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  1. wjkk wjkf meeting happened in guru ghar, everything was aired from both sides, sangat had chance to answer questions. all i can say is things happen and spiral out of control. on a poistive note, the academy was used for the seva when 11 saroops were burnt in an arson attack in bow, the kids learnt alot, it was there for a reason, and for whatever reason it is gone, it is the gurus will, if guru ji still wanted to be there he would have some how. It is baana, and it all happens for a reason. the meeting went in circles, but mahraj was there and everyone is accountable to Guru ji (so thats set
  2. people r saying yesterday meeting was kangaroo court lol this is my last comemnt on the academy issue, for those that dont know who this is , im malkeet singh from east london aka killa sikh unit : i was heavily involved, and this is my verison of what happened : kangaroo court lol that is bs, there was no judge there no lawyers, lets stop the penji penji talk,moe the owner, lives in slough he put his house down for two years in 2008 out of the goodness in his heart, he got the piss taken out of him with bs and broken promises , he was in the right and any man would have done the same if ther
  3. If maharaj wanted to be there he would, no one can move maharaj, gurdwaras have burnt down, and still re opened, this is the first guru ghar in uk to shut down, when the sangat griefs, maharaj aint happy, too many broken promises - singhs shud live by their words, (im a karehati but im on about real singhs) it was sad to see it shut after helping making the academy from scrath , but this is what happens, when their is no unity and love amongst supposed brothers.
  4. intresting meeting , how suprisingly more people that broken promises were made to about the repayment of laons turned up lol , and expressed their griefs, the mangaement never turned up but the police did on their behalf, they were told that gangsters etc were going to be there to cuase trouble lol, there was kids and women and uncles there. Any way onwer presented his facts, and evidence. so many dirty polictics going on - typical punjab bs
  5. I just got this text on my phone: ****Mata Sahib Kaur Academy - Open meeting called by owners of the property at 7pm tuesday 29th january 2013 to preesent facts around the closure, debt, and running of the msk academy. all sangat who contributed to mska requested to to attend and find out truth. meeting at 8 oaks lane, newbury park, ilford, ig2 7pl. this will be the best way and if any one who is concerned should turn up , if you dont you have no right to spread anything about anyone or make assumptions after this meeting, there should be no gossip or slander on any parts, end of the day it
  6. the academy was started by singhs from diff places of uk, and it was started to create unity , i was heavily involved in the seva, it was a great start, the kids etc everyone learnt so much, the place was bought for 1.3 million, but only a few singhs with the money got involved in financial side. tbh the singhs bit of more than they could chew, as mortgage repaymenst etc was depedent upon the money riased by the golak, the finacial pressures cuased split between the singhs , and it has been back and fourth he said that he said that etc, i tried to help slove it, but didnt get no where, and whe
  7. most amazing sikh org in a long time, seriously the youth need to get involved and help out, its all legit no punjabi corruption unlike other orgs lol u get so get involved peeps
  8. he is a true brother from the heart a true person , not just a fighter , im talking from my personal experience with him contact him on : subaigsingh@hotmail.com
  9. fateh ji. Can i ask as where u heard the rumor about edl attacking the gurdwara from.It's jus there's actually a good relationship between some edl members and some Sikhs/Singhs, to such a level that there were high ranking edl in the gurdwara and other edl on standby incase any1 tried anything.

    Pls don't make above public knowlegde,as things are happening underground that don...

  10. I heard a rumor that 2 days ago the edl attacked the dudley gurdwara and it has suffered broken windows etc, is this just a rumour ? can any locals please shed light on this ?
  11. nice video really powerful back ground music. :rolleyes:
  12. LHM is a community welfare group which looks at the dangers facing our youth in a current day climate. bare things r happening on the streets, schools etc our peepz seem to be living in fantasy world in a bubble of naivety. we always seem behind of every one else and clock on to things when its too late. we make a bit of noise then go back to sleep. but the upcoming generation need to be thought about tings otherwise they will make bare mistakes and may end up tarnishing their lives we have put a threats to the youth pack together we feel the knowledge in their is vital it is all real iss
  13. we are a Sikh youth movement working on the roads of the UK to find out what is going on, and are creating awareness about it to wake up our sleeping community to receive k 2 k pack please email us : lionheartz@hotmail.co.uk our blog spot: lionheartzmovement.blogspot.com our newsletter: lionheartznews.blogspot.com safe tc and stay alert and safe guru kirpa sat sri akal
  14. der seems to be too much bitchhing going on in our community. i am a lhm sevadar, History of sp - started in the uk - handsworth first to tackle racist attacks by white, then moved to tackle islamic extremists. Then due to bitcthy politics it was disbanded as an orgnaisation, but certain groups in birmangham and southall, gravesend still used the name - they are not fakes, they have had brothers or themselves have been apart of the sp in their lives. yes it is true sp has got a bad name due to making the papers for some mad things, some of them unjust. before lhm we did restart the sp par
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