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  1. dashmesh1984

    Singh Doing Behzti Of Himself

    lol funny videos
  2. dashmesh1984

    Jathedhar Nandgarh Being Oppossed By Badal

    seems like majority of sikhs support nanakshai calendar
  3. dashmesh1984

    Bjp/rss Ready To Dump The Badal Dal

    i heard badals and bjp are together now?
  4. amritsar should be capital of punjab.
  5. ive noticed sikhs in other states like rajasthan, kashmir, haryana etc have way more anakh than sikhs in punjab.
  6. dashmesh1984

    Battle Of Chamkur

  7. dashmesh1984

    Wrongly Beaten By Singhs?

    beating was justified he was talking so much crap about our gurus
  8. dashmesh1984

    Sikhs Beating Nanga Sadhu

    yea don't agree with this why assault him?
  9. dashmesh1984

    Nurse Who Treated Nirbhaya Gang-Raped In Punjab

    disgusting piece of ****

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