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  1. please do ardaas for the children who died and were injured... Waheguru http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/03/04/tragic-collusion-between-a-akal-academy-school-bus-and-truck-near-jalandhar-11-children-reported-dead/ Tragic collusion between an Akal Academy School Bus and Truck near Jalandhar; 12 children reported dead By PARMJIT SINGH Published: March 4, 2013 Related Jalandhar, Punjab (March 04, 2013): The week at Jalandhar in Punjab has started with a tragic news. A collusion has reportedly took place between a school bus and a truck, that has reportedly resulted in death of 13 persons, i
  2. I'm just shocked at the lack of martial arts aptitude in our young Singhs. That video of the rolled up magazine is such a joke. Its unbelievable that anyone would post this video as an example of effective technique let alone an Amritdhari Singh. Singho wake up and learn some real combat. Its our duty to train real effective martial arts that work in real time fast situations. Best way to do get good at this is to practice real time fast sparring.
  3. Hey guys thank you for the posts. I have heard Australia is a beautiful country thats why we want to come check it out. We don't mind coming anytime, however it is just better for us when we visit a place when there is spiritual program happening. Thanks again guys.
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I was wondering if anyone could please PM and let me know when the next Akj smagam or Sikhi related even is in Australia? Me and my wife wanted to make a trip down there because we have always wanted to visit. However after traveling a lot we have realized that although it is enjoyable to see new places it is much better when you go for Gurus Karaj. So we want to see Australia however we want to go when there is a major program going on so we can also get the russ of the kirtan and darshan of Sangat. I know there is a smagam Sept 26th-Oct 3rd ho
  5. I train. Not to professionally fight but to acquire new skills and build up the ones I already have. I'm pretty new. I'm thinking of opening up a gym in the back of my office building for singhs to train. Hire some people I train with to teach and keep it non-profit. The place I train at is the real deal. My good friend and mma mentor is on the Ultimate Fighter right now. Nick Ring Calgary Alberta. I may not do the non profit gym as I have less and less time on my hands the more I dedicate to work, sikhi and my own training. I assume the topic starter trains. If so where and for how long. As f
  6. Does anyone know if I can watch this on T.V in Canada. I need to see this singh fight..
  7. Wow theres a lot of pages i'm on 13 I will read the rest later but one of the replies reminded me of a few incidents. First you have to understand i'm six foot five and not skinny I have a pretty wide frame. Plus I love martial arts and UFC. So maybe I carry this orah around me. Growing up in a gora blue collar neighborhood I used to face a lot of racism when I was very young like elementry school and what not. So i ended up having this hard exterior growing up. However after experiencing sikhi through pyaar i have opened my heart to being more about pyar. But without knowing it I guess I can
  8. I would like to make a donation, but there is so much corruption in india how do we know this is legit. I'm not saying its not i just want to be 100% sure before i donate my money
  9. This is pretty disturbing. Well not about khali. That guys a clown. But they were showing a clip in the beginning of the second video in a small section of about thirty to fifty ppl I counted at least fifteen of them had pugs on. What the heck is happening to our sikhi in india.
  10. Its funny that I stumbled across this because I just heard this katha. In the katha what jassa above is saying is true however the kathavachik states that banda singh never called himself guru. That was done after his passing. After that bhai mani singh had to come with the tatt khalsa and deal with the bandai khalsa whos leader at the time was claiming guruship. They did it in two ways. First by parchia writing fateh darshan on the bandai khalsa parchi which was there version of fateh. And writing Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh on the second parchi. When they put it in the soravar
  11. With his hands shackled but no fear in his eyes Awaiting death his khalsa spirit begins to rise They tell him to convert, but to their dismay Bhai Taru Singhs faith is firm and does not sway “Fine don’t give up your faith, just give us your hair and we will spare you life” Bhai Taru Singh replies “you think I will bend under the threat of your knife” “Oh cruel people why are you so blind, why can’t you see” “My brothers have been shedding their blood for this faith long before me” “We are Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Sikhs, we are a different breed” “Do what you must so I can join my brothe
  12. Hey singh, I have an honest question for you? Are you being sarcastic? Cause if you are not I will have to disagree. Eye for an Eye will make the world go blind
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