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  1. ''you people need a life'' - after saying that maybe you should read what Sarbloh posted?
  2. SSM

    Kaur Needs Advice

    Women from India may adjust better but maybe they just adjust and do not ever love. I'd rather marry a woman that is honest about her feelings, marries me because she likes me and does not change herself completely (unless there's things wrong with her). However, I won't be marrying a woman because I'm one so maybe my advice isn't as helpful as the others.
  3. SSM

    Virgin Husband

    Be proud of yourself! You shouldn't be doing anything physical with a woman other than your wife. If she laughs at you you know not to marry her. Do you want to marry someone who has been around? If yes then I can't comment further but if no then find someone that feels the same way.
  4. Good point, I agree it's a lame answer. I think we both read different parts of the website. From a quick read on the net what I have found is Dr Ambedkar say what I say. He believed Gandhi thought caste was the backbone of Hinduism (I'm sure you have heard of him). This website is by Gandhi lovers who explain Dr Ambedkar's view on Gandhi and then explain why they think it's not true. Have a read and all I will say is perhaps read up more on why Dr Ambedkar says that to get your answer. www.mkgandhi.org/articles/soul.htm
  5. It's all good if they give Guru Ji as much respect as the Bhagavad Gita but Guru Ji are not a holy book. Are they treating Guru Ji with the respect that a true Sikh would is what worries me.
  6. Why don't you try to use your brain. It will be hard because from reading your posts I would guess you haven't been using your brain as much as your fingers. Don't worry, it's never too late. Now is the time. I don't have the time to go to a lbrary and find you a credible source, we were taught about Gandhi in my course and I know that he was not against the caste system as he believed it benefitted India.He believed it was the backbone of his religion. Do a search on this but in the meantime this is nteresting reading on the 'Status of the Untouchables' www.reference.com/browse/wiki/Indian_caste_system He renamed the lower caste Harijaans. If you want to kill your dog off would you rename him or stop calling him by a name? If you want a credible source read books on him that are not written by those that were madly in love with him. The source I posted may not be credible but qoutes are and I fail to see how he is in favour of aboloishing the caste system. Do some reading even if it is on the internet.
  7. It's a red mark on the forehead and Hindus do it too but the last time I checked Hindus do alot of other things that Sikhs do like travelling by plane and having religious places of worship and did anyone on Sikhsangat know that some Hindus also drink water?
  8. I don't know much about Gandhi but you obviously know only what his 'fans' wrote. Read this which I came across in my search on the net, of course if a quote by Gandhi is not enough I can't help you, not that I came on this site to help you. http://www.bfg-muenchen.de/caste.htm
  9. I disagree with this statement about Gandhi. Can u prove ur allegation? You mean you need me to prove he agreed with caste?
  10. Bob if you have not got pure thoughts in your head then I'm happy for you but no need to make it out that it's ok to use Kaur just because she has talent and dresses in a way that pleases you. I would guess Hard Kaur is meant to be a clever way to say hardcore? I don't think I need to explain any further why I don't like her and would find it difficult to understand why a Sikh would like her.
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