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  1. are you taking the piss do ardas what did i say out of disrespect i said ask guru gobind singh ji if she doesnt know how to do that which is do ardas hukamnama well then ...................
  2. yes e.g. a dera not head or mukhi of the whole of taksal
  3. well akal takht or akal bunga is a sign of sant sipahi and the warrior side is also a side of sikhi not just saintly side so golden temple is a place for war as it has happened many times before
  4. taksaals rehraas is written in bhai mani singh jis gutka. When do nihangs say taksal rehraas is incomplete. Thats a lie ask a jathedaar if there rehraas is incomplete it just has more dohraas and rakhiya de shabad.
  5. <banned word filter activated> sgpc nastik sgpc
  6. baba mani singh ji said that the sant who was after them sant baba surinder singh ji has the exact same amount of kamaee. sant baba surinder singh ji is now the head of akal bunga jatha base in subhana baba ji regurlarly comes to uk twice a year
  7. sant baba isher singh ji did 5 hrs of simran a day. Waheguru mantar is mantar of all 4 ages. The strongest mantar out of them all. Waherguru mantar jaap takes alot more concentration then other jaaps. Baba nand singh ji did over 11,000 mool mantars a day and they did alot of simran too.
  8. i swear this a sikh sngat forum lol
  9. lol just seen one of them in gurdwara today he goes to tividale gurdwara very often in the week his name is manjit singh the other one is in jail manjit got out last year
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