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  1. Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai, Guru Maneyo Granth. One does not become a Sikh by bowing down to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, but following the ORDER of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Kalgidhar, that they believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru. A person who bows in front of Guru Maharaj on Sunday could bow down to the Bhagavad Gita on Monday, and the Quran on Tuesday....who is their Guru? What is their faith? If you don't see Guru Granth Sahib Ji as your Guru and you don't follow Sikhi, you cannot marry in a Gurdwara. Guru-dwara. The house of the Guru.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-17117530 Men 'plied girls with drink and drugs for sex' A group of 11 men plied girls as young as 13 with drink and drugs so they could use them for sex, a court has heard. The offences are said to have happened in and around Rochdale, Greater Manchester, in 2008 and 2009. Liverpool Crown Court heard how the men, aged between 22 and 59 and from Oldham and Rochdale, "acted together to sexually exploit the girls". All deny conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16. Rachel Smith, opening the case for the prosecution, sa
  3. WJKK WJKF I know this may sound very unimportant in comparison to the topic of all the other threads, but i wanted to ask if anyone could advise me where i could buy dastaar material of different colours from, in Handsworth or Smethwick or Wolverhampton, or surrounding areas. Thank you WJKK WJKF
  4. The following is an update of positive goings on in Dudley in relation to Sikhi. The following quotes are taken from "Dudley Sikhs" Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003392675972 1/2/12: "Had a meeting with the Dudley Gurdwara committee last night. After throwing up unreasonable demand after unreasonable demand the talks were called off. They seem to be putting up obstacles on purpose to slow down the energy of the youth and have no interest in furthering the teachings of our Guru's. Internal politics have ruined the Gurdwara we were brought up in. We have a meeting w
  5. Lol.k. Im obsessed with Mr thakar, he is my hero, and sangat tv is "my" channel and it wasn't "one of my trustees on the flight, i AM that trustee!! Will that explanation suffice? Now carry on and close the thread if you wish. And just for the record, im not asking for this to happen because it "backfired" on me lol....(where your paranoia comes up i have no idea!), i gave my opinion and said how i felt. I don't really understand what backfired. i asked for the thread to be closed because of the outrageous post by the one member, which i stil feel is totally out of order. It can stay on if t
  6. JasSinghKhalsa.... You are totally right about the silence of sangat tv about the khalistan issue. my personal opinion is that Sikh channel made their view known about their position regarding this issue in theire reply to the ofcom letter....stating that they had got rid of the presenter who had used the "offensive" things against india and its government, and that his views did not reflect those of the channel. ain't heard nothing about khalistan since that. you speak of news and sangat tv not reporting worthwhile stories that need coverage. again, i agree with you. but again, i also think
  7. Thanks for your opinion and very wise words singh135. lol. HSingh, ive read your post many times and i cannot believe a moderator on this site has sent such a disgusting message. I hope sikhsangat exercise some sort of damage limitation and not only close but also delete this thread that i started. i am not the biggest fan of Sikh channel and its my personal opinion that their decision makers have had poor judgment in the past resulting in dire consequences (just ask the UK naujawans for a start) but i would never dream about saying such derogatory words about the channel, as you have said a
  8. Erm, im a little confused. I dont remember saying anything about who broke the story and who got there first or anything like that.....why does it always have to be about who won the race?! Lol, i was speaking of the quality of coverage. Where Sangat TV had the travel agent, Sikh Channel just spent the majority of their air time cursing the guy...respect to the guy for calling in the Sikh Channel studio and saying his piece and made himself heard. In my personal opinion, Sikh Channel need more skilled presenters who dont jump on the bandwagon and curse people....like what the presenter was doi
  9. Just wanted to big up Sangat TV for their coverage of the Comtel/Vienna flight fiasco. They actually got the main travel agent in question on their show, who addressed the audiences appropriately... Our friends in the Sikh Channel also in my opinion showed their stupid tactics again, by basically berating the guy....with stupid presenter bias and calls from stupid people making stupid claims against the agent before asking his version of events. Lol, the presenter actually accused the agent of hiding and not addressing the issue and letting the general public know anything....when the reality
  10. Porsche911, I respect the passion that you have and with which you speak about your Gurdwara sahib. Its nice to see and the institution would benefit from having people that think like you in its committee. Regarding the Gurdwara being perceived as a museum....im not from that area, so if you say its not the case then i suppose youre in a better place to make that judgment, as you know your Gurdwara sahib better than me. In regards to speaking to this committee member one to one, i have no interest in doing so. I know not all committee members of Gurdwaras are the same, but this individuals
  11. Guru Panth Khalsa, I must admit that i believe you are telling the truth. The way you come across and the details you give seem very truthful and another thing that makes me believe you is the fact that ive seen this scenario time and time again with committees and their "sunday sermons" to their local sangat members, albeit NEVER directly related to putting down Shaheed Singhs like these people have done. I would also like to say that although it is interesting how many singhs from outer areas came and addressed the sangat today, if history is anything to go by, normal service will sadly r
  12. This is either a case of someone starting a complete lie, or its a case of bad intentioned committee folk acting as though butter wouldnt melt in their mouths, for the purposes of media only. From what i have heard of this Gurdwara Sahibs committee, i would be lnclined to believe (and i hope i am wrong) that they are covering up. What these people need to understand is that yes, saying something on TV to the world on one occasion will mean the message will get through to people, and it will enable the committee to have an extent of clearance on the issue, HOWEVER, what they preach on stages
  13. My friend, i didnt mean to imply that all Sikh Channel do is spread hatred. I would not have used those words myself, but Paneer monster seems to think that i am spreading hatred about Sikh Channel in my post above. Now, is posting a link in which there is a print screen of hate being spread by the official Sikh Channel facebook page evidence of me spreading hate?! I merely stated fact. And in relation to D Day, you either havent been watching their live shows on the channel or you dont understand punjabi. The way they degraded respected individuals and jathebandiya with taunts of "i know th
  14. ^^^ Old skool, the hatred Sikh Channel are spreading on national & international tv is affecting a lot more people than mine on an internet forum.
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