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  1. i don't know why someone would say that ATMs in India do not work. Indian ATMs are like any other ATM in the western world. Foreign cards work in Indian ATMs. There is a max limit of Rs. 20,000 per day to withdraw from ATM. There is minimal transaction fee of Rs. 20 or 50. The exchange rate you get when you take money out is applied by your foreign bank and not by the Indian bank. I have used ATMs in India multiple times without any problems.
  2. Since you have mentioned that you have done good jobs in UK so I am not sure how interested you will be but I know lot of Punjabis when they first move to Canada, they get their PR through truck driving route.Since many Punjabis own trucking companies, you will need to find somebody willing to sponsor you but since there is a shortage of long haul truck drivers in Canada, you should be able to find it. I sometimes watch videos related to this and found videos from this one guy really educating. you can check his videos and maybe even contact him to ask the way you can get your PR. Maybe even m
  3. Jasdeep ji, I am in oil & gas industry. There are multiple challenges. H2S is one of them. Rigs in US that have H2S concerns do not allow anyone with facial hair to enter. Similar challenges are there in oil refineries. They have strict no facial hair policy and there are no exemptions. I don't know of any other Sabat Surat Sikhs working in oil & gas in US but I have a friend working in Oil sands in Canada and he told me that they used to allow facial hair but recently his company changed policy and Sikhs who refused to shave were transferred to office jobs. Also, I know couple of
  4. Jasdeep Singh ji, Great initiative from you to introduce this mask. I have been looking for such a mask for long time. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I once had to deal with Jehovah's witness couple trying to convert me. They asked me if I knew about their faith. I answered I know this much that in case I had an accident and needed a blood transfusion then their religion would rather let me die and not let me use medical science to save my life. On hearing this both of them just walked away.......
  6. this link should help you find a community health center in your area as mentioned in my post above http://health-centers.healthgrove.com/
  7. Guest Reet, I am not sure if you are still in School or not but when I went to school, our University provided up to 100 hours of free Psychiatrist counselling for students having depression or feeling suicidal even when they do not have Insurance. I know of people who used their services and are leading normal lives now. I would say if you are a student please check with health center at your university and see if they can provide counselling to you. If not, there should be other help groups in the area who should be able to provide you counselling without insurance. There are some
  8. Haven't traveled via Paris lately but usually these are the steps they follow. When you pass through metal detector and don't beep then they will just let you go. If you do beep then they will give you a pat down but not on turban. Only time I had a pat down on turban was when it beeped on my turban with hand held wand. I realized it was pagg pins but the security guy insisted that either its a pat down or taking off turban. I agreed to pat down and was let go after the pat down. In summary, easiest way to avoid this situation is to remember to remove your belt and kara and use minimum pagg
  9. Not sure how you guys are able to read what has been claimed by the OP i.e. that the lawyer is claiming that women cannot wear turban details of the article are not legible from the screen shot that has been posted but whatever I could read from bold letters, it just says that this lawyer is fighting for the Pride of Turban and he has taken the issue to court. Also, case involves something about Salman Khan disrespecting Turban somehow in some movie.
  10. Does that really matter how many number of gurdwaras are in Italy when there are so many Sikh issues that have not been resolved in this country. I hate visiting Italy but for some reason I end up here every 2-3 months for work. Everytime I fly through Italian airport I have to take off my turban and put it in a tray so that they can scan it. The same trays which are used by other passengers to put shoes in there. One time I was so <Edited> off that I even opened up my turban to show him that it was just a piece of cloth and there is no way I can hide something in there. But he even sca
  11. Does anybody know which is the nearest gurdwara to Spresiano (TV) as I will be visiting this place quite frequently for next couple of months
  12. i completely agree with californiasardar. its not only the party girls that are not with the turbaned sikhs but some prominent sikh girls are also with not only clean shaven guys but rather hindu guys. i didn't want to point fingers at anybody but just to provide some examples for confused and floating, i will mention couple of names here. nothing personal against these sikh women but since they have earned name for themselves in the community i thought i wll start with them. i know other examples too but those people are not as active in community as these two. First contender is Valarie ka
  13. I understand ppl are shocked to see this kind of picture but it is not only in western countries, it is becoming a common picture in Punjab too. If anybody is aware of place called "Nawabs" in Officer's colony, Patiala. It is owned by son of ex-DGP Punjab, M.S. Bhullar. It is sheesha place. You can go in there and for sure find turbaned sikhs smoking sheesha there. Things were so bad in that place with drunkards and druggists roaming around that when residents in that area protested against the place, owner used all his political connections to keep the place open and our panthic sarkar w
  14. I have a story to share and have some questions based on that. Before you judge me I want to let you know that I consider myself a Sikh as I wear turban and keep untrimmed beard although not a true Sikh as I eat meat and drink alcohol. But I am not writing on this forum to discuss my belief in Sikhism but to ask some questions to Amritdhari Sikhs. I live in Texas and have worked for a multinational company for few years now. One of the managers in my Dept came to me couple of weeks ago and told me that one of his new neighbors is a Sikh and everybody in the neighborhood thinks he is a wei
  15. for your situation you can try converting to student visa (F1) if you are still within status in USA there are Kaplan centers througout US which provide admission to International students for test prepartion Go to 1 of Kaplan centers near your location. Ask them for admission in TOEFL exam preparation. You can get on the spot admission and they provide you I-20. Using this I-20 apply for change of status to student visa using change of status form I-539. It takes about 2-3 months to get decision on your change of status. Till the time you get a decision, you will be in status. If you ge
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