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  1. There is going to be a Amrit Sanchar at guru Nanak Sikh gurdwara this month when they have the Miri piri nagar kirtan, I’m not too sure about the date, call them and ask 6045981300
  2. the july 21 is probably at guru nanak sikh gurdwara for the miri piri nagar kirtan. There will be a amrit sandbar on may 20 at khalsa school for the annual akj program. Also Gurdwara Sukhsagar new west should have an amrit sanchar sometime in june when they have the nagar kirtan for guru arian dev ji's shaheedi.
  3. Okay thanks for the reply, I was just confused by the video
  4. This video shows all the jathedars and leaders being together when the news reported them being sent to different prisons. It doesn't look like they are being held captive, they are all in a friendly mood.
  5. Stupid follower of dhunda has come on this forum to spread fake propanganda, nobody wants to listen to ur <banned word filter activated>
  6. I feel as if all that happened to you was a test from god to see if you were capable to walk the path of sikhi. The path of sikhi as said in anand sahib is sharper than a sword and smaller than a hair. To walk such a path one is bound to face obstacles, and one that is only pure will overcome them. This was all a obstacle from guru ji to see if you can cross this path. Think to your self if i could do it before why cant i do it now, because the awards of walking this path are beyond what the tongue can narrate.
  7. This is what sant baba nand singh ji said
  8. just do ardas to guru ji and ask him to kepp your laaj intact, also repeat this shabad and all this problem will dissapear sloku ] salok || Salok: piq rwKI guir pwrbRhm qij prpMc moh ibkwr ] path raakhee gur paarabreham thaj parapa(n)ch moh bikaar || The Guru, the Supreme Lord God, preserved my honor, when I renounced hypocrisy, emotional attachment and corruption. nwnk soaU AwrwDIAY AMqu n pwrwvwru ]1] naanak sooo aaraadhheeai a(n)th n paaraavaar ||1|| O Nanak, worship and adore the One, who has no end or limitation. ||1||
  9. skip to 7:35 to see what he says about bhai sahib bhai pinderpal skip to 31:00 to the a stupid question asked by the host kuldip and see what parm says abouot bachitter natak
  10. Dhunda is starting his surrey bc tour on sunday at dasmesh darbar.
  11. do you have recording of the katha by giani thakur singh
  12. does anybody have katha of mangal parkash
  13. This is summarized by sant hari singh randhawe wale
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