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  1. Both the committee and the protestors are clowns intent on maligning the Sikh faith. Hope both sides would grow up and stop acting like village idiots.
  2. Did Baba Dhumma not invent Jake the Snake Roberts DDT special move??
  3. The sarkari jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib has now got involved and summoned both sides. Seeing as the sarkari jathedar is tainted himself his call should be ignored. Afterall he ignored the hukum of the panj piara who stood against him after he pardoned the sirsa pakhandi.
  4. When the Bandai Khalsa and Tatt Khalsa had issues they arranged a wrestling match to settle their differences. Why could Baba Dhumma and Baba Dhadrianwala not do the same instead of their bs personal attacks against each other on social media which has resulted in the death of a GurSikh. Baba Dhumma is spinning all sorts of propaganda with no evidence base. Where is the proof about Baba Dhadrianwala making anti Dasam Granth statements? Also Baba Dhumma should not equate the allegations made against him as an attack on the DDT. The DDT is bigger than Baba Dhumma.
  5. The assassins used vehicles registered in Baba Dhummas name. Not exactly the act of someone with an ounce of intelligence. The mumbai shooter theory is punjab police bs. The basis of this theory is that shooters in punjab never take headshots. Utter playground talk by the police.
  6. Baba Dhumma is releasing a statement tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Really sad state of affairs that his chela undertook this murderous cowardly attack under the guise of a chabeel. The same chelas did not find it offensive when pakhandi baba like piara bhaniarewala did real beadbi but got their knickera in a twist over a social media beef.
  7. The professional shooter theory is punjab police bs. A few weeks ago Jaswinder Singh Rocky was shot dead in himachal and again the police put out the shooter from mumbai theory. The police claimed shooters from punjab always shot to the body and only mumbai shooters shot to the head. Utter fantasy policing and pathetic investigation theories. Baba Dhumma is releasing a statement tomorrow. No doubt he will claim he loves Baba Dhadrianwala and there is no animosity between them. The followers of Baba Dhumma got angry enough over Sarkari Sant jibes to plan and execute a murder yet did sweet FA when it came to piara bhaniarewala and other pakhandis who have been guilty of beadbi. Shows their true colours and allegiances.
  8. The decision to create a Haryana Prabandak Committee had to be enacted by the state assembly, so a politcians would have to be involved. If they can have a committee for Delhi then I fail to see why those in Haryana should be denied similar rights. Maybe if the Akalis of yesteryear had no been so hungry for power they would have got these northern area of what is now Haryana included in Punjab. So desperate were these akalis for power that they <banned word filter activated> on the Sikhs in what is now north haryana.
  9. Thanks. I thought you was part of his inner circle. May be he has joined a gym?
  10. They sure do not look like africans (not even arabi africans). Reminds me of the Bijjoo incidents in Haryana a few years ago where the public alleged that some monster was on the loose who could change/morph into anything. They look like migrant criminals from east India.
  11. There are plenty of Sikhs still in Uttarakhand with land. The farmers you are writing about had bought Escorts Farm land which was at the time subject of a legal dispute. As for this Gujrat issue, again there are Hindu Jatts from Haryana who could also lose land. So it is not just a Sikh issue. Please research a bit more before jumping to misguided conclusions. Ajaib Singh at the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) is a congress appointee who will do anything to please his masters. Where is his concern about the thousands killed in fake encounters by Punjab Police? or the denial of justice to victims of the 84 pogroms?
  12. looks like after serving Badal barfi for years the SS have now jumped on the issue: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Sant-Samaj-seeks-probe-into-fake-encounters-in-Punjab/articleshow/21415349.cms
  13. Initially when the attack was first reported I thought maybe they chanced on Brar in London. So they followed him for days and only managed to give him a shave. What a bunch of clowns. why dont you read the actual story posted? HE WAS ON HOLIDAY IN THE UK!!!
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