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    Before you point fingers at me with the use and tone of your responses, make sure your own hands are clean.

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  1. no idea who this uncle ji is but to be honest, age does not equal wisdom. unless from a direct eu rep or law union, its just hearsay and over exaggerated crap as usual
  2. from historical references and Gurbani, I am confident that our Guru would not force this mayor to matha tek to Guru Granth Sahib Ji....respect for all but follow your own?
  3. My honest advise would be to first; 1 - does she have interest in Sikhi or becoming Amrithdari one day? 2 - will this relationship ruin any current relationship you with with family members and vice versa for her? 3 - after doing your Nitnem and Ardaas, before you do anything, do Ardaas but focus on asking for guidance from Guru Ji directly and if you can, take a Hukumnama ( do you have Maharaaj at home )? Its good to ask the Sangat for help but there is a small risk on the internet that you will only get what people's interpretation of Sikhi is and there is no guarantee you will get a response from someone who lives, breathes and walks the path which is what you really need. If she has interest in Sikhi and you, ask her if she is willing to be Blessed with Amrit, not just for you but does her heart yearn to learn about Sikhi? If so, good luck. PS - I forgot to say, these feelings and urges are one of the five evils so try your best to control it, see yourself in a third view and look at yourself and think twice, thrice if you need to. Try your best to curb your feelings and your actions in the same way you try to control anger, greed etc.
  4. Tyson seems to be such an honest guy and I respect him for that. From coming via BKB within the traveller community to where he is now should be respected in my view and he is a great entertainer, he is funny. I hope Tyson wins again
  5. The reason why blue was chosen was because at that time, blue was normally associated with low caste people which makes sense especially where Gurbani is concerned. Guru Ji made us to serve humanity at any level. Whilst I do believe blue is colour associated with Khalsa, I also stand by my previous comments that colour is not restricted. I say this because if it was, it would contradict what Gurbani teaches us and therefore then make our Gurus change what they said I know full well they would never contradict anything they say because they are pure. I also say this because it is not for us to judge what others wear, Khalsa or not. Even if a particular maryada states it clearly that no other colour is to be worn apart from blue (which is actually doesnt), I would still stand by what I say that colours are not restricted because they are not and if blue is the familiar choice due to historical facts etc, then I or anyone on this earth are no one to judge others, its not our job. If our speech cannot help another human by speaking words of a sweet nature then its best to keep it schtum. I am nothing compared to the puratan pyare but having said that, I do believe there are a lot of texts made specifically to contradict one another to divide the panth, hence I stick to Gurbani and Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj because this is one topic where no author can tamper with. You say Ithihaas, another thing which I listen to but dont follow blindly. The only teachings I follow blindly are from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj. Khalsa is distinguishable from uniform and colour, I agree but there is a time and place for everything. That uniform was required then when times were really hard. we have it easy right now and there are very few Sikhs left who can portray the puratan Sikh idealogy, nimrata and way of teachings when talking to another human being, that said, I am not saying that wearing bana is no longer required, I think its lovely to see Singhs and Kaurs wearing bana, they have guts to wear them because I am not clean/pure enough to wear one openly. I have much respect for them but at the same time, colours are not restricted. A Maryada may state the Khalsa will wear blue but it also does not specifically state that we cannot wear any other colour? Sorry to go on but I hope my explanation above explains my stand on this subject. Khalsa today, can wear what they want if they wish, the relationship and answer they have to give is to the Guru so its futile for us to converse on whether what is right or wrong, we are not the judges.
  6. Hi and thank you. I edited my response because when I read 'punjabis are dub' I immediately started to respond with hate so in order to stick to the topic, I removed a lot of what I originally wrote. Coming to your link - thank you but this again only refers to followers of our Guru and I cannot accept what someone else has said because of they way they understand history when it goes against or contradicts what Gurbani states. I am an Amrithdari before I am punjabi (putting that out there in case people start judging before even knowing) Comment in brackets are following the first response I got from GurdialSingh. Coming to the book that Gurdial refers to, prophesy is also against Gurmat. Ill post a link to which I read as much closer to Gurbani and the Gurus teachings then anything else I have read on here ( no offence intended but its all hearsay without any evaluation or reference to anything historically written or sealed by our Guru) - http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/threads/karni-nama-and-raj-nama-the-sikh-book-of-prophecy.30035/ Having certain colours being acceptable for Khalsa and to refrain from others is like having certain days and times approved for prayer or good fortune, its a Brahmin thought and not Gurmat.
  7. read this good and proper before you start giving your manmat views; In Assa-di-Vaar, the following words "Neel Bastar Ley Kaprey Pahrey, Turk Pathani Amal Kiya." - meaning that people started wearing blue clothes and started following the ways of the Turks. It clearly denotes that the blue garments were worn by the Muslims.
  8. Please please please, red is nothing more than just a colour. The Gurbani about the lady wearing red and Guru Ji advising her to get rid of the red, put yourselves in that time, wearing red for females was a 'dress up' colour. If Guru Granth Sahib Ji clearly tells us God is within all colours and then within none, how can we Sikhs follow a Rehat written by a man and not our Guru. I know the history behind Bhai Nand Lal Ji but we need to start thinking and questioning. If whatever the rehatnama contradicts what the Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj says, dispose of it because I know that our Gurus could not say one thing in one place and then go against it or contradict it in another passage. There is no colour restriction in Sikhi and nor do certain colours mean anything. If people believe wearing red makes one and think of a sin then maybe its for that individual to practice this upon themselves because the colour red wont mean the same for everyone.
  9. Sant Ji being the pure nimrata Sikh that he was probably did not want to hurt her feelings so he let her continue.
  10. My first post was related to the original post itself, the domestic violent situation. You have just clarified that your response to my first post was about 'heat of the moment' arguments, which I think is completely different to the domestic violence which had occurred in the original post. Raising the voice in a domestic violent situation is bullying, not raising your voice when a couple are arguing.
  11. I was posting about the domestic violence post. I think raising your voice in the heat of the moment is different to raising your voice in a domestic violent situation. Thats why when I first replied, it was strictly about the original post, the domestic violence that has happened. Not the general argument you see between wife and husband.
  12. Apologies - I am not making out that we are level with Guru Ji, what I meant was that I cannot see and have found anything where our Guru Ji has taught us to do but then not do it themselves, historically or within Gurbani. Please can you list me the verses in Guru Sahibs documented history that suggests this. Laslty, when the first 5 pyare were created, their wives did not follow suit to and take Amrit, if there is, is there anywhere where this is documented as I may have missed this. I may ask for a lot of facts from documented places but that's only because I do not want to blindly follow what someone has wrote.
  13. See it like this, if the man raises his hand, he should be ready to receive it too Raising voice (not in volume but like raising questions) is not a bad thing, physical/verbal violent aggression is. The OP talked about domestic violence, not about raising voice (which I think you mean providing a response/question to the way a wife talks to husband?)
  14. Men don't have to talk perpetually like mice. One only has to read what Sikhi says about how to treat women to understand this but this takes time, to read and understand. The man must be able to know when to use the assertiveness but that must also not be on women (see Sikh Sakhis for better advise). Only if its a life or death situation. The Gurus got disrespected in a lot of ways before getting physical, that should be Sikhs goals, towards the good actions of our Gurus and what our Bani tells us. Making vocal objections is not a bad thing, because the man cannot understand the wifes frustration which is vented vocally which in turn supposedly 'makes' the man get physical to show his 'assertiveness' via 'slapping her about' is a "he-b1tch of a 'man'".
  15. any man who raises his voice and or hand to a woman needs slaps himself, disgusting !
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