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  1. You can never really translate the essence of some of the language (and some things sound weird in English, but not in Punjabi) and it also loses the poetic beauty of gurbani. Translations also give an interpretation whereas reading in Punjabi lets you apply your own mind a little more.
  2. You should definitely learn Gurmukhi and read gurbani in Gurmukhi. It is very difficult and confusing to have the right pronunciation in English. I wouldn't know which sound it is in Punjabi if I come across Dh, Th, etc. Its not very difficult to memorise the punjabi albhabet. It has a very scientific pattern if you look across the rows and columns. And you say what you read, unlike in English where you sometimes might not 'k'now how to pronounce a word!
  3. I am saddened by this video from every single angle possible. It has backstabbers written all over it with pretty much everybody being one including some of the people writing in this thread. I've been to the Gravesend Gurudwara a few times and am very proud that our panth has made such an achievement and I wouldn't let something like this incident spoil that for me. This paathi is disgraceful and I'm glad to know he has been booted out. But what he did isn't something unheard of. But I don't beleive he has much of a conscience being able to do beadbi in such a way. You can also judge his confused conscience by the way he hates, swears at and then appreciates and praises the same people he mentions. But I think a lot of people do that in general conversation with their 'mates' (who in this case also are backstabbers and are blatantly egging him on, well at least they brought out the truth for everybody). I don't think its fair to blame the committee people or Seva Singh Lalli for this guy's actions either as the proof has only come out now. Anybody would side with a paathi they see as a respectful person (or who has a respectful facade in this case) when somebody comes and beats him up in the gurudwara and alleges something. It could have been a personal grudge and then a story to cover it all. How would Seva Singh Lalli or anybody else know? And from my little knowledge of gravesend gurudwara, I feel that some of the people are being ungrateful over this incident towards some of the people who have worked hard to help achieve what not many others have. I have always only heard praise about the Gravesend committee compared to other towns where people get stabbed and beaten in gurudwara politics/elections. You guys should be proud and releived you haven't had to go through elections for the last 9 years and even next 2 years. My understanding is that the same pardhaan has again been unanimously chosen by the sangat just a couple of weeks ago despite some people raising minor objections due to some committee members not sharing the same opinions with some of the other members. But that's natural when you try to bring both/all the groups in the town together and work as a collective unit. I've been told that there are 2 or more groups in the town and they were only willing to back this pardhaan (Dhesi) unanimously to avoid an election. Apparently he offered to step down being unable to devote much time, but then the groups were not willing to go for an election or compromise on any other pardhaan. I think you guys should be proud of being able to keep the whole community of a town all together, especially where there is only one mainstream gurudwara in the whole town compared to 15-20 in some other towns. This gurudwara is probably only so grand because it has the backing of the whole town. Gravesend Gurudwara is an example and we shouldn't let anybody taint it like this. So I would appeal to everybody in this thread to avoid namecalling, mudslinging or expressing any personal grievances to certain members of the committee and move on like ks55 is now saying.
  4. I think the bibia are the most important parchaaraks as a mother is the most influential teacher to children and they are the ones who should be actively teaching our next generation about sikhi values and history. But it is a shame that there aren't many bibia who do parchaar and katha.
  5. I'm shocked! But I like his stuff and some of these other rappers who rap about sikhi. But I don't think they should think they're Eminem and start swearing like some of them do. But I don't think Sikhs should disown him for being gay, but nor am I comfortable with him having a name like SikhKnowledge if he is so openly gay.
  6. I saw that smokeless cigarette in a movie, 'The Tourist'. Johnny Depp smokes it and says it releases the required nicotine. But I think anything that becomes an addiction is bad for you. If its the case you can't live without the taste of meat, that isn't healthy for you.
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