right to arrest bhai gurbaksh singh jee Khalsa but methods used were wrong. The rest of the Sikh panth is supporting bhai gurbaksh singh jee's hunger strike and condemned his arrest. However the akal takht jathedar and sgpc have remained silent. We all want to support akal takht but it is high time they speak up for the Sikh panth and innocent Sikhs in jails. Akal purakh kirpa karan.
  11. There is little chance that the criminal who did beadbi of Gursikhs dastaar will be punished appropriately. How long has it been since the murder of bhai jaspal singh jee by police and yet still no justice. Until Akal Takht becomes independent of political parties we will not get justice. We need to get rid of political parties from the SGPC and Akal Takht. We need a movement for the azadi (freedom) of SGPC and Akal Takht. This is the roots of many of the problems the Sikh Panth face.
  12. What nonsense! Swaas swaas simran as taught by Panj Piare has not nothing to do with Kundalni Yoga! Or yoga in general. What that singhni has told you is not right and countless other who have had naam drirh will agree. Please read bhai sahibs books for more info regarding simran jugti. Please top using this example. Some have even called swaas swaas jugti of naam as hath yoga which is also nonsense. Actually if swaas swaas simran is practised with correct technique then it is opposite to that of hath yoga. Swaas swaas simran is just a technique to japp naam. Further to this, dhyaan, prem and vairaag are required in addition to listening to the dhuni (sound) of of Naam with our surat. Nowhere in Gurbani does it state to sit to adopt techniques of Yog mat. Instead Gurbani whows a simple path to Parmatma by doing sifat salah of Parmeshar through Naam and paath/kirtan of Gurbani. All this confusion has arised because the technique of swaas swaas simran is not being taught by panj piare in amrit sanchars. If one wants to learn about naam abhiyaas and dasam duar then please read the relevant books by bhai randhir singh jee. The main jugti of Naam is "prem". No need for yogmat techniques. A Gursikh who does naam abhiyaas, keeps rehit e.t.c will reach dasam duar, so what is the need for kundalani yoga, dancing, breathing techniques, sitting techniques? The "spitritual aids" for Gursikhs are Rehit, Kirtan, Santhiyaa and Sangat. Also the use of terms "protestant" and "abrahamic" is not right. Is bhai randhir singh also a "protestant" because they rejected yogmat and believed in the supremacy of Gurmat? Are then all those who reject yogmat and have shardha only in Gurbani "protestant" or "right-wing extremists". All this name calling is empty it has no basis. Bhul chuk maaf jee.
  13. Veer Taran Singh jee, you and bhai kam singh jee are doing a good job with sikh youth show by discussing relevant topics that affect the youth. One great point that was raised in the show was to get rid of the committee system. This is a great idea and I am sure many of the youth will support but this but not the elders. Instead of committee we should select Panj Piare to run the Gurdwara. Also if I am not mistaken, the Granthi of Gurdwara was know as the "Wazir" - minister. Basically we need to put power back into the hand of the Granthi and Panj Piare. They should be role models and have good Gursikhi jeevans - Rehit, Amrit Vela, Naam Abhiyaas, Knowledge of Sikh History and Gurbani. Also they should be parcharaks and be able to inspire the youth towards Gurmat. The problem is how can we implement the system above? We will not be able to introduce this system in any established Gurdwara in my opinion. The committee will not welcome it, they are too set in their ways. The only option in my opinion is for young Gurskihs to set up 2 Gurdwaras maybe in Birmingham and London. These 2 Gurdwaras should implement the Panj Piare system. These 2 gurdwaras could set an example for the rest and demonstrate that you do not require a committee to run a Gurdwara. Also we can implement many other things that are missing from mainstream Gurdwaras such as Laridaar Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib jee along with Laridaar santhiya classes, simple langar, sikh youth classes............... e.t.c. Also we need to become more strict when it comes to Akhand Paaths, now they have just become a ritual and a means for income. If a family wants to do an Akhand Paath then they must listen to the paath and not spen 3 days in langar hall. Instead the sewadaars of the Gurdwara should take care of the langar arrangements and this way the parwar will have no choice but to listen to the Gurbani. Ideally the Gurdwara should be a small building, we do not require multi million pound buildings to do parchaar of Gurmat. The Gurdwara is place for bhagti and knowledge. The Gurdwara should be a place for abhiyaas of Gurbani and knowledge/vichaar of Gurbani. Further to this we need to do more parchaar on Rehit. Bhul chuk maaf jee.
  14. osingh


    This link may help jee: http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,11413,11914#msg-11914
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