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  1. oooooo

    i 4got...

    he said i was being RACIST because I was disrespecting his religion! Then he's all like "how would u like it if I did that to you?"

    I'm jus like w/e


    Its good to jap Naam though.. I say you teach him: WA HE GU RU

    ANd by the way, if you want to use logic to argue with the kid, according to the Bible, God is not God's name.. its YAHWEH. Teach him something about his OWN religion..

    emi racist da lagda..

    :lol: bechara

  2. WJKK WJKF ji

    Penji, I don't think a Jot or prashaad will do any difference. Sadness in life usualy comes because of your state of mind. Maybe your situations are not bad, you might be seeing it in a bad way.

    Remember penji: There are many people who are in worse situatoin taht yourserlf.

    Making Waheguru "happier" is just bhraminvaadi - ie: to make God happy do so and so. Akal Purakh Waheguru Ji is in TOTAL BLISS - anand hi anand. From what I just read, I'm guessing you might think God is "unhappy" or "angry" at you.. This is WRONG!!!

    DUKH DAROO SUKH ROG PEYA. You should be happy that you in a bad situation, because this itself will bring you closer to God. I can't think of a tuk in Gurbani, but I think there is one that shows this...

    Anyway, Just do as much paath as possible, with Love, whether your sad or happy :lol:

    If i commited any stupid mistakes, please forgive me

    And please don't say you don't have gian, you do..

    We will be looking forward to learn from yourself


  3. its about geting more views LK ji :lol:

    Anyways back to this topic.. well about Punjabi poeple.

    One thing Im telling you buddy, When a genuine Sikh (or someone who loves the path that much) sees a convert, they'll feel soo uplifted on seeing you in that appearance. For them, It will be an inspiration in itself.

    So dont worry about it.

  4. There are two ways Guru Ji describes it.

    a) Whatever we done is our karam,so this is what will happen

    b) All is under God's Will

    IMHO, Guru ji seems to refer to the different avasthas of beings. Right now, as moorakhs, we are stuck in the cycle of Good doings lead to good and bad deeds lead to bad..

    But once you realise, and reach a higher spiritual level, you will 1st let go off bad thoughts, then good thoughts too. At this stage, the wavelength at which you think is at the same wavelength as Akal Purakh Waheguru Ji Themself.

    Then, you shall become One with Them and you will escape the cycle of good and bad.. Leading onto a life where you live accoridng to Guru Ji. This is how your "sell your soul", as Gurbani says. You don't think, you let Guru Ji think for you.

    Anyways, back to our normal moorakh selves, well our good past deeds and bad past deeds lead us to have a good/bad life. So, MAYBE the animals were already destined to be slaughtered.

    But this arises the question "what about incidents like murder/rape? Are they works of God?"


    Hope I helped.

  5. interesting observation:

      (I bear witness and testify that) None has the right to be worshipped in truth accept Allaah (alone) and that Muhammad is the (last and final) Messenger of Allaah.

    plz note: (last and final) is in brackets. so its not actually written tht Mohammed IS the last and final prophet, it seems to be added by scholars


    But they just said in one of the articles that they dont put themselves higher than Mohammed by speaking on behalf of him/judging what is right or wrong themsevles.. like Sikhs do.

    same with alone...

    this shows, how english translator BEND the meaning of their Quran SOOO much, to prove how Islam is the ONLY path.


  6. Look, when we matha tek Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we dont matha tek to the paper, the book, the ink.. we biow down to the LIGHT of the SHABad.

    SHABAD Guru is our guru.

    SO yes, u can in my views..

    ..just lyk the last few said

  7. u bunch of JOKES. I cant beleive how CHILDISH you are

    Jagjit Singh, now I know why the numebr of members in Ss are decreasing.. its sad.

    I thought other forums did this too, form the impression i got from SS.. but if thats the case I';m going elsewhere to post! lol

    reminds me of a quote

    "when somone points out that you have your zip open, insted of closing it, you say - your shirt is undone!"

  8. waheguru.. seemd tiny bit long but thanks.. was awesome

    Namstang please stop critisizing every little detail, in my views he is right.. We shoudl be INSPIRED by sants and high jeevans.. not FOLLOW them :TH:

    We are lions, not sheeps

    HOpe u get what I mean..

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