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  1. Just wanted t o say a big thanks to all those who posted, it means a lot to me that people take the time out to listen. I have a lot of questions about Sikhi things that sometimes keep me awake at night I am hoping that you (my brothers and sisters ) will in time help me to answer some of these questions. I remember when i went to Soho Road Gurudwara at 4 am to ask them for Amrit for my dad who we were told wouldnt make it thru the night, the Giani opened the door and told us to come back in the morning that was the first time my heart shattered, I try to forget these things but they play on my mind.....I work with the community mainly serving communities that are disadvantaged this to me is like sewa even though i do not visit a gurudwara i feel at peace with the world and myself.. Once again thankyou so much for your kind words..
  2. Im new to this forum so firstly sat sri akal, Ijust wanted toknow if anyone had experienced what I am feeling. As a child Iwas bought up in a good Sikh family with loving parents who taught me about Sikhi and encouraged me tolearn Punjabi and learn Bani fro myself. The last ten years of my life have been in turmoil My father died eleven years ago and after seriously rejecting religion for about five years I allowed myself to believe again and once again fely close to God. in 2003 my mother died and Since then I habve been unable to go to a gurudwara and every time i hear kirtan it feels like my heart is gonna burst. My mother died due to clinical negligence by a consultant who diagnosed her with tb when she had cancer she was ill for year and i cared for her but it broke myheart. I am married and my husband is religious but I cant make sense of anything any more. I am very unhappy and am seeking answers or advice please help
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