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  1. Wjkk wjkf.... I was wondering if there is anyone in this forum from Noida (NCR New Delhi) so that i cud get in touch with him/her....me from Amritsar and relocated to this city....Kinda boring city is this...but newaysl..they say "Gal pea Dhool Vajuna Painda"..lol.... ...not much sangat here however there is one Gurdwara here in sec 18 ATTA mkt...carbon copy of guru haimkunth sahib....so pls PM or call me my no.. <mod edit>(sorry admin...for disclosing my No.... ) Waheguru jee kaa khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh.... Arash mod note : Arash, we have removed the number for your own security as well as others. Please use the PM function of the forum if you wish to contact this member.
  2. The one question i wud ask wud be "How Can I be free from this "Questioning-Mind" So that I wud not need to ask any question ever after ??????"
  3. ISKC stands for Inernatinal society for Krishna Conciousness a hare Kristan movement....propotes celebacy and sounds as if this ISGC ppl tried to copy their name. Rest i dont know
  4. Hard to stomach this that Guru Nanak Dev ji was the First Manifesation of Guru..wat bout others like Krishna, Buddha, Kabir, Ravida,Zarathusta, Meera, Jesus, Mahavira etc etc ????
  5. I think Truth was not born with the birth of Guru Nanak Dev ji in 15th century.. it was already there even before Guru Nanak took birth and it is still there while guru nanak dev ji is no more in body. Truth is "Jugo jug attal". May we all be available to this Truth.!!! Aameen !!!
  6. no one is attempting defame sikhi bro...sikhi is not a thing which can be defamed by these buncha bolliwood jokers.....juss chill
  7. in other worlds 96 crore is 960 million (?)...which is about the population of all hindus world over.
  8. 96 crore is 40 million short of 1 billion (1000 million). (?)
  9. First I feel that if v go overboard over the issue of sex then i guess its gonna surely create problem for us...n there is no need to put the sex into any kinda time frame that u can have once in a week or once in a month or once in a six week..then u will all the time wating for this 'Jugment day' only and count down will always there at the bak of our mind...lol....its sooo absurd...u eat when u feel like eating..u shud sleep when u feel sleepy dance when u feel like dancing...if u put it all these activites into a kinda of time frame then it gonna make our life hell...like even if u dont want to have food u go out n stuff ur tummy juss coz it TIME to eat ..same goes wid sex....have when u feel like...dont have wehn u dont feel likewise.... (SEHAJ rang rach raheaa)..u can go whole life without having sex(ahem ahem sounds bit harsh??) if u have understood the love....we all have made the phenomenon of sex a big taboo by goin overboard and deeming it someting 'extraordinary'...that where i guess things start to go wrong...if we deem sex as natural as laughing as natural as sleep as natural as ne other activity we do then i think things can be sorted out...neigher shud v look down upon the activity of sex nor shud we burden ourselves wid sex...full stop.
  10. I dont agree here with Khalsa pajis using word 'Pleasure' here...i think there is no relationship between having a good life style and ur spiritual being..u can be religious while having allll world pleasures including sex..i think its a state of mind..it has nuffin to do that what kinda and how costly ur horse is and how costly ur bed is and how befultiul ur wife/hubby is and all that....and wat kinda clothes ur wear and all dat...... i dont think sikhi is against enjoying the worldly pleasure...its not a marg of tyagi (cowards)(read my signature)...its a marg of brave (gristhis).....u gotta live like Lotus in the mud...although Lotus gets the food from this mud (sansaar) but it always raised above this mud (its never OBSSESSED with it)
  11. Dont u go out n stroll on the beach for pleasure..dont u like icing on the cake for ur pleasure .dont u eat ur fav burger or pizza for ur pleasure ....dont u watch ur fav movie for pleasure..dont u listen to ur fav rok star or music for ur pleasure...if yes then wats wrong wid Sex dude...
  12. Rajneesh himself got it wrong! You are totally right It Oan not OM ... people just want to propagate that Sikhi is just another sect of Hinduism. However, Rajneesh interpretation and understanding of Japji Sahib is excellent even though slight contradictions of interpretation here and there on his part. 137891[/snapback] Time n Again this chap in his lecturers CLAIMED to have EXPERIENCED the whole thing not just mere Academic understanding/knowledge or bookish stuff.
  13. Dont u think that we are being baised here and goin completely against the gurmat by not letting ppl say what they want to say and say it with 'sincereness' "Sabho Ko meet hum Aapan keena" and 'Na Koi baeri nahi begana and so on and so forth...
  14. Was gurdaspur named after bhai gurdas ji????
  15. me too doent know much bout this man...but as far as i know bout him He is nomore now...his full name was Rajneesh Chandar Mohan he became a lecturer in Gujrat University after doing his P.Hd in felosophy coz he was a great teacher ppl started calling him Acharya(teacher) Rajneesh...later when lotta ppl gatherd around him specially the westener then ppl fondly started calling him.. Bhagwaan Shri Rajneesh and then he later in his life changed his name to Osho (drived frm world ocean).
  16. paji if ur intrested to know bout this so called infamous man Osho...then I wud advise u to read any of the books listed above..or u can start wid his viyakhya of japji sahib the book was "Ek omnkar Satnaam" and the True name Vol 1 and 2 is the translalitration of his 20 lectures which he originaly spoke in Hindi in pune, maharastra in india in 1970's...
  17. Buddhas(englightened ppl) dont come bak ever. they are lost in Nothingnesss .
  18. thanks pheena... If anybody is interested to have the Audio files of Osho please pm me.
  19. Wjkk wjkf For the last few days there is an on goind discussion bout his bad guy called Osho..I myself have read a few books bout this bad guy and found he wasnt the 'bad' actually... here are some of the osho's books to be downloaded for free. 1. The True Name Vol 1 (Japji Sahib) 2. The True Name Vol 2 (japji sahib) 3. From SEX to Superconciousness 4. Finger Pointing the Moon 5. The Beginning of the Beginning. 6. The Eternal Quest 7. From Death to Deathlessness. 8. DONT Bite my Finger, Look Where I am Pointing. 9. Dont Just Do something, SIT THERE !! 10. DONT LOOK Before You Leap ! All these above book and more books can be dowloaded from the links given below: 1. Osho Books -- 2. More Osho Gems
  20. First of all i think that this so called sakhi is yet another crap..ok Lets just for one second belive that this sakhi is true...and if tommarow you see a true person an enlightened(Bhramgani) being....how many of you wlll accept him as Guru...will our ego let us belive that someone has become Enlightened. {bhramgani(who has the SAME gyan as our GURU had) }.....can our ego let us have belive this???????? Can be belive that someone else can be as gyani as our gurus were.....wud we accept even guru nank dev ji as guru nanak dev if he comes bak (if we just belive this sakhi)
  21. [ I luv this song....oops...its a sikhsangat tho...
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