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  1. Hi Mahavir, How about me man? lol, are you in Canada?
  2. Hi guys, Love, the most sensitive human emotion, oh man I remember when I was in love, and then I remember why I'm not ever going to fall in love again But my question is, is falling in love with another person a test from Waheguru or is it a form of spirituality? Personally, I think its a test from Waheguru, and I also think that love is for selfish people. When I'm using the term love I mean, you go out to the store, you see someone and its not even like you feel lust for them, its just that you want to spend your whole life with them, you want to please their every wish and just AHHHH
  3. Hi Jitty, I agree with your post one hundred and ten percent, but why is it being targeted at me ahahaha, were on the same page on this one bro.
  4. Hi Moorakh, Maybe I'm just open minded? Afterall, I do belong to the same faith as you guys, but I'm also an individual at the same time. My thoughts aren't going to run at the same level as anyone else in the world, let alone this forum. I'm here learning, just like everyone else, but I do like to voice my opinion; just because it doesn't match what some may think, doesnt mean I'm wrong and they're right.
  5. Count me in on that. Why is no one commenting on the Baba Deep Singh ji tattoo man lol ahahhahah am I only the fan here?
  6. Cant wait to get my tattoo lol, I'm at 173 lbs right now, maybe another 10 more in about 2 months and I'll snap a pic and post it on here, whats your thoughts on the Baba Deep Singh ji tat?
  7. He is not a Singh at all man lol, my buddy actually knows the guy he just sent me the pic, I fell in love with it.
  8. Check this out: Baba Deep Singh: I'm looking to get an Akali Phoola Singh tattoo on my right arm, not as big, maybe 4 inches smaller then the one posted above. Tat's are fine man, as long as they are something meaningful to you, you shouldnt get some stupid Chinese symbol on your arm or something, but something like the tat of a martyr is fine, own opinion, I dont think I'd be able to look at it differently.
  10. First off, I'm non-Indian. Second off, I'm non-Punjabi, although I do read/write/speak it. edited edited, pledging brotherhood from a single vessel or loving cup, and indulging in singing and dancing to the accompaniment of drums and stringed instruments resembling lutes" - Hippocrates My ancestors are the Getes. Although my ancestry has nothing to do with my way of interpeting relegion.
  11. very nice Navdeep, as I've said earlier, women do represent the honour of your household.
  12. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU YOU HAVE HIGHLIGHTED MY WHOLE FRICKING POINT THIS WHOLE FRICKING DISCUSSION, the whole reason I even wrote what I did about women before was WHY LOHRI WAS CELEBRATED FOR BOYS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW WORKING NOW WORKING SO NOW MORE N MORE PEOPLE ARE CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS HURRAY WEVE MADE A BREAKTHROUGH ON THIS FORUM Although more and more families from Jatt backgrounds are having to move out from Punjab because of the reserve policy inplace from the government to give people of other backgrounds jo
  13. Hey Ryu, A painting is more authentic as the artist can add more emotion to it then a simple picture.
  14. And your sisters represent all the women in Punjab right? Overall by far, girls aren't as much into the work force as men are, thats a fact. lmao ahaha oh ok, have you ever heard of the phrase MOD:EDITED Wow man, you guys are using 3-4 examples to counter a province that has a population of 32 million people! Now if you can atleast near or half the female population in the workforce, then you might have a point about girls being the same in India. oh btw, what'd your family do back home? I mean to put 3 girls through school like that, either your financially supported by family in the west
  15. Hi Akal, Atleast acknowledge that I was saying how females are the same in the west that the whole time. Thanks in advance.
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