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  1. Its a sad day when an unsuspecting person falls victim to a road accident. We all can die at anytime. Cars and drive through the quitest roads silently, therefore keeping your eyes peeled for vehicles is paramount for your own safety and others around you. I witnessed a young girl dying from a speeding vehicle in southafrica several years back... it's shocking to say the least. What i find in london is that somalian bus drivers have no sense of responsability when over taking other vehicles or when changing lanes, its frightening that they have been given such rights to 'drive' on the roads
  2. Who is the ONE most influential role-model that you look up to...?? This person can be dead or alive. God is not an option! Googleme
  3. And every step that i tread, makes my soul very blessed... ( Yo 'paneer monster' leave my gun poem out of this! i was young(er) and immmature!! Now behave before i instruct press-ups upon you...! ) im liking the way this poem is going! keep up the good work :rolleyes: Googleme
  4. my foot steps continue, searching for answers, my vision is blurey... Googleme
  5. Happy Beeday!! :rolleyes: Googleme
  6. And when i bow to thee, my heart then applauds... Googleme
  7. you humble bumble bee! :rolleyes:
  8. Listen up my honey's! I want the users of this board to engage in a little poetry :rolleyes: The poem has to mainly focus on Sikh stuff!! I will write the 1st line... then the next person rhymes the 2nd line... and the person after that does the 3rd line and so on and so on... Dont be shy, give it a try! here goes: My tongue is sharper then a double edge sword... Googleme
  9. WOW!! 75 views and only 1 reply! i am touched!! :sleep: Googleme
  10. personally, my good friend of this week has definately been the internet! :L: Googleme
  11. As you grow older you will realise that life is not about being a social bumble bee :rolleyes: Your circle of friends will change throughout stages of your life... but hopefully your connection with god will always remain... and grow stronger. Like honey to a bee! Googleme
  12. Sat Sri Akal my honey's! How would you Describe SIKH using the first letter for each word? example: Spiritual Inspirational Kings (of immortality)! Heavenly :rolleyes: your turns my bumble bees!
  13. such warm welcomes!! feel free to share my honey! 'Paneer M' please dont hype your karate status... you were never really that good! But i always appreciated your mothers samosas!! So wat does everybody do here? study? work? etc... Googleme
  14. why thank you PJS! im feeling like part of a happy family Googleme
  15. Thankyou Guptkuri yep, hes no stranger to controversy Word in the bee-hive is: theres big celebrations comming up on the 5th november! Googleme
  16. Why thank you for your LATE introduction! I enjoyed learning about the history of the Sikhs very much and the guru's kitchen was a lovely experience. I am realizing why 'paneer monster' had made such a transformation, from being a short haired smart alex to a more humble peaceful person. But the sarcasm still remains!! I look forward to meeting many more... Does anybody know why he has told me not to click on topics that are 5+ pages long? Googleme
  17. Greetings (sat sri akaal) to all Sikhs! I have to say that in general, the religion of the Sikhs is so far the religion with most peace. I am here to learn more Googleme!
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