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  1. just found out there was a prog on 2day on sikh channel called chardi kala they were saying only a few banis are parvaan and the rest is not...also ppl were complainin about the barsi advert. the sikh channel talk show guy was sayin no bhog will be done at the barsi..but the bhog is going on. now the problem is this. sikh channel- were all givin our DDs but r they actualy doin stn ... will it become a base for anti dasam parchar? we're alled hyped up that we have sikh media now etc but i think were bak at square one again.
  2. The bhog at southall will take place on friday at 7 pmish after rehiraas saheb. the akhand paat started on sunday(23d) as it is a sampat akhand paat sahib. the maryada is arti arta staight after the bhog then ardaas etc. then the smagam will start prob till 10 30 pm. The program at the gurdwara nanaksar sahib in birmingham will also be the same. Also the barsi of sant baba isher singh jee will be will be on he 6th october not on 6th sep. On the 30th of august Yugpursh swami paramanand maharaj jee will be doing Gurmat veechar at nanaksar gurdwara 7.30-8.30pm http://gurdwarananaksar.com/engl
  3. i have asked various mahapursh etc and beej mantar is Ikoankaar
  4. jivan


    i would recomend baba bakala gutkeh sahib, has more bania and is more shudh, although budha dal sundar gutka is pretty good, got a nice collection of bania etc and is abit differnt compared 2 baba bakala gutka ( budha dal gutka has a lil shorter arti, dif ardas) they can be brought from chattar singh jevan singh amritsar, i think evry1 knos dt shop lol jus ask en1 going india 2 get you one
  5. Yes he is still in southall , all this week (27th july -2nd august) and will be doing katha mukhvaak and Siri guru granth sahib larivaar katha which is 6 30- 7 30 pm. past few days hav been amazing, katha will hopefully be up on the net
  6. there has been a topic before with the same question, and it also went into quite abit of detail search it and you shd get your answer
  7. Baba jee wil be doing katha all this week (20-26 july) At Havelok road southall- larivar katha sri gurpartap Sooraj granth 7 20- 8 10 pm and mukhvaak katha 6 am next week wil be at park avenue, mukhvaak katha 6 am and SGGS larivar katha 6 30 - 7 30 pm after that will be in lesta, then birmingham all katha from southall is being recorded and hopefully so will Lesta katha
  8. can you please tell us if htey say anything about coming to canada?? thanks! they are goin LA next week, will ask about canada
  9. jivan

    Parkash 2009

    its on the 19th sunday phone them for more details
  10. Giani Tarsem Singh Jee Harkhowal wale, a student of Baba Jagjit Singh jee has been doing katha last week (lariwaar katha SGGS) and this week will be doing gurmat veechar (13-19th july) at park ave gurdwara 7 30 pm - 8 30pm all katha has been recorded
  11. there is no beadbi goin on at gns skool. the skool gurdwara is being demolished 2 make way for a new big 1 because of the lack of space for students to sit and other repairs as teh gurdwara is very old. jus for temporary , there is a tempory Sachkhand (note sachkhand) where the saroops , gutka sahibs, pothia are being kept with satkaar. the room is only locked so students dont go in etc as it is a sachkhand, and occasionaly it is open for sangat 2 do darshan. this is only for a week till a tempory gurdwara sahib has been built. i can ASSURE you there is NO beadbi going on ,ive had darshan of
  12. absolutely wicked - any audio of these smagams and katha vaachik on gurmat veechar or the net?
  13. vjk vjkf nahi bhai sahib- sant gurbachen singh didn start this maryada although he has mentioned narial jhatka maryada in his pothi 'gurbani paat darshan' and it comes under the chapter about maryada of Sri Dasam granth, that nihang singh do jhatka of ganneh and narial when bir ras shabads are read durin the Dasam Granth Sahib Akhand paat
  14. vjkk vjkf to Buv_Singh - Giani gurdev singh (southall) will not be attending as they are in america atm
  15. kesh kaanti , one of swami raamdevs products it smells like bubble gum but apparently it reduces hair loss and makes ur hair stronger
  16. just a small request : please change the rehras sahib to some one who reads bani shudh and read sampooran rehras sahib + put some kirtan on at night , the dharmik geets are getting annoying at night now lol keep up t great work.. and excellent live programmes !
  17. the shastars are not in amritsar. they are in bidar, near to nanak jhira gurdwara ( not so far from sachkhand sri hazur sahib) at a place called tap asthaan mai bhago. after dasam patshas joti jot , she lived there.
  18. any one who makes hand made kirpans can also make miaans, so any good quality shashter shops will know, if u want the taksali type then they make em at mehta/bhindra
  19. http://nanaksarkaleran.net/news/news.htm
  20. yeh i kno, sum1 else sent it , but i didn kno how 2 change the text (its sum weird font), but most mistakes r minor
  21. baba sang jee gurdwara b'ham printed a calender this year with puratan bikarmi dates
  22. to ^ and m.k.p no reli has a clu what ur on about lol
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