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  1. FATEH!! kumi veer.. saying Khalsa is born, saying dat it will die one day. Insted, we say it is a Parkash dihara (meaning day of enlightnement..i fink ) so u no, a light never dies, but woteva is born, dies in the end. Just lyk the Akal Purakh; He is never born thereofer will never die. Hope i helped.. bhul chuk maaf FATEH
  2. yeh...typical lol its always kamaldeep parji who comments abt these things.. ...anyy1 notice?
  3. yeh well waheguru IS peaceful, and even if niddar singh is right 2 say akaal means kinda war... but u no He shaped the universe with the sword (look up shabad begining wid "khag khand bihandan"...) Hope i helped but akaal n waheguru.. its lyk saying wots diff between waheguru n waheguru lol emi. its anova name for Him. bhul chuk maaf FATEH
  4. fateh jii i have a lil feeling that this will turn into yet anova division loll lyk "labour voting jatha v's lib-dem-voting jatha". Stop having a go at eachother n just present you views plz. IF no1 agrees wid u, try 2 see wot THIER point is. REMEMBA maybe ur right.. maybe ur rong. but people tend 2 forget the "maybe ur rong" part. bhul chuk maaf ji FATEH!
  5. Veer ji read the whole series upto that... ull figure it out i no exactly wots going on ive bin follosing this series lyk sum aunty would follow a series on Zee TV
  6. FATEH!! ive just read the questoin on got the ansa... well basically, she met him on a funeral, so the only way she can meet him again is on her sister's funeral.. get wot i min? Btw ill chek the ansa u writ (if u haf) on the post... FATEH! PS: ok i admit i herd the same one but wid father and mother b4 im not a pschopath... lol
  7. FATEH!! gosh i feel dat sumtyms, now n then. THe way i fink of it is dat no1 is a frend of mine. only Guru Ji. Every1 else only befrended me 4 their own benefit. Guru Ji befrends us for OUR benefit. Theres a diff huna? I see these down periods as a phase... it will go away soon trust me. Once u try ur best 2 put ur mind 2 gurbani (back 2 woteva stage u were @ b4.. if u get wot i min) then that phase will finish. Hope I helpoed wid my experience, if i need 2 elaborate plz tell me. FATEH!
  8. FATEH well maybe they were lyk hindu gods who called themselves as high as god but stuck in transmigration too coz of their ego...? i min... maybe they did exist, but made people worship em. HOpe i helped FATEH!
  9. FATEH! ...speechles.. :doh: :doh: :doh: :cool: Thank You. THis "proves" that our "sikh prime minister" is a wikid hope for us 2 get our deserved rights ( ! ) FATEH!
  10. LOL the 1 by the Taksaali Singhs? yeh dat kinda explains it all...
  11. FATEh!! yes i agree... but froget abt it, theyve dun the damage whos gna sort it out but anyways... happy VAISAKHI TO ALLL THE SANGAT FATEH!
  12. Its not lyk they actally lisun/contemplate on Akhand Paths <_< soz 4 being pessimistic..
  13. FATEH ji Wot kapra should i use then veerji?? and hopw long? FATEH ji
  14. FATEH!! thanx khalsa ji but no dats not my 1st try, its my LATEST try... 3rd try 2 be exact anyway, nahi ji i dont tioe a keski underneath, coz the dumalla gets too wide and then there is even less larr i tie a patka instead. Im getitng an 8 metre mal mal cloth if dats ok... wot u lot fink ji?? FATEH!
  15. Not me LOL well yeh wen i red the description i was lyk Wah?!?! lol but the pangtee explains all <_<
  16. FATEH!! khalsa ji, i would lyk 2 show my views abt this.. Parshaad. wot dus it contain? Flour, Butter, Sugar. 3 Sources of highest amout of energy. And parshaad, if u eat lil in guru ji;s darbaar, its then Gur Parsaad (guru's kirpa) if loads, then its just normal kara parshaad. (read form sant Niranjan Singh Ji's book) I dont wanna say nething else coz this explains my thoughts.. <_< Bhul CHuk Maaf FATEH!
  17. FATEH!! hmm random thoughts.. well 2 tell u the truth, i sumtyms daydream (not by purpose) dat im swinging a massive khanda as if im doing gatka. Maybe coz i watch gatka vids and lisun 2 Chandi Di // everyday --------------------------------- I see life as a test. The world is the battlefield. I am the fighter. The 5 evils my enemies. My mission: Kill EM!! :nihungsmile: I see nowadaysd life as a battle everyday, fighting agenst kam krodh lobh moh hankar. But its more focused on kaam.. since i concentrated on kaam so much, i forgot abt the rest!! Now is the time 2 raise my khanda and a
  18. FATEH ji! i got a 7 metre malmal material, and i folded it n tried tying the dumalla .. from the video lol.. and it dusnt seem right. it seems lyk im missing a larr. Can any1 help me with the technique plz? coz i dont fink the material is too short. i herd of peepz tyigin dummalle from only 5 metre cloths.. Plz help Image attached is my latest try.. and yeh i cant get that joora down <_< THanx FATEH ji
  19. FATEH! kamaldeep veer i thought it was 9 metres, coz i tied 1, wich is..i dunno how long but my aunty goes its menna by 9 metres dats y i dont haf enuf for a last "larr". Btw im only practising at home n wenever i do, the joori always pokes up wen its menna be covered wid the dumalla Hope i helped FATEH!
  20. but y steel bangle?! lol dont see any link 2 bhangra <_<
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