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  1. Khalsa Jeo, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, It has come to my attention that for many years the Radha Swami's have sent there agents to poison our youth. How are they doing? They are doing using the so called Martial Art : SHIN KIN!!!!! Which is a load of bakwas!!! There head Rahda swami agent is a guy called Kalwinder Swami aka ROB!!! I have nephews who his sub agaents have asked to come to there sangat!!! Khalsa what can we do about this these Radha swami are using dirty tactics and trying to covert out youth using these tactics. Please be aware go to a non sikh if you h
  2. Don't waste you time, go to India and Learn from Dr Gurnam Singh ji, don't waste you time with these acdemies there all in it for there own glory.....
  3. Well done BRO..... Why not just slag him off as much as possible. I really don't care what you lot say cause you haven't a clue...shows how much respect you people really have for Guru ke Kirtanyia, even after he's dead, rather paying respects to him you want to bring him down...don't know why. From me to you don't reply to me cause I don't care.....far as I'm concerned Moorak naal na lugeyeah.
  4. Hold up the lot of you..... Sharam ney audee!!!!! One the one side we are really sad that Bhai Sahib Passed away, and on the other hand you idiots start talking ill of him by stating where he did Kirtan and someone is also saying he did kavishari and kavita, don't these Dhadi's sing Kavita and Kavisari......your trying to propagate that he sang Kuchi Bani.....Moorako what is kachi bani kuch samaj hai......Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhinderawale used to sing a dharna 'Eh Panchi Kala Hai Eadeh Magar Shakari Bhouteh' another one he used to singh was Panth tereh diya goonja jug jug peangi
  5. I can say only one thing to you is ignore everything a do what you want, kyo keh moorak naal na lujeeyeh, you don't even know what a sant is and people like you will never know as well. Take my advise and listen to the Billi Jatha make them your mentors. Sikhi for most of you is hard to understand, not being funny but it is, cause most of you don't understand Bani which is Key, and have never ever understood updesh from Gursikh whay have reached the Padvi of a Sant. I agree Kirtan kars like Anoop Singh Una vale Niranjan Singh and other Bollywood tune Ragi should not put Sant infron of there
  6. PutTar _Y_Sant, looks like your a part of the Guru_nidhaks the billi jatha whoever they are, there are misquoting bani left right and centre, and another thing puttar ji, you seem to be in a lot of agyaan. Learn somthing first. All you educated moorakhs are make a mockery out of Sikhi, samaj hainee te budiya budiya gala kardeh ya. The problem is far more than just outcasting Sant's! What is that make's a Sant Pakhandi? Lets think about this before jumping to answer this! If a Sant is Pakhandi to me he might be a God send to someone else, and you get a conflict, I can name many Sant who I k
  7. They managed once again to spread there bakwas, even if there is one person listening to it, it is still not acceptable. Once thing I can't seem to understand is when I visit the UK I always see the son's of the Khlasa panth is a teyaar burthyaar roop, in a chardi Kala, in full bana, with the glorious shashtar of the Khlasa, but what strikes me is these chumcheh so called tiger group are free to do as they please. Wearing a bana comes with resposibility, so why haven't these nindaks been sorted out yet. Asee Sareh Gallah deh Sikh ha... nothing more. These idiots will soon be preaching at a
  8. I tell you what! those of you who have doubt's, keep you doubt your obviously wise to know that the Guru hasn't that much sumratha to do something like this. Keep you bakwaas to yourselves. I for one believes this with my whole faith. My Satguru Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj, can give and take life as he pleases and no tents, the tent was for the Panj pyaareh to get dressed. You people can't see the power that Guru ji put into the Amrit. Surley Baba Deep Singh Ji did fight with his head on his hand, it was the power of Amrit that gave Baba ji that power to do so. Plus to add Sabt Baba Gurbacha
  9. Total Bakwas! Tell me how a Kubani of the Chote Sahibzadeh is not a miracle, it is a miracle within itself that they sacrificed themselves for sikhi at that age. Again you people are debating the glory of the Guru. Read a bit of ethaas on sikh, espeacially Guru Sahib, you will find miracle in all the Bhagta di bani. You people want proof!, what for? to validate that Guru Sahib was great? Moorako wake yourself up, get away from this new word which has been introduced into sikk history called Mithaas (folklore) and start believing in Guru Sahib's bani. It is Ithaas not mithaas, it is Dur k
  10. It's made up Just like your mat! You are excactly the type of people I addressed in the beginning, just because it doesn't agree with your mat, you think it's not right, I bet you think Guru Sahib killed goats in a tent. What did happen you tell us, you seem to know more. I have fuul faith that Guru ji did what the account states, 'Satgur merah MAAR JIVALEH' Guru ji can take and give life'. Hold up a few more questions for you beateh! 1. Did Satguru Guru Arjan Dev ji Maharaj sit on a red hot Tavee? or is that made up? 2. Did Satguru Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib ji Maharaj and his trusted foll
  11. Khalsa ji, Quite often we don't realise how samrath our Guru Sahib is. I watched the story of Vasakhi on Sunday which was on BBC 1 and again two ppl Sonia Deal and Tony Nagra, who are always trying to bring Sikhi in the media, but with made up stories, like the one about Vasakhi, when we have a real eye witness account. Why do we be little our Great Guru Sahib's not only these jokers who are not even sikhs (TONY &Sonia) but people who are dressed like Gursikh? Why is there such an erge to fit in with the masses and then alter our history so the western world can accept us'? I rathe
  12. Bhudda! Sikhi is not a missionary religion, did Any of the Guru Sahibs convert people like Sai Mian Meer, Peer Bhudu Shah, Sai Bhekan Shah? Did Guru Gobing Singh Ji Maharaj ask any of the Sai'd and peer's that came to there Sharan to take amrit? I don't think so. Your talking about Dhan Guru Amar Das was was destined to sit on the Gurgaddi, he was enlightened by Guru Angad Dev ji Maharaj, and Dhan Dhan Guru Amar Das Maharaj did seva like no other has done before at there age. The Goreh sikh were not christian listen to Yogi ji's parvachan he explains how it all happened, anyway only those
  13. Bhagat Balmik ji - The salok of Bhagat Kabir ji is translated slightly incorrect just a minor point, but Bhaang in this shabad doesn't mean Marijuana, it means riniya hoya maas, (mahan Khosh) please look it up it mean cooked meat. Any way the issue on alcohol..... Alcohol is a type od intoxication which leads your mind astray, I don't need to quote any bani to prove this. One will become a a vashi, Kami person, once he a has a few to drink, he courage levels increase thinking he is on top of the world. I can show you, just go to you local Bar and you can see it for yourself, better still g
  14. Khalsa ji.. One major lesson that Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji taught us, is the respect for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj, I have done Darshan of the ashaan where Babaji held divaan other than Nanaksar Jagroun. every place had a beautiful takhat for Guru Sahib and Babaji used to sit lower than the sangat in a type of pot hole which was 4foot by 4foot. Babaji often said when requested to sit on the stage with the Ragi's so that the sangat could do there darshan 'I wouldn't dare sit on a stage infornt of Guru Sahib my place is here l'm lower than the sangat, my darshan is not need Guru Granth S
  15. Tera! Point where have I said in my comment for that Bibi to go ahead and do a Kureaht? Read what I have said I have asked to follow her to follow her heart, becaue that is what will guide her. Let me guess Tera you do everything your father tell you ? Matha teahk deya tehnu!
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