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  1. I love how he buys time by giving a 11th grade description of what Sikhism is.

    Exactly bhaji, his annoying- its best if we do not go near any of his lectures because he will only create doubts and controversy in the minds of young, impressionable sikhs. He may have good knowledge of islam but when it comes to other religions he tries to belittle them and tries to make islam look superior and complete. i remember when he once mentioned that prophet muhammed was kalki avtar when comparing islam with hindusim which sounds strange as islam does not believe in reincarnation. he will say any gibberish to get new converts.

  2. I can't see that video for some reason, can you send me the link please.

    thanks for posting the video- it was very informative.

    Just type Keo Murgi Maarey - Full video - Bhai Gurpreet Singhji (Bombay Waale) into youtube search engine and you will find it as the first video on the screen which is a hour long.

    it is kirtan as well as vyakhya on a shabad bybhagat kabir relating to a conversation he had with a muslim Qazi.

    This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Prabhaatee on Pannaa 1350

    pRBwqI ]

    prabhaathee ||


    byd kqyb khhu mq JUTy JUTw jo n ibcwrY ]

    baedh kathaeb kehahu math jhoot(h)ae jhoot(h)aa jo n bichaarai ||

    Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false.

    jau sB mih eyku Kudwie khq hau qau ikau murgI mwrY ]1]

    jo sabh mehi eaek khudhaae kehath ho tho kio muragee maarai ||1||

    You say that the One Lord is in all, so why do you kill chickens? ||1||

    mulW khhu inAwau KudweI ]

    mulaa(n) kehahu niaao khudhaaee ||

    O Mullah, tell me: is this God's Justice?

    qyry mn kw Brmu n jweI ]1] rhwau ]

    thaerae man kaa bharam n jaaee ||1|| rehaao ||

    The doubts of your mind have not been dispelled. ||1||Pause||

    pkir jIau AwinAw dyh ibnwsI mwtI kau ibsimil kIAw ]

    pakar jeeo aaniaa dhaeh binaasee maattee ko bisamil keeaa ||

    You seize a living creature, and then bring it home and kill its body; you have killed only the clay.

    joiq srUp Anwhq lwgI khu hlwlu ikAw kIAw ]2]

    joth saroop anaahath laagee kahu halaal kiaa keeaa ||2||

    The light of the soul passes into another form. So tell me, what have you killed? ||2||

    ikAw aujU pwku kIAw muhu DoieAw ikAw msIiq isru lwieAw ]

    kiaa oujoo paak keeaa muhu dhhoeiaa kiaa maseeth sir laaeiaa ||

    And what good are your purifications? Why do you bother to wash your face? And why do you bother to bow your head in the mosque?

    jau idl mih kptu invwj gujwrhu ikAw hj kwbY jwieAw ]3]

    jo dhil mehi kapatt nivaaj gujaarahu kiaa haj kaabai jaaeiaa ||3||

    Your heart is full of hypocrisy; what good are your prayers or your pilgrimage to Mecca? ||3||

    qUM nwpwku pwku nhI sUiJAw iqs kw mrmu n jwinAw ]

    thoo(n) naapaak paak nehee soojhiaa this kaa maram n jaaniaa ||

    You are impure; you do not understand the Pure Lord. You do not know His Mystery.

    kih kbIr iBsiq qy cUkw dojk isau mnu mwinAw ]4]4]

    kehi kabeer bhisath thae chookaa dhojak sio man maaniaa ||4||4||

    Says Kabeer, you have missed out on paradise; your mind is set on hell. ||4||4||

  3. Bhaji, try to be thoughtful and conscious about life- it is very precious. it takes just a second for it to change- thoughts come and go. everyone has a bad period in their lifes and struggle to live in this world that is filled with so much filth (e.g. lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego), but there is the sadh sangat where the guru sahib abides in. do as much sangat as possible and these thoguhts will just bow at your feet- try to go to the gurdwara atleast everyday and sit down and do naam simran. thats what i did- i went to the gurdwara everyday in the morning and after college whether it was dark or raining and listened to path and katha and i was a depressed mona back then and a year later i now keep my hair and love going to the sangat and listening to gurbani.

    maya is just anything that distracts us from god- do not get too agitated by it, it can be controlled by doing meditation on naam simran and controling the breath (consciously breathing in and out) and this should programme your mind to appreciate what you have got (give you contentment) and experience the creater (give you peace). Remember first a thought then an action- just like you have a bath everyday, it also is important to clean yout thoughts- thoughts are natural, they are in your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is cleaned by naam simran and good sangat. Hope that helped but i do advise that you get help from a psychologist or any other professional. :smile2:

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  4. BJP for Nobel to CM

    BJP leader Tikshan Sud has sought Nobel Peace Prize for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his “service to humanity as well as world peace during his political career”.

    the same individual who sant baba jarnail singh went to to stop the anti-sikh narakhdhari gathering in amritsar and allowed the massacre that day to take place. the same individual who gave the go ahead for the army attack on sri darbar sahib. the same individual who promised for ensaaf for the killings of sikh youth in the 80's and the 90s but instead protected the killers. The same individual who whilst warned gave the go ahead of the noormalia gathering in ludhiana which led to the vicious attacks on sikhs. The list is endless, the police follow what badal says and orders and we all know the tortore and fake encounters that they are responsible for. that says enough.

    His whole family are intoxicated with power and do whatever possilbe to gain that seat. He is using individuals with prominance in the country and the media to programme the people of punjab to see him as a hero and icon for the state which he is not, but as most of us in the west know him as a power hungry villain in sikh uniform.

  5. Satsriakaal Jagminder84 Jii,

    Thanks. Your suggestion is precious. A full full stop may be a double stop or a longer pause after a sentence. But sometimes I am still after a word from Gurdev. What should I do?

    This is the reason I am not participating as a paathii in Akhand Paath sewa. May I have a double stop after a word also or it is allowed only after a complete sentence? Please suggest me. I will be grateful.

    Balbir Singh

    Satsriakaal bhaji, i don't actually have that much gian myself, i am on this forum mostly to learn :smile2: but since you kindly asked i would think that after one line a slightly longer pause then usual (as you do when reading a textbook carefully for example) will do just to absorb the meaning of the line for your own benefit when doing sehej path for instance, and the same would apply for akhand path. but the pause should not be too long that will disrupt the flow of the path otherwise the akhand will not finish on the time usually allocated. Nanaksar gurdwara usually do a different type of akhand path where after each line a specific shabad from sri guru granth sahib is read and this is done thoughout the akhand path so the akhand path time is longer (i heard giani thukar singh ji mention that this form of akhand path is written in a dairy of a gursikh at hazoor sahib at the time of the joti-jot of guru gobind singh ji when gursikhs asked maharaj for hukams on what they should do and not do after he left for sachkhand).

    Also, I don't think there is a specific hukam of maharaj mentioning this from the back of my knowledge from hukamnama's or from any history books I have read (i may be wrong) but adding two vertical lines would of been unique back in the days when maharaj recited the bani and it definitely has a significance behind it just like the addition of the name of a raag before each shabad. i just feel that the reason I have mentioned may be the reason behind it but it could be something else as well.

    You should definitely participate in being a paathii in Akhand Paath sewa (i wish i was like you). It’s sad that some, if not most pathi in Akhand Paath sewa read really fast that i can't understand what they are saying- thats my experience anyways.There’s no need to worry about how slow to read gurbani as long as it is clear, flows nicely and makes sense to the sangat but do get advice from gursikhs who regularly read and teach the recitiation of gurbani in the case that i am wrong which i am most of the time.

    thanks for being so humble to ask. :smile2:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke feteh!

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  6. its has gone from criticizing gurbani...now to mocking it..hes stepped over the line...and should be dealt with physically

    I agree- these so called professors (nastiks) are getting away time and time again with slander of satgur ji's bani because we as a panth have turned a blind eye most of the time to these people and have not taught them a lesson which will make them think twice before they hurt the sentiments of our community. A thief steals in the night when everyones asleep, similiarly these demons are using this opportunity when our quam are suffering many attacks and beadbi of sri guru granth sahib to put salt into our wounds.

  7. Alias Jii,

    I thank you a lot for your efforts.

    Have I understood it correctly? Gurdev used Bisraam at the start and end of a sentence with two vertical parallel lines so that no one could add anything or take anything away.

    Balbir Singh

    you can also think of the double vertical lines as a full full stop- if you know what i mean in the sense that guru sahib is telling us to read gurbani slowly doing vichar of each line and not to read mechanically.You can take it as a hukam to pause after every line to comtemplate the meaning. :smile2:

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  8. This is exactly what makes me doubt the leadership in sikhi- if jethedar sahib does not speak about these events i don't need clarification, i will just accept that they simply do not care when our singhs get attacked and embarrassed the way they did because enough is enough. this has happened far too much to be looking for answers. Sant jarnail singh never tolerated any attack on his faith, but it looks like we have become immune to this kind of events.

    these scenes definitely opens your eye to the reality of sikhs living in punjab. :(

  9. Looks like only sardar simranjit singh maan opposed Advani's visit and all the rest of the panthic jethebandia were blind to this.

    Giving this person a siropa is like a jew giving hitler a gold metal. Its a disgrace that not even our so called mini-parliament, the SGPC, is liberated from masands. these masands should of boiled alive in oil like dasam paatshah did to the currupt masands.

    Look at the foul language Makkar uses. Are we really expecting these people to represent us.


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  10. The attacks whether they be physical or mental, they are certainly reaching a level where we should not be completely peaceful. we are being tossed back and forth since 1984 and salt is now being put into our wounds by all these attacks and beadmee of maharaj.

    I think a time has come whereby matters will be needed to be addressed seriously. we can no way tolerate the disgraceful actions of badal on the sikh panth, especially over the last few years.

  11. That person is a full on pakhandi who pretended to be the incarnation of sai baba which is why his followers called him sattya (true) sai baba. He was exposed by the BBC (i think you can find the documentary on youtube) for his fake so called miracles that led him get most of the 100 million followers he had. I used to have a hindu friend who absolutely hated this person, in the same way we hate jhoote saude pakandi.

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