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  1. Chill out bin laden. The current mainstream rap i agree is bakwaas and is all about materialism and gandh but the underground and old school rap is good!
  2. blood is blue, just saying. We see it as red when its exposed to oxygen. Also im a man united fan, i gota rep the red!
  3. Absolutely love this one: A descendant of bhai mardana ive heard, amazing kirtan: Shabads in qwalli form frm the great ustad that is nusrat fateh ali khan: This isnt kirtan but it owns, dharmik dhadhi vibes:
  4. Seems like a legit guy and is using his position to create awareness. TOP JOB
  5. I dno if ive spelt it right, but ive heard of this granth. Anyone got info about it? Who wrote it and when? And what its about
  6. I have a gold khanda chain and its bigger than jazzy b's. come at me bro
  7. No idea who Sohi is BOW CHICKA WOW WOW
  8. Gandhe bandeh. The media needs to address this issue and put out it is PAKISTANI MUSLIM men who are predominantly commiting these disgusting crimes
  9. Nihal might be talking about Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana on his show tomorrow (friday 23rd) on the BBC asian network at 1-3pm. This isnt 100% confirmed, but just keep and eye out for it and call in if he does!
  10. Big up jazzy b for this. For ya'll that dont know, thats his own kohti in punjab with the depiction of a singh in battle in the background. Definately in touch with Sikhi, his fathers amritdhari and he himself has done various sikhi albums from which he has taken no money. No bandwagon jumping, hes geniunely interested and raising awareness. i agree!
  11. Why do we all wear a kara regardless of whether we are amritdhari or not, because it is a kakaar?
  12. There not sikh weddings, there punjabi weddings. In sikh weddings the emphasis is on the anand karaj, with guru ji in mind, not what the films gona look like lol.
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