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  1. Hello DasamSarblohGranth, I use http://www.srigranth.org/servlet/gurbani.gurbani?S=y or http://www.granthsahib.com/ and in addition I listen the granth sahib on you tube. (e.g. ). kind regards Supergizmo
  2. Namste! Yes, I must. kind regards Supergizmo
  3. After listening to gurbani today, I came to the conclusion, that I have definitely no right, to teach you something, as I said yesterday, that the main importance is always peace. I am here to learn only. I am sorry.
  4. Thank you all! I travelled much - to many countries - and one of my biggest love is Amritsar. Sikh are in my point of view the most ethical beings on this planet. Never give up - friends. But the most important thing is peace - also when you are unsatisfied with so many circumstances.
  5. thank you very much I spent some times in India, and I found the sikh community very nice
  6. pls donĀ“t kill me for this question, but as I am not Indian or Sikh (I am a native austrian/europe man)I must ask on what name of the lord do sikhs meditate? Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, my heart is filled with peace. simrat naam ridai sukh paa-i-aa. best regards Supergizmo
  7. I am not sure anymore for everything in our time.
  8. Govinda Hare Hare govinda Hare Hare govinda Hare Hare govinda Hare Hare govinda Hare Hare
  9. It looks much more to me, that the whole world will become one Islamic nation.
  10. Supergizmo

    Countless Us?

    I would not limiting gods power, but when you look at our world, you can be pretty sure, that the devil has alredy won.
  11. I think Kaur meant that he/she gets only more ego when he takes it seriously what happens thru meditation. And man-ego=god stands probably for man minus ego = god
  12. I dont know how old are you, but in my age I dont need someone who tells me anything about the world. I know all for me alone. But I would not tell anything to someone because everything is impermanent.
  13. Nothing will happen - people who are saying this are very arrogant, that they want to tell the world they are the center of the world. I can only advise, do not do panic!!!
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