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  1. In pre-recorded history, Greenland not always enjoyed Arctic breeze. Tropical plants and animals have been found - as if frozen in time. What I am trying to get at is that there are some great changes about to come and I dont believe most of us are ready for them...
  2. Talking about abnormal weather, it rained for the first time 'in recorded history' in this part of Greenland. https://news.sky.com/story/rain-falls-at-summit-of-greenlands-ice-sheet-for-first-time-in-recorded-history-12386031
  3. Just to reference to the context, Guru Nanak dev ji foretold Babur's invasion of 1521 AD ( 1578 Bikrami) . I hope this makes it more clear.
  4. No, Use Bikrami Calendar. Convert back then it will make sense.
  5. As told by puran BrahmGyani mahapurkhs, the event of Bikrami calendar year 78 and 97 repeats every time.
  6. United nations have named the climate situation alarming with code named "RED" for humanity. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-58130705
  7. Nature will do the correction. Also, fossil fuel will be gone and power generation might be an issue but a balance will come by using more sustainable and renewable energy sources. Geo engineering must be also be modified. For example to overcome the ill effects of genetically modified and dangerous cancerous chemical infused foods.
  8. It's getting worse. You can't just 'adjust' the normal calling it a new normal when the new normal keeps changing in one direction which should be alarming to say the least
  9. https://watchers.news/2021/07/22/glancing-blow-cme-possible-on-july-23-g1-geomagnetic-storm-watch/
  10. Just a heads up. Geomagnetic storm coming tomorrow 23 July 2021. Hope electric power grid and satellites will not be be affected. You might be able to see auroras because of the solar flare hitting already weakened magnetic field. Guru Ang Sang
  11. Look at the chaotic jet stream now: https://earth.nullschool.net/?fbclid=IwAR2CgL8lFJBYiANVOvG1qfP1cC0SUdSePEgXzqPhp3NFn_34OC3QRL7fG5w#current/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-60.23,22.36,206
  12. The jet streams which guide weather systems on earth are out of control or chaotic because of the weakening of the field. https://www.esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Videos/2016/05/Changes_in_strength_of_Earth_s_magnetic_field
  13. As you already might have noticed, the weather around the globe is not normal anymore. This can be and has been attributed to the climate change phenomenon but the real culprit are not us - the humans, but the 'weakening of the earth's magnetic field'. Sooner or later, earth will witness reversal of its magnetic field (magnetic north becomes south and vice versa). Although Scientists have claimed nothing dramatic will happen if this does occur but just to give you a gist ; you are all aready seeing the effects around the globe and it is about to get worse. Guru Ang Sang
  14. Hemkunt Foundation which are based in Gurgaon, Haryana (outskirts of Delhi) provide 24/7 Oxygen service to anyone who is needy. Now they need help in any form you can provide: This is their official website https://hemkuntfoundation.com/
  15. I think you still need to do more study and dig deeper into it.
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