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  1. deep1182

    Why Should We Recite Sri Mool Mantar Sahib?

    Hope it is relevant. Bhul chuk maaf
  2. Hope it helps
  3. Ishrat Jahan encounter case was a fake... This is the headlines in all newspapers and tv channels. Fake encounters have been prevalent in the country against all minorities. I just wonder why the national media fails to cover the stories related to sikh killings and fake encounters in punjab.
  4. deep1182

    Non Sikh Wearing Kara

    Well on the same lines I yesterday went to gurudwara sahib. While coming out, I saw a guy selling sikhi stuff (karas, silai, patke etc) as they generally do. The seller was a sikh, and was showing a kirpan to a hindu guy. That made me wonder if it is OK for non sikhs to keep kirpaans???
  5. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.. Here is this youtube channel named . :smile2: It talks about SIkhi and the fundamentals... A real nice effort.. . If it is already shared, excuse me for being redundant :stupidme: . If not do check it out.. A heads up, the videos are mostly in english and deal with the roots of sikhi... Bhul chuk maaf. Rab rakha :khalsa:

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