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  1. I doubt these traiters who exploit the sikhi saroop for votes really care about dharam, they are more interested in getting votes and feeding themselves and their kids. indira kutti, maro jutti.
  2. my cousin a long time ago was very ill and these jehovah witness people indocrinated him to convert to christianity, but 2 gursikhs came into his dreams and told him not to leave sikhee as he will not gain much in another faith in terms of laha of naam simran and bhagti. after that he stop going to that place and became gursikh. Abrahamic faiths are there for the numbers, to them quantity means more than quality- they do not have the concept of 1 true sikh = 125,000 but believe that by converting the world to their faith they are doing God's work... I also was watching a christian channel in
  3. bhaji, i do exactly the same as you do and watch other dharmic channels, but what u mention should not be a suprise because whenever i turnover to the some muslim channel all i ever see is the people bigging islam up as the most superior faith in the world, and the christian channels (that i have wathced) are the worst, they proclaim other faiths to be the result of the devil to take people away from devotion to chritst and believe we non-christans go to hell. cheap sikhs (if they were sikhs in the first place) are common- you see sikhs bowing their heads to idols, tombs, pakhandi babe and et
  4. i accidently added another post- it wont let me delete it- can any1 help :stupidme:
  5. im sure theres plently of videos on youtube for instance this one: but why not tie a easier dastar like gol or dumalla or the african style one thats the easiest for me. depends really on what suits you- the most common type of dastar for the youth here in the uk is the dumalla or gol type pagh, but at the end of the day it up to you, no point getting into conflicts over which style is better. i've only kept my kesh for a year now and also started first year of uni and i know how difficult tying a dastar perfectly can be so do not worry if can't get punni done neatly, just
  6. How much of you have watched the actual scenes of 1984 anti-sikh pograms in delhi- they are horrifying! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtRN4ofjpeQ makes me pleased when punjabi singers spread awareness of 1984 genocide in punjab because most of the people i've meant don't actually know what really happened, and i know that from personal experience from my recent visit to india.
  7. We should all contact sikh channel before they spread more lies and poison to our community. By using a sikh community channel they will be promoting there manmat agenda hidden alongside panthic wichara and i bet you only a small percentage of our community who have the gian will recognise what is happening.
  8. is it me or is tiger jatha uk giving a leture on the sikh channel londen studio now- the same jatha that dont accept sri dasam granth as the bani of sri Guru Gobind Singh JI and support darsan lal, the pseudo sikh pracharak that has turned his back on the panth. most of things that they are talking about (i haven't watched all of it) is ok and inline with gurmat but what i fear is that they may use this stage to promote there own agendas such as anti-dasam granth propaganda.
  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ke feteh i was just researching more about sikh freedom fighting organisations and came across this on wiki- i know not everything is valid on wiki but some articles like the 1991 punjab killings was printed in the new york times. http://www.nytimes.com/1991/12/27/world/49-slain-by-gunmen-on-train-in-india.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1987_Punjab_killings n.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Victims_of_Terrorism_in_Indian_Punjab http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_Punjab_killings Was this just false news used to spread propaganda against the sikh freedom mov
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