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  1. Q: Is there any differences from the feel and users from the early days? Yeah, seemed more relaxed before.. with more jokes.. Remember Kumi? *sighs* Q: Why did you sign up with the forums? No youth sangat available down here. I must admit, I've learnt quite a lot from this forum; Such as how not to beleive what everyone says, and be able to mentally filter out them, and ofcourse, about Sikhi. Since joining at December 05, i've changed considerably - Good AND bad - but generally have grown closer to Sikhi - Up to the point of Taking Amrit. Before, i was the average Punjabi Bhangra-remix-fan
  2. ooh not this again... Search for the topic concerning Soho Road Gurdwara's seva.. U'll see what he means.
  3. lol veerji you miscalculated.. its actually 2014 .. ok jokes aside, I bet theres a catch in this.. maybe Badal and Vedanti had a recent arguement? Vedanti: Sort me out for the jathedaar position next time Badal: No!! time for my son wid the tilak on his forehead to have a go. Vedanti: GRR how DARE u! *goes home and searches through 1000s of reports of Badal but picks his favourite one* AHA! Badal not akaali eh?? Good idea! PS: lol cant stop now! 2 pointsa) Ok, get rid of akaali.. by killing it off! (akali means undestroyable huna?) b) Let jathedaar sahib have a quick taste of h
  4. o my lord this just gets better :lol:
  5. dont treat waheguru as far away.. nor as a "god".. actually try making them your mate.. someone to talk 2.. someone 2 ask 4 a fava.. dont be afraid of them.. fall in love instead. JIN PREM KEEYO TIN HEE PRABH PAYO - Those who feel love for him can reach Him. You are one brave singhni, no matter how bad your circumstances have been you still managed to get this far.. All Guru Ji's Kirpa. Dont worry about anything, it all happens for a reason ie: You may not have been a humble person if you got into Sikhi the "easy way".. if you get what I mean. just leave everything In Guru Ji's hands - You
  6. Now, onto the family issue.. This is a test from Guru Ji.. to see how much you're devoted to Guru ji. This world is practically a war arena.. We are all fighting in it and some win, some lose, some cary on fighting. Doing naam jap amritvela before nitnem and just breathe wid naam... ie: breathe in:wahe ... breathe out: guru in whispers. Listen to raag kirtan.. it makes you think about the world beyond and gives u a yearning of wanting to go somewhere speical. This place is: Guru ji's laps. Be the lotus flower Guru Ji describes, and dont be affected by the muddy waters. Be the SINGHNI lik
  7. Penji, just hold on tight.. Guru Ji will help you. Cary on with your rehit.. looking back at the past and crying over it won't change it :lol: Move On and become a better Gursikh. Mistakes are like the borders of the path.. we all learn by mistakes. If we never committed mistakes we would be so Chardi Kala so soon and then hankar settles in our minds. Its through mistakes and experiences that we can go forward in the path. Roses are beautiful, but they have thorns on them too - Without them they wont have the chance to grow since any animal can just eat it up. On the other hand, normal huma
  8. gupt_paapi


    Guru Ji will do Kirpa himself. Some Gursikhs cant revise, yet achieved AAA in bio chem and maths in A levels!! 1 of them is aiming for medicine.. Waheguru.. Your lucky your motivated into Sikhi.. people usually have the problem of motivation into Sikhi etc. But yeh..discipline works best... Let revision be "part" of our nitnem.. like aim to do 1 subject and a topic u like just before rehraas sahib. Should always be variety to avoid going to sleep(..or moving onto sikhsangat.com lol) Anyways, What works for me(only recently started revising) is do an exam paper.. and then you'll find wot ur
  9. yup... kalgi is 4 kings surma is for women haldi is for food.. whicch takes the biscuit therefore grooms r biscuit queens? lol sorry in a funny mood.. newhoo... i see your point. Can anyone share where this ritual began from?
  10. Hm... good point. But i Dont seem to see any downside of it. Lets first get rid of the worst ones... how about the kalgi on groom? Or the surma ceremony.. and the haldi-rubbing ...everything.
  11. hey hey stop picking on her emi! what kind of impression you giving to mrs sidhu?
  12. Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh! In IE7, you can just turn off the tabs... (its under options) Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh! same with firefox and opera.. lol but opera got its own server thingy, so it wont have the same problems/crashes/security holes like the IE7 or Firefox does.
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