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  1. Dalbir singh, Thankyou for your post. After reading your post i felt bit better. But yesterday i had a major breakdown. Just the thought of how ugly i really am, i just cant deal with it. what to do? you say the problem is inside, probs right. lol gym? how is that going to make me happy... i just find it so difficult to look in the mirror, dont feel confident at all. what i tend to do now is do my dastar in the mirror but avoid looking at my face. and other times i avoid looking in mirror at all costs!! i defo dont want to go to my old ways ie. when i was moni. im such an insecure
  2. Hi, I loth the way i look. Y do we have to keep kes? Its so difficult.
  3. Awww, I no who you are ... Dont worry jee, you will get amrit when it is written- Everything happens according to hukam. Maybe you still need to become even more solid in your sikhi.. and wait that bit longer. What you have/ feel is specail. Just keep doing ardaas jee- Guru Sahib is antar jammi ... Please do ardaas for this moorakh too ..
  4. abit. with regards to eating i dont really have much capacity to eat. this has happened before with me. one time i was doing mool mantar and after awile i could just smell deghh whilst doing paath. it was yummy :smile2: but duno think i should go docs!
  5. yeh, most of times i smell degh. i jus posted this to see if it was jus me. but ok yeh most probs cravings of food! but ok thanks for your post alias! thanks jeeos
  6. but seriously im confussled, if peeps cud do veechar that wud b great. thanks jeeos
  7. i duno, dont think so. im not even amrit dhari-sehaj at the mo. whats with the food smell thou ..
  8. Gurfateh sangat jee, When doing paath- sometimes i smell food when nothings actually being cooked! or neither am i hungry!! im wondering if anyone has had the same experince? (pls ignore my id username in this situation :tongue2: ) what are your veiws? also wen doing abiyaas in the morning my mouth starts to taste weird!! i dont no what this is either !lol
  9. Does anyone know where the new location for khalsa camp 2012 is going to be?
  10. Great reply thankyou! makes so much sense!
  11. I guess ape Akal Purakh is the cause of causes. eg like uve mentioned paaji - falling ill then recovering their must have been a reason behind it. So my question is- is it pointless to ask for thinks during ardass when at the end of the day its his hukam?
  12. Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee kee Fateh!! Just wondered on what everyones thoughts are about hukam? Can we change hukam? I dont understand why during ardass people including myself ask for all sorts of things, isnt it hukam at the end of the day as to what happens. So how are we to possibly change hukam? Do things like asking for Naam di daat come under a different category? Much appreciated for any thoughts on this post. Gurfateh jee
  13. WJKK WJKF!! What is the essence of the Banna; should one wear it on a daily basis??
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