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  1. Also, considering you are just starting out I would not recommend you take creatine. People out there who train take it for certain reasons and when you start taking creatine you need to start drinking up to 3-4 litres of water a day. Creatine makes your body retain as much water as possible i.e. your muscles become bigger due to then being "filled" up with water so your muscles can absorb as much protein as possible. You also have to cycle creatine as it make cause your body to stop making creatine naturally. You can google to read up the negative affects of creatine. I train and i would neve
  2. Brother (im assuming you are male here) i STRONGLY suggest you go to a fitness instructor who is also a nutritionist to sort your diet out together with your training. Also, consult your doctor first to find out if you have any underlying health problems. THis is the best advice anyone can give you. You need to seek professional health in order to build muscle with the correct diet for your lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle i.e. if you eat meat or are a vegi you will need to eat different food types to have the right energy to build muscle. You will also need to take the correct suppleme
  3. Thank god i train and if this would of happened to me i would of chased that chav down and show him what time it is! The singh should of done something and not stand there all in shock! Whats he going to teach his own two children as they grow up, forget the store i wouldnt have been able to show my face to my own wife after that!
  4. This happened in 2006 the singh in question got his revenge by putting the muslim boy in hospital with a hammer.
  5. I got this via text message: WJKK WJKF – Mata Sahib Kaur Academy Update: At the open meeting that was called by the sangat at the MSKSA building on Tues 29th Jan 2013 which was attended by owner Mohinder Singh who handed over his side of the paper work to sangat. It was agreed by the sangat that all issues raised will be addressed and clarified by the sangat from both parties and then resolved ASAP by collecting paper work from Rupinder Singh (management): -Income & Expenditure Statements, Slips proving payments made to SCYS Slough, Bank statements of Ilford SCYS, all other cash bala
  6. I herd the mata sahib kaur academy got shut down in east london ? after all the appeals and fund raising how can it shut down so soon, when a fairly large amount of money was raised by uk sangat, what is going on , is there any spokes person of the academy that is going to show us were the funds were used and give sangat transparency of the financial situation like a gurdwara that makes appeals should?
  7. I am the original poster, i posted it at work and forgot my password LOL, anyway u are right i already weight train so my fitness level is very high...i need something that can be used in the streets...i was gona take up MMA but i keep having doubts as i want somehting that can be applied IN the streets....Krav Maga was something im definately interested in...i think i will learn krav maga first and aim to achieve black belt in that....NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!!!
  8. Mate its the truth ive seen it happen.
  9. Im not interested in the hindu aspect of it but just want to learn the art, ive checked the site but ive also heard that classes are held in West London....
  10. I've heard classes take place in west london, is this true? if so, could someone kindly give me the details for the same?
  11. I think the reason why your legs fall asleep is because of your calves.My legs used to fall asleep too because of the lack of blood circulation in them when i was sitting down. It will take time to strengthen your legs and theres no quick fix. Try the following exercise and build up your strength and you will defo notice a difference because I did:
  12. The thread title says it all i would like to learn how to tie one as wearing a bandana sucks and a bandana isnt very secure. Many thanks in advance for your kind responses.
  13. One way of getting youth into the gurdwara is by setting up martial arts programs like muay thai or mma, whereby instructors could come and teach the youngsters. getting fit and teaching kids how to defend themselves would be attractive to alot of youth.
  14. http://sikhunitnews.blogspot.com/2011/09/exclusive-my-experiences-with-sikh-unit.html EXCLUSIVE: My experiences with the Sikh unit lads and girls by preeti kaur <DIV id=post-body-521893816225637133 class="post-body entry-content"> Hi peeps i am a 29 year old woman who was raised in east London, i went to school wid killa and was in his class in primary but then we split up into different classes when we went secondary school. I knew killa b4 he got into gangs, drugs and the Sikh unit ting. I just want to write up things cos i seen the journey from the start and how Sikh unit was b
  15. Sikh girls just arent attracted to guys with beards and turbans, they only run to sardars when non-sikh boys have finished using them! then they all of a sudden want to marry a sardar to save their reputation. No wonder so many singhs go to india to find a decent wife.
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