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  1. Red is also nit worn because it is a sign of royalty. Green is an islamic colour. However. In guru gobind singh ji maharaj times. Guru ji wore green and hated the colour blue. Because blue was the islamic colour. Look at the pics of guru ji at hajoor sahib. Guru ji is wearing green. I have no clue why now nihangs wear blue when maharaj hated that colour. If someone knows. Could u please share it with us.
  2. Do you know if giani thakur singh patialawale has done full katha. Or is it not available yet, by any giani/sant
  3. I advise u to listen to taksaal. If u want nihang. Go to rajkaregakhalsa.net. Then prayers. An search for bhai sukha singh or someone else. Or simply go on youtube. You could also try nihangsingh.org
  4. Wjkk wjkf. You dont want to go bak!!!!! Amrit and a good life is the only way ur guna get out of 84,000,000 lives. Having ir hair loose and partying is bad as it is an shudnt be done in the first place. In ardas say "hai waheguru ji maine sikhi sidak bakshna ta agay lae gyan bakshna ji"
  5. Khalsakirpan are not good. The kirpans on that website are more of a show piece than to kill someone. Best place is nihangsingh.com. Expensive but worth it. Chek out their website
  6. Talk to him. Get ur parents and his parents to sit and talk with him. Im sure bothe parents want grandchildren and want the generation to carry on. My friend had something goin on lyk this. But the girl didnt want kids. <edited> Whatim saying is........dont force him.
  7. Veer ji. I hav never lied an never will. I hav been baptised since i was born. As my parents are amritdharis b4 i was born. I can only tell the sangat. But it is upto the sangat to believe. I hav had darshan alot of times. If u dont believe me. Giv me ur email and i will send u a picture i drew of baba deep singh ji as i saw sant ji
  8. UKnihang


    Penji. Remember wen i posted a topic about darshan. Wen i had darshan of baba deep singh ji saheed. Sant ji was showing me wat is to happen. An he showed me dieing on the floor in school. An stil being in skool with 2 years left. It shud be soon. So i do know wat u are goin through. Sorry if i affended anyone in anyway. Wjkk wjkf
  9. UKnihang


    Wjkk wjkf. Khalsa ji. If u are a gursikh. A gurus singhni. Then why r u scared? U shud not fear death. As nihangs. U shud wear death(blue). Dont fear anything. Wats goin to happen. Will happen
  10. Wjkk wjkf guptpenji. Wud u lyk 2 share.............. Il start,,,,......i hav had darshan of Baba Deep Singh Ji saheed.
  11. UKnihang


    Look. Veer ji. Go to ur local gurdwara and ask them. Of not u can phone me. An we will talk over the phone thank you (.)(.)
  12. Wjkk wjkf. Basically. I wanted to know that if u hav darshan of a sant or guru ji. Shud u tell people. Only people that u love and trust. I hav had darshan an dont know if i shud tel people
  13. Wjkk wjkf. So........the girl in the end asked me out. When she come to ask me out..,,there was alot of people with her. So i told her to come with me on her own. So she did. I told her that i like her an want to get married to her. But i sed no to the "going out" proposal. However she understood and sed "i have the same feelings for you, lets try and get married". So i sed "yes,OK". Believe me. She is really nice and good looking. She is the girl who every other girl wants to be like in the year. Did i do good or bad??
  14. Thanks for the replies. I will do as the sangat says.
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