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  1. From the BBC Website "Beant Singh was killed on 31 August along with 17 others by a suicide bomber identified as Dilawar Singh. Rajoana was convicted of acting as a back-up suicide bomber should Singh have failed." I don't see anyone mentioning these innocents, surely they can't all have been bad, how would we feel if 18 Sikhs had been blown up, I know the arguments of thousands of innocent Sikhs killed but that does not make it right. I don’t suppose this post will stay up long but put yourself in the shoes of the families of these innocents
  2. So you're a part time Singh looking down on others.... Good lad, now go and get a life.
  3. Really, and are you going to administer it WLS? Take that attitude to Punjab now and as the old punjabi saying goes "Your maternal Grandmother will come to mind"
  4. Most Sikhs (mainly Jatts) have sown their own seeds and let's see what the outcome will be. The refusal to knowledge the issue with complex technical arguments and spurious history lessons whilst knowingly ignoring the state of things today is bordering on delusional. When Jatts and Chamars are facing each other with machete's perhaps they will think of West London Singh's lecture and blame the whole thing on Heer Ranjha......dam that Waris Shah!! The killing of Sant Rammand was a big mistake, tensions were already building up but that incident was the catalyst, Chamars now have the confiden
  5. No one has questioned the work of Khalsa Aid, I even said they did very good work, however does this give him the right to make such comments? This is typical Jatt superiority thinking coming through. Deep down Jatts feels they made the major contribution to Sikhi, so they deserve the power. Other castes have been made to feel the poorer cousins and it’s hardly surprising they’ve build their own Gurdwara’s. Everyone talks about unity within Sikhism but how is this ever going to happen when one community feels they made the major sacrifices, it needs to be dropped not defended with statistics a
  6. I also saw this and was quite disturbed. The chap in question was from Khalsa Aid. His word went along the lines of Jatts gave 95% of Kubanis and now people dislike/question them, Is this a suitable view for a senior charity worker to have? Secondly where does he get his figures from (can he back them up), is he really saying all the other castes put together only contributed 5% to Sikhi? Khalsa Aid are meant to be spreading Sikhi, how can this possibly help? The discussion was about why so many in Punjab had converted to Christianity, is he surprised when he himself holds these views, th
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