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  1. It does exist many Sikhs can turn a blind eye and say they don't believe in the caste system, but obviously people do. Look at individual families you will see that most are married within the caste system. Why- well caste is relate to culture and traditions you get these at weddings the groom will wear whats related to his caste it's nothing to do with religion. it's the way certain caste people will carry out certain traditions but hey most of them are Hindu related still people have not stopped including rakhri lhori and many other traditions. it's almost like a shame if one higher caste marries a lower why there it is again culture/tradition. If everyone was to follow the true way of Sikhism and hit out rituals then we would all be like a big family. Rather than look at caste look beyond and see the light of god shines in all. So look out for who is good not the label.
  2. That guy looks like he is a king cockroach sitting in on a high chair and the people below are the mini cockroaches following him.. What is he wearing on his head? I mean who does he think he is, people are dumb to think a human guy is god.. What an <banned word filter activated> and the people who follow I hate copycats!!
  3. Woah what you done! This is bad omg I have never known anyone who has had intercourse before marriage you lost your purity as a Sikh woman bad times. Having a relationship with a guy before marriage is bad enough but going the full way your only option is to marry him but if the guys family don't want you to marry him if they know as well you have done it then you lost. Il tell you that that guy didn't love you as what Sikh guy would have sex with a Sikh girl before marriage he should think if he had a sister and someone did that to her I guess he would like it. I'm sorry you are in such a situation I hope waheguru gives strenght to humanity on these type of issues
  4. I just seen your two posts in the Gupt section. You gave good advice there so well done! :D I respect you for that. I take things to heart easily if I think someone is having a go at me that's all. Oh ok if were to insult me, what would have been your method?
  5. I didn't take that as a joke, I was offended by that. I don't expect people to be harsh on here, you could have said it in a nice way but you used harsh words to insult me, which I felt were wrong especially on the subject discussion.
  6. Just so you know you are the first person who has hurt my feelings on this forum I thought people were genuine on here no need to be mean
  7. Forget the punctuation I'm using my iPod so I'm allowed mistakes anyway haters are my motivators! 'you are not god' when did I say I am? 'you are perfect' who said I'm perfect only god can judge me You don't know anything about my life so really you shouldn't be commenting, that I should focus upon my life. We ain't talking about me or expressing opinions about me. All I did was voice out an opinion on here which you didn't like but that doesn't mean you can critsize me.. I don't like people who stick up for bad people hey don't hate me for it I'm entitled to my own opinion.
  8. When I use to attent gurmat camps, they use to tell us that wearing socks is like bringing your shoes into darbar sahib but when I look some people who do not wear socks have really dirty feet so when they come to the gurdwara you can't wash them so it's kind of like the same principle I guess as wearing socks. Dirt is everywhere on our clothes it's the pollution in the air. What I suggest is if you want to wear socks bring clean washed socks then put them on when you get to the gurdwara that should be fine. Hope I helped
  9. @ xtremesingh- oi don't call me a fool you don't even know me emi! You can't judge me on those standards you ain't god either! I have a opinion which is why I posted doesn't make me a saint who said I was? A mistake are you having a laugh that's no mistake LOL it's there before your eyes watch the video unless you are some sort of body guard of his.. Mistake that's funny it's a joke the guy why would a granthi chat a load of crap and drink eat meat you call that a mistake that's no mistake that's his intentions if noone can face the truth don't voice your opinions based upon lies!!!!!
  10. I bet that Sony vaio laptop didn't come cheap and probably brought with the sangats money, which even wasn't gathered by honest means, as this guy is showing double standards. why are committee members turning a blind eye to situations like this? Why oh because some of them are in on the money too. Most gurdware are now almost like a business rather than doing good for humanity. These type of people should be named and shamed on various media such as Sikh channel so the whole world can see and ex communicate from the path those who do wrong and never be allowed to do seva for the panth again, but what goes around comes around it's only a matter of time...
  11. I don't think it's their fault really it's the girls fault they should know that having a relationship with anyone before marriage is wrong be it with a Muslim or even Sikh guy because then that's when kaam (lust) will take over not to mention losing self respect. These issues occur because of lack of knowledge about Sikhism it's nothing to do with being vulnerable some girls who do these things should know better in some cases they deserve it I'm sorry to sound harsh but look around it's the truth you go out dressed like a slag what do you expect? It's education at home at a young age to warn about these things then education about Sikhism otherwise whats the point of educating a Sikh girl who doesn't know anything and really has no knowledge of Sikhism because she already is intreasted in the wrong path.. I think they bring it on tbemeselves and even Muslims say Sikh girls are not into their own religion have a look at Muslim girls are into their religion why because their parents teach them. Education starts at home..
  12. gurfateh everyone. I was just wondering does anyone know about the new Gurdwara that has opened in west bromwich (Gurdwara Sachkhand Isher Darbar)? Below are some links please read and watch video. http://www.panthic.org/articles/5314 http://www.panthic.org/articles/2633 what are your thoughts on this subject?
  13. Gurfateh everyone i'm new here i just joined! :D
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