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  1. its ok dont worry ji its all good <_<
  2. FATEH! lol not u ji! its obvious ur female im aiminjg at the kids who mess abt ie: kumi n co lol n wot is left in this forum i dont get it...did it get destryoed ji?? <_< FATEH!
  3. FATEH! hahahah lol hanji! i need 2 amrit shak quik n get married 2 dat kuri :wub: MUMMY JIIIII!! <_< btw any1 wanna get married b4 jamdoot gets me?? :TH: jokes FATEH!
  4. FATEH! LOL o teri. ges it gets addicting.... ..lets do the same wid naam <_< n so nutitng will stop us form going 2 sachkhand!!! FATEH!
  5. <_< thats right, sikhs would be so much better with him, we need such a leader to get our ppl away from these bogus nirankari's and radhasawami's rather then finding truth in our gurur granth sahib ppl sit in satsangs like dumb sheep :wub: @ 90439[/snapback] OMG SO TRU!
  6. FATEH!! LOOOL the mother has 6 children..only 4 of em are her husbands.... n the ova 2.. hope dat explains all anyways these kidna jokes dont relly suiote the sikh sangat forum wot u fink?? still...it was funny FATEH!
  7. FATEH!! hanji veer ji akal di gal keetee <_< FATEH!
  8. FATEH!! oooh now dats a diff topic altogether!!! lol me being a moorakh nobody who not good enuf 4 amrit sanchar, cant give much of a reply but naturally u would expcet me 2 say "yeh its ok" chal koina but i see inthe future (im gessing actually) that these sacred symbols wont mean nething 2 humans coz every1 ewill be wearing em 4 the rong reasons; typical example = kirpaan 4 atacking) bhul chuk maaf FATEH!
  9. FATEH!! well u read the title... so plz fil me in wid the feedback FATEH! Ps: if this is personal attack den admins r open 2 delete this thread, i just noticed how many posts kumi made in the last....1 week? lol bhul chuk maaf ji
  10. FATEH! man u lot act lyk lil kids!! actually lyk lol gals...trust me.
  11. FATEH!! thanx 4 sharing BOTH shabads <_< good 4 givin strength 2 face up 2 those who try 2 make fun of ur sikhi (ie: appearance etc etc) FATEH!!
  12. FATEH! wots the prob princess ji?? works 4 em even now the link is below http://p6.ich-3.com/~daljeet/Sikhi%20and%20Science.zip hope i helped <_< FATEH!
  13. FATEH!! the kara represent khalsa's symbol. its a sign 2 show that u parrt a khalsa brotherhood. n these people thinking they bad wearing a kara... GRRRRR <_< sumtyms i wanna kill these peepz but then agen dat means i wanan kill half the world for other stuff o well i no woteva u do, they wont stop fer ki kariyeh? FATEH!
  14. FATEH! well maybe it was in that persons karam 2 get plastic surgery dun 2 him n is face is diff form b4. maybe..? jsut a thoiught FATEH!
  15. FATEH!! Harpal u too funny wot u doing in this thread u ent 2 be in the jokes thead lolnot claling u a clown, just saying ur funny. And chanDi Di vaar: peepz who dont get affected by any consequences.. it was ur good karam! now ur using it up by doing mistakes.. .. dats my way of thinking i myt be rong. or maybe ull get punjished by daram rai. i dunno <_< lol has any1 got a reliable txt of Chadi di // they can send me plzzz the sri dasam.org 1 got siharis in the rong place and some versions haf too many pauris 9 (or dus the taksaali version miss it out...wich is very unlikly).
  16. FATEH!! princess ji ur right in dat sense. i min we're gr8 mates... but sumtyms we NEARLY got up 2 no good. PLEASE NOTE THE emphasise on nearly LOL am a good boy ya know <_< ...sachi! FATEH!
  17. FATEH!! arent u lot kinda...OFF TOPIC?! lol anyway veer ur kaam prob: theres so many threads abt controlling kaam i ges u need 2 just look around in this forum n sikhiunleashed.com forum, coz i forgot most of the links LOL. :wub: Koinaa its the hardest out of the 5 evils dat u need 2 be able 2 control. n allthat time i thought i controlled kaam till i met my ex afta a week.. . but then aftawards i memba guru gobind singh ji n it goes away. (i left her 2 get rid of kaam as well! kinda worked) She respects it n shes into sikhi as wel - she plays vaja n sings shabads i play tabla wid her .
  18. FATEH!! THis is my opinion: Try ur best to solve this problem peacefully. ie: tell the teacher, or verbally sort it out with the "attaceker" himself. Anyways, Guru Gobind SIngh Ji DID say "when all means have failed, it is righteous to pick up the sword". Ofcourse u wont haf a sword but the symbolism is the same. Only go 2 violent measures if u tried all other means. (for example if they get u into a corner alone) dont be afraid 2 attack. WOW veer ji is dat true?! <_< @ coz if it is dayam man im not doing it correctly! coz ive dun it abt 5 times in 5 days (dats by lisuning 2 a tak
  19. FATEH! i thought gurbani mentioned everything wich r being proved in modern day science. For instance, the "5th element" including fire, water, land, air... scienctisits discovered space as the 5th element. Guru Ji knew this all along! soz for the lack of evidence... but i got a nice presentation wich shows how science proves gurbani right... Click here to downlaod the zip file. Hope I helped tell me if im rong bhul chiuk maaf ji FATEH!!!
  20. FATEH!! Can u plz give some detail... Im interested ji just hungry for info LOL FATEH!
  21. FATEH!! hmm u sure abt that?? Personally I think Khalsitan will be given 2 us When Waheguru Ji wants. Afta all, everything happens according to His Will... WE first have to make ourselves worthy of Khalistan. IF we not khalsa den wot right do we haf 2 fight 4 khalistan? I mean its lyk a hindu fighting 4 pakistan in 1947 just dusnt work out... if u get wot i min. since im a moorakh, i mnustv made many mistakes so plz correct me if im rong Bhul CHuk Maaf FATEH!
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