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  1. VJKK VJKF! Hiiii i havent logged in here for donkey's years lol but saw that u visited my profile...awww... thanks for coming all that way to our wedding! lets hook up soon! God bless

  2. Hey penji. Sorry I got the wrong person. Haven't spoken to you in ages so got the wrong user name. I hope all is well and ure both my fav so I will deffo invite both of u!! xx

  3. to bhenji above, the same ustaad jee also teaches on mon&tues from 5-7pm at willenhall gurdwara - jst thought id let you know seeing as it's local to w-ton.
  4. ya i was thinking the same thing :gg:
  5. First of all what country are you in? Secondly, from first hand experience I know how disheartening it can be when you discover a sibling may have problems in learning. Has she been statemented or has she been diagnosed? My younger brother also has problems namely dyspraxia, moderate learning difficulties and sensory motor co-ordination problems. He was also very reserved, had no confidence, didn’t make friends quickly and in terms of mile stones he was behind his age group when in nursery and still is. His teachers recommended we place him in a different school where they have a wider resource base in regards to helping children with such problems. Looking back, I think if he stayed on in nursery an extra year it might have been better for him, but on the other hand, his problems are on-going so there is no quick fix solution to them. If you feel that school is best for your sister then you can refute the opinion of your doctor. Schools are clued up on this sort of stuff and can give children loads of support. If need be she can have extra help outside the mainstream classroom for a couple of hours a day and also go for occupational therapy if it is needed. If the school is not supportive then perhaps you can get in touch with a social worker or someone from the local education authority at the council (depending on the laws of your country) and seek advice. Alternatively, you can look at other schools where they support pupils with learning problems. If any of the above has caused you offence, I apologise, I know this is a sensitive issue. Also I want you to know that you are not alone, and your encouragement, love & Ardaas will all help her immensely. All the best.
  6. _K_

    yeah nanni is okkkk... she was down yday being vulgar as usual LOL... oh god no my moms been hiding from her since the phnoe number incident hahaha but what pic was it? im confusedddd... never mind if i dont get it back it dont matter

    u ok now??as in u better? x

  7. awwwww hey love...hope u feeling better. anytime!!!that space is always happy to get a visit from ck singhni like u=) EXAMS?(5more days to what?)

    talk to u later lov...hope u NOT dreaming about me hahaha sweet dreams..akal sahai xxx

  8. I thought i would come here and vent out some anger 'cus i know right now u r someone who understands it exactly! :@:@:@:@:@:@ ARRGGGGGGHHHHH another 5 days to go!

    *breathe innnnnnn & outttttttt*

    there. better hey! :)

    thank you xx

  9. give my princesses a biggggggg huggggggyyy wuggggggy from meeee :D

  10. anjaan

    hey moo i gave the stuff 2 my bhabi to pass onto your lovely mommy...did u get it? & the pic was gorgeous :D hows ur nanny? me aint been centre 4 while :( all the best in your exams! xxxx

  11. _K_

    lol hey delayed reply!!!!!!

    :) u better now? x x

    and lol haha aww no way i gave up looking 4 that lil note it was meant 2 go in my lil keep sake box!what pic??? hope it aint nuthing 2 embarrasing *-) LOL

    x x

  12. ~vaheguru~

    "kar kirapaa saadhhoo sa(n)g miliou sathigur dheeno dhaan ||1|| rehaao ||

    Granting His Grace, He has led me to join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; the True Guru has granted this gift. ||1||Pause||"

  13. oue saajan oue meet piaarae || jo ham ko har naam chitaarae ||

    they are my companions, and they are my dear friends, who inspire me to remember the Lord's Name :)

  14. oue saajan oue meet piaarae || jo ham ko har naam chitaarae ||

    they are my companions, and they are my dear friends, who inspire me to remember the Lord's Name :)

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