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  1. I agree with you all !!! This is a new game - we Sikhs have to be intelligent !!
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Paneer Monster, Great great posts!!! Thanks for taking the time to type up your posts, it is not time wasted!!! May the eternal soul and light of the 10 Guru's, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, bless all the Gursikh Piyare who posted on here to help the Sikh Sangat not get tied in with the occult Rhadasoami club. We all get very tired of these Rhadasoami brain washed robots coming onto this site looking for justification of their occult Rhadasoami club (because they actually haven't got true faith in it themselves. They are just brain washed). Because we are so tired and bored of their absolutely ridiculous beliefs and arguements on here, we don't always have the energy to even reply. However, you, and some other Gursikhs did, so Vaheguru Bless you. And by the way, to Mand5, you are NOT a Sikh, you're a member of the Rhadasoami occult club. If you do want to befriend us Sikhs, you can help us by letting us know which Sikh Gurdwara your Rhadasoami mates, and that comedian you call a Guru, are going to knock down next?
  3. Surely somebody must know this mans name? Does anybody actually know the name of this man who dresses like a Sikh and impersonates Sikhs and then burns the American flag at the request of anti-humanitarian agencies in the hope that some Sikhs will get attacked or murdered as a result?
  4. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  5. Actually Paaji, you're probably right. It's just that alot of what he says is so predictable and school boyish it lead me to under estimate his intelligence. Some of the stuff he says makes me cringe. I get the same feeling listening to Nihal as I do when I happen to catch an episode of Alan Patridge. Now there's an interview I'd pay really good money to watch, or even just hear.... an interview between Alan Patridge and Nihal. That would be hilarious!!!
  6. I totally agree, the Solution is to get well versed Sikhs onto other channels and shows to let the non-Sikhs learn about Sikhi from practising Sikhs. He does shows on BCC Radio for Asians and usually tells us Sikhs how we should deal with our affairs. I think he means well but usually does more harm than good for our reputation and image. Can't blame you. However, sometimes it's worth listening so that you know what the 'damage' is that needs undoing following one of their shows. That's one theory (I just think that he doesn't realise the damage that he does to us).
  7. Does anybody else ever get the impression that Nihal wants to be a Sikh? If you notice he can't seem to leave us alone. I'm sure Nihal would tell us it's just his job, but I'm not convinced??? It's almost like he wants to tell us that being a Sikh is basically the same as his own personal beliefs. However, because he can't embrace Sikhi (for whatever reasons) his envy shines through in his unrelenting aim to keep on taking the Separate identity of the Sikh Religion, and therefore the Sikhs, away from the Sikhs. Nihal will never accept Sikhs as a stand alone religion in its own right. I wonder if Nihal accepts the Christians and Muslims as stand alone religions in their own right, or does he think they are just a mixture of Judaism and something else! Does anybody else think that Nihal simply thinks that Sikhi is simply the best religion, but, because he can't join it, he chooses to offend our religion, and therefore us Sikhs instead??? Other that what a few 'hand picked' people on his show, who call themselves Sikhs say, (and they probably all cut and shave their hair, but as it's radio, we, or others can't see that fact) I have never met a single Sikh who doesn't think that Nihal does more harm than good to our Religion by saying the stuff he says out of ignorance. However, it's a free world so he can carry on saying what he likes. I suppose as long as it keeps him in a job, he can carrying on offending us Sikhs, it pays his bills! Fair play to him!
  8. You're absolutely right! People like Nihal from the BCC make us feel guilty for trying to save our fellow Sikhs from being unfairly discriminated against i.e. sworn at, or spit at, or threatened, or beaten up, or even killed (as there have been many cases of Sikhs being killed due to being mistaken for Muslims). He tries to tell us that we are wrong for letting the world know that we are not Muslims. However, I dare him to even look at one of the Sikh relatives in the face whose relative had been seriously attacked or killed as a result of being mistaken for a Muslim, he wouldn't have the Guts! I say we leave it at this.... Muslims are proud to Muslims, and to be known as Muslims, and NOT Sikhs! We Sikhs are proud to be Sikhs, and to be known as Sikhs, and NOT Muslims! If anyonw in the world Let's the World know they are who they are, then that does not mean they hate anyone, they are just stating a truthful fact, and not denying their identity. Sikhs are not Muslims, just a truthful fact!
  9. If an African tells us he’s African and not Jamaican, does it mean he hates Jamaicans? If a Jamaican tells us he’s Jamaican and not African, does it mean he hates Africans? If Japanese told us he was Japanese and not Chinese, does it mean he hates Chinese? If a Chinese tells us he’s Chinese and not Japanese, does it mean he hates Japanese? If a Pakistani tells you he is Pakistani and not Indian does that mean he hates Indians? If a Hindu tells you that he is Hindu and not Muslim, does that mean he hates Muslims? If a Hindu tells you he’s a Hindu and not a Sikh, does that mean he hates Sikhs? If a Christian tells you he’s a Christian and not Jewish, does that mean he hates the Jews? If a Jew tells you he is a Jew and not Christian does that mean he hates Christians? If a Muslim tells you he is a Muslim and not a Jew does that mean he hates Jews? If a Jew tells you he is a Jew and not a Muslim, does that mean he hates Jews? If an Austrian told us he was an Austrian and not German, does that mean he hates Germans? If a German tells us he is German and not Austrian, does that means he hates Austrians? If a New Zealander told us he was from New Zealand and not Australia, does that mean he hates Australians? If an Australian told us was an Australian and not from New Zealand, does that mean he hates New Zealanders? If a Sikh tells you he is a Sikh and not a Hindu, does that mean he hates Hindus? If a Sikh tells you he is a Sikh and not a Muslim, does that mean he hates Muslims?
  10. Sometimes I think it doesnt need us to go into too much detail. All we need to say is 'Sikhs are not Muslims', period. If all us Sikhs went on as many sites as they could around the world ie Sikh websites, facebook pages, chat sites like this, twitter etc posting the simple words 'Sikhs are not Muslims' everything would be fixed overnight. I'm sick of the fact that Muslims commited the 9/11 acts in America and the 7/7 acts in England and we Sikhs are taking all the flack!! Just as an individual needs to take responsibility for their own actions so do religions need to take responsibility for their own actions and history. Otherwise their is no incentive for that religion to sort out the mess it created or apologise for the mistakes it's made. It's up to the Muslims to sort out their own mess. SIkhs didn't commit 9/11 or 7/7, Muslims did. Nothing bad us going to happen to the muslims if we make it clear that we Sikhs are not Muslims as most Muslims don't wear turbans or have uncut hair anyway. So, we are not even doing the Muslims any favours by living a lie by effectively joining in this whole facade of not making it clear that we Sikhs are not Muslims.
  11. By the way, we Sikhs should proactively stop any organisation using the word Akali in their name or title unless they have full permission from the whole panth. I think words like Akali, Sikh, the 11 Gurus names from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, or Vaheguru, or any Sikh Specific words should be in some way copyrighted or protected by us Sikhs in some way !!! We should not let people like this hijack our names and titles to just discredit us.
  12. This non-sikh agent of india (the anti-Sikh individual pretending to be a sikh with the crossed swords) should be named. He is deliberately trying to get innocent Sikhs killed and harmed around the world. If our media, news papers, radio, magazines and tv stations really care about Sikhs and want to prevent further attacks on Sikhs then they will definately name and shame this man who hates humanity. It's better this one evil man gets a good slapping as a result of being exposed rather than further innocent men, women and children getting attacked around the world as a result of this evil mans actions. I wonder if any of our Sikh Media are brave enough, or care enough, to expose this anti-Sikh individual. One things for sure, any Sikh Media that does will get further financial support from the Sikh Community and a growing audience of Sikhs!!! Sikhs love justice, and to expose this anti-humanity individual is Justice!!! I am sure America would support any Sikh Media for exposing this vile man who burns America's Flag without Justification. It's going to be a total benefit for any Media who exposes this man!
  13. I think Sangat tv and Sikh Channel should get this mans name, the man who is putting his sword through the Amercian Flag in the first picture, and expose him to all the Sikh Sangat as a traitor. Especially as he has been seen at all the wrong protests and is known to be on the Indian Government Payroll to discredit the Sikhi of our 11 Gurus! Hopefully though, whatever happens, Sangat tv and Sikh Channel won't actually show any films or photographs of the American flag being burnt, otherwise, both channels would be as stupid and harmful to the Sikhs as this man. Please Sangat tv and Sikh Channel, whatever you do, do NOT show any images of the American Flag being burnt. However, do your seva and expose this man by giving his images and his name, so all sangat can be aware of him !!!!
  14. I couldn't agree with you more Kalsingh! We go on our own channels and non-Sikh channels and keep mentioning Taliban, terrorists, fundamentalists associating those words with our image and name when in fact we have been proven to be the most helpful religion for all of mankind. All we need to say is we are not Muslims, Sikhs are not Muslims! What you forget esingh is that this guy (crazy gun man M Page) had the worst case of mental illness you can have. You have to be really really, chronically mentally ill to start firing at unarmed people. Forget white supremecy this poor cowardly soul showed the dark depths of human inferiority. Every right minded white person is embarressed by what he did and is trying to disassociate themselves from this poor derranged coward. This crazy gun man demonstrated the lowest form of intelligence, the worst case of cowardliness, the darkest form of evil, depths that even hyenas have never been able to sink to. Whereas, the White American Police Officers who took bullets from this coward and shot him dead are at completely the other end of the spectrum. These American Police Officers showed the hieght of courage, selflessness and great intelligence. If there is supremacy it lies with all those beings that demonstrate courage, intelligence and selflessness (which the crazy killer gun man possessed none of). Again, Kalsingh, agree with you totally. We (the Sikhs) have to let the World know who we are, or, how can we (the Sikhs) then not be held responsible for further innocent people dying just because they wear a beard and turban, All the terrorist in the 9/11 attacks in America, and 7/11 attacks in England were Muslims who DID NOT wear turbans or have uncut beards. The terrorist responsible for 9/11 and 7/11 were Muslims NOT SIKHS and they did not have uncut hair like Sikhs or they did not wear turbans like Sikhs. Even any media that causes confusion leading people to believe Sikhs are Muslims will have the blood of innocent Sikhs on their hands. Media staff, News readers, reports and interviewers should think very carefully before they deliberately, or by mistake or ignorance, tell the lie that Sikhs are associated to Muslims.
  15. Yes, Good interview. But, again, what the bald interviewer says at 3.38 does not really help this interview at all. We do need to get the message across that Sikhs are not Muslims. i.e not only are Sikhs are not associated with the Taliban, Sikhs are not associated with Islam or the Muslim religion, period! (or full stop as we say in the UK.) We have nothing against the Muslims at all, but we Sikhs want to be known as Sikhs. Why are we Sikhs so scared of simply sayings 'Sikhs are not Muslims' Why? The Muslims are not stupid or daft, they are big enough to justify their own religion. They {the Muslims] do not need, or want, us Sikhs to patronise them, by lying and making the world think they [the Muslims] are associated with our religion. Just like us they are proud to be a part of their religion and to be known as stand alone religion with their own separate beliefs and principles, in their own right. Accepting every religion to be different, and knowing what makes them different, is true acceptance! That is co-existence! Our Gurus stood true to their beliefs and let others follow their beliefs. We Sikhs should stand true to our beliefs and let Muslims follow their beliefs instead of standing back and letting millions and millions and millions of people around the World believe the lie that the Sikh Religion is not a stand alone religion, but instead is associated to either the Hindu or Muslim religion. I think the fact that the nut case, and extremely cowardly gun man, had a 9/11 tattoo on his arm should tell us Sikhs that we still need to let people know thatwe are not Muslims. If we fail in letting the world know this now we could be indirectly responsible for the deaths of further Sikhs who get murdered due to slow minded people not knowing Sikhs are not Muslims. The Mosques are safe due to there being a bigger number of Muslims around the world to proctect the Mosques. Also, the many, many Muslim nations around the world can put pressure on countries like America and England to protect the mosques and muslims in these countries. However, which country do Sikhs have as a Sikh Nation to put pressure on these Governments to protect the Sikhs and Gurdware in western countries?? I think the American Law Enforcement Agencies did a great job in this case. But we don't want further American officers being nearly shot to death because we have not been able to let the Western World know that Sikhs are not Muslims. If the Western media also wants to prevent further innocent officers from being nearly shot to death while stopping white neo-nazis in their tracks then maybe they too should make sure that they make it clear that Sikhs are not Muslims! If you do not know how big this problem of mistaken identity is for us then I ask you to go and ask any white westerner if the Sikh Religion is part of any other religion, and just see what answer you get !!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate that this is late. However, if we had let the world know that Sikhs are not Muslims from 9/11 onwards... maybe what happen in wisconsin a few days ago may not have occured at all !!
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