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  1. The Dudley Gurdwara committee is far from perfect, they make many questionable decisions, and some (meat sharab parties and extension of building) are downright wrong BUT Why are words being thrown around that they get a "buzz off corrupting young children"??? No one gets a buzz off that, they are not some vicious animals or members of other religions who want to destroy Sikhi. Keep the topic to the topic, and that is closing down the meat and sharab parties, ensuring that the building is not extended and making sure beadbi does not take place. When you start throwing around names and accusations that are not true then you dilute the argument. Grow up!
  2. I agree, he was liberal with his tongue by the sounds of it, but Veer Ji, why did you not stand up and tell those facts at that moment infront of the entire sangat? It would have easily shut him up, and given another boost to the Satkaar campaign against the beadbi of the centre. Its all good venting on these forums, but you have to make a stand yourself as well.
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! As a member of the dudley Sangat I agree there are certain problems with the Gurdwara committee, especially in transparency. They make alot of questionable decisions that I do not understand, which really do annoy me. REGARDING THE SIKH CULTURAL CENTRE WELLINGTON ROAD - DUDLEY I do NOT believe this centre should be shut down. The committee should bring the centre into the Akal Takhats Maryada by stopping meat and alcohol parties. Secondly, the committee should NOT burden the sangat with further loans to extend the centre. There is absoloutely no need for this to happen, and it boils my blood to see such a stupid decision being made. I believe these 2 points need to be addressed very quickly. However, when used correctly this Cultural Centre is a positive asset to the further the Sikh Religion in our area and educate the youth. The centre holds karate lessons weekly where up to 15-20 young Sikhs learn karate. It has in the past also been used as a place where older youths get together and discuss Sikh related matters. There should actually be no problem in using the Centre to hold celebrations which do not include meat, sharab or tobacco for the local sangat as a cheap alternative to more expensive halls. However this should only happen after strict controls and systems are in place to ensure there is no meat, sharab or no cigarettes being smoked in or around the premises. Finally, the centre also has a small Gym which includes weights, Guru Angad Ji himself encouraged attaching a building to every gurdwara where wrestling and other physical events should take place, so again, closing the centre down should not be on the agenda, only stopping the activities that cause beadbi and not increasing or enlarging the building with further loans. Forgive me if I have said anything wrong Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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