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  1. This is not what siropa were meant for..this is like some school prize giving ceremony - totally wrong!!
  2. Let's look at some facts. 1. He has been on hunger strike for almost a year (i think). Most people die within 60 - 70 days. 2. In the video footage he is articulate and conversing with the people feeding him.
  3. i was wondering how he had managed to survive for so long on a hunger strike - breaking all previous records several times over...seems like he has been eating (or been fed) ...The video, spanning 11 minutes and 25 seconds, purportedly shows Khalsa having dal, khichdi, lassi, banana shake, vegetables, almonds, milk and other dry fruits.
  4. I don't whether to laugh or cry at the comments about Humble the Poet.....perhaps you need to watch the video he did about Operation Bluestar and 1984 before you make such idiotic judgements about him. What have you all done or achieved with your lives - except sit in front of your PCs and tut tut about other people's behaviour.
  5. Is this some kind of joke?? Our unborn sisters in the Punjab are being murdered because of their gender and our brothers are hooked on alcohol and drugs...and the Sikh Federation (UK) is having meetings with lawyers to see if the UK government can be taken to court for the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849??!! This is a joke organisation, keeping busy so called 'community leaders'....they are a bit like people running the wrong way up an escalator - lots of energy spent, but no forward movement. I had the misfortune to hear Amrik Singh speak at a gurdwara in Slough - where he hijacked
  6. Is 2 Turbanz a parody?? Please tell me it's not real!! For those not familiar with him - check youtube..
  7. Driving past the Guru Nanak Prakash gurdwara (Harnall Lane, Coventry) last night, I was amazed to see a full car park and many cars parked in local roads too - even on double yellow lines. It was much busier than a normal weekday evening. It made me wonder which great servant of our faith was doing a katha that evening. Walking into the gurdwara, my head turned towards the langar hall; families and friends sat on the floor and at tables talking and eating enthusiastically....then I turned to where the sewadars were serving langar......and there was the reason...it was Chips and Pizza night!
  8. Apologies, if the answer to this question should be obvious, but could someone explain - as objectively as possible - about what is the issue with this guy Nidar Singh and his 'teaching' of sanatan shaster vidya? Why is there so much hostility directed towards him on this forum?
  9. I respectfully disagree with your comment - grooming (as is rape) is a sex crime - i thought the whole purpose of grooming was to manipulate someone to engage in sexual activity??
  10. The programme was very distressing - irrespective of what faith you are. It was also very distressing to see the news story about two Sikh men (one looked like an amritdhari) in the Punjab convicted of the rape of a 5 year old. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/two-men-kidnap-rape-five-year-old-girl-in-punjab-life-term/1/305371.html ..this follows the April 2013 news, about a 90 year old being raped in a village in Hoshiarpur by a Raghbir Singh http://m.indiatoday.in/story/woman-raped-in-hoshiarpur-police-books-accused-india-today/1/261962.html ...and the May 2013 news of the convictio
  11. This sort of response is exactly why you shouldn't ask health-related questions on an open forum like this. You get responses from people which may instill guilt/anxiety in your mind about what you are doing ...and you have no idea on what their experience of the issue is.. I can't advise you on which formula milk doesn't have any egg ingredients, but I can say the following (my first child is now coming up to a year old and we looked in a lot of detail at the benefits/issues of both breast and formula feeding). Many (if not most) women will find it difficult to rely on just breast feeding f
  12. Are you really applying rationalism and logic to faith!! Reincarnation is not a real process - it is a literal tool used in many faiths to encourage good behaviour during one's life. Our understanding of nature and the universe has progressed considerably since the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and other religious scriptures (that talk of recincarnation) were compiled. So the question of whether it is only Amritdhari Sikhs can acheive mukti is a non question.
  13. I recommend you watch a film called "The Believer". It is based on a true story of a Jewish guy who so hates Judaism that he becomes a Nazi - but by the end of the film, comes to terms with who he is and accepts his Jewish faith. It may help you come to terms with your views on homosexuality.
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