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  1. Who Hate Hindus in this forum ? Name please.
  2. Why ? I consider them as threat and our people should be aware of their activities.
  3. Both Islam and Christianity are dangerous to world peace as both are competing with each other for converts . Vatican knows that their empire in west will end soon so they are preparing by increasing their number in India and China . In India they dont have much success but in China and korea they will dominate in 50 yrs . These abrahmics malesh soon will cause world war. New Crusaders from dragon countries against Jihadist . Both these religions have pagan backgrounds which they always deny .
  4. I agree it has nothing to do with Sikhs and neither Holi nor Diwali . We have Hola Mohalla and Bhandi Chhorh diwas. Buy ur logic this should be celebrated by only Rajputs even not by all Hindus . But Muslims Rajputs dont celebrate this festival . And i still say it has nothing to do Hindus either . And Musicman even i provide great info so one appreciation for me too lol
  5. Lohri is not a Hindu festival . We celebrate Lohri to remember Dulla Bhatti (Muslim) who used to protect girls from muguls.
  6. Yes Mr Dogra truth is always rubbish specially when it is about Hinduism . you dont want to accept the truth that mass killings which ur community has done.
  7. Its not just happening in a village it has spread to whole eastern U.P which is twice the size of Punjab.
  8. My dear friend we are not haters but what we have faced genocides and its difficult to trust anyone now. If u want to know about Sikh spirituality please read other sections forums. There is saying " Once Bitten twice shy" so we dont want to be get bitten again by Indians. We talk about Hindus because we have been stabbed in front and back from our so called brothers . We trusted them in 1947 when several promises were made to us like a Autonomious state but what we get they dont even recognised us as a seprate Relegion . Even today we Sikhs face discrimination and Raceism from Hindus in
  9. Only god can save us from these Hindu Radicals. I will not be surprised if to see a follower of Yogi Adityanath involved in the beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Pilibhit.
  10. Pilibhit is in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and this area is another Gujrat in making . MP of this area is Varun Gandhi who once said " I DONT NEED EVEN A SINGLE VOTE OF THESE KHALASTHANIS (Sikhs) AND PAKISTANIS (Muslims) " I dont want to blame Hindus but this time i have a feeling there can be a hand of Hindu extremists . I will soon post video in separate topic showing what exactly is going on in eastern U.P. Aditya Yoginath is the leader of Hindu right wing in eastern U.P and he is incharge of famous Gorakh Nath Temple . This guy is mentor of Varun Gandhi and under his instruction Varun
  11. Amrik Singh Ji in gol pug looks like a warrior but in this patila shahi pug i dont get this feeling. Gol pug is a real pug of SIkh warriors .
  12. Yes, i was once approached buy a Christian in Delhi . He was a Punjabi Hindu by name but was practicing Christianity . He was always seen reading bible during breaks and discussing about Jesus with others . These Christians Missionaries have started targeting Rich Hindus and Sikhs and sad to say they have success to . Thats why i always post on Christianity so that our people can counter them . How many of our Pracharaks and Sant have gutts to expose the Christanity buy doing Katha . Hindus sants do but we dont why ? Lets organise a seminar to expose this jew cult on 25th Dec and we can
  13. Give ur inputs please. http://wondersofpakistan.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/india-is-not-a-%E2%80%9Cnation%E2%80%9D-but-a-forced-union-of-several-warring-nations/
  14. I am not opposing him because of his relegion but somethings need to be answered like why all his friends left him which were part of many anshan he did in Maharashtra ? His NGO has some blacklisted type people . From where he is getting money from ?
  15. http://www.messiahtruth.com/response.html For almost two thousand years, the Christian Church has taught that Jesus was crucified, died, and was resurrected three days later. This has long been one of the church's foundational beliefs, along with the virgin birth, atonement, and future second coming of Jesus. In the year 325 CE, Constantine (a non-baptized Pagan) convened the Council of Nicea to settle disputes in the Church. The council changed Jesus from man to God in the flesh, they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, and the Passover was changed to Easter. Among the nearly
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