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  1. Stationery weight is lifted in form and humans whether trained or not are a totally different scenario when it goes down to dominating them. Most guys that train for strength or size are programmed to lift in low repetitions which hinders you in real life situations because muscle fatigues and more so there is a mental block once we reach our desired number of repetition in a set. ^^ One final point, wouldn't one who trains any other way also suffer from this? Doing bodyweight only? 100 pressups? 200? They too are limited by repetition? The untrained fighter is also limited by fatigue?
  2. Fat can't be spot reduced. It'll uniformly come off as you reduce your body fat. - Resistance exercise (no tools? Look into convict conditioning) - Diet (very important - research this) - Cardio (Personally, 10minute warmup then 1minute full sprint + 2minute jog. It's a form of HIIT - again, research).
  3. - Interesting. I know of an example where a bodybuilder turned strength athlete and now MMA fighter would beg to differ. His squat is around 170kg - benching 140kg and deadlifting 220kg. His fight against a UK kick boxing champion went along the lines of this: 15 seconds or so into the fight he picked up the kick boxer, threw him to the ground and made him submit (I can give you a link to the fight if you want.) - Also: http://www.veloforce.net/STforFigthers.html - A good MMA strength routine and all the fancy science behind why you need to do the compound movements: http://www.t-nation.c
  4. Umm, 'exercise or equipment used is irrelevant' - this point is way of the mark. If you want to involve science then read up on compound movements (squats,deadlifts,benchpress,olympic lifts). You're right that the body doesn't know any different however, movement patterns work different muscles. For example: Barbell Squat vs Leg press (or smith machine squat if you want) Barbell squat: - free weight, recruiting many muscle fibers during the exercise - stressing the CNS, thus building overall strength - full body exercise - strength gained from this can be applied to anywhere. This ex
  5. Training should be for a purpose, at least for a sikh. You are however wrong on the subject of exercise movements such as a benchpress not translating to real world strength. Firstly, if you are unable to squat/deadlift/bench press (3 big lifts) heavy, you will be forever weak. The reason for this is that no other exercise even comes close to the squat/deadlift or bench - do as much research as you want, compound movements far exceed any other type of training in terms of strength. Now, regarding self-defense - this is a different matter. Many people, including sikhs, seem to confuse fig
  6. I think as a vegetarian it's the hardest to keep carb levels low. Not impossible but definitely difficult - hence why you never see 'lean' yet muscular sikhs
  7. Myprotein supplies good quality stuff, another brand you could consider is Optimum Nutrition. Personally though, don't get too caught up on spending money on whey powder. If you're getting stronger then it's working
  8. Howdy, creatine: 5g (have tried 10g also - i may go back to this). training partner: Nope - would help...but meh. bodyfat: around 14-15% in terms of 'change' ...change = heavier weight...no other change is really needed? How can I measure progress if I keep changing exercises (e.g. front squat / hack squat / back squat / low bar squat / high bar squat etc etc). Until the squat it self (in this case low bar squat) has been used as my 'foundation' I don't really need to switch things up. The only 'change' I am thinking of is moving over the to an intermediate routine - but i really fe
  9. Hmm, no replies! Are there any strength trainers - what are your lifts and how long did it take for you to get there? diet? routine?
  10. Yes, right you are! This meal is my 'highest caloric' intake. However, I eat this meal even when I'm not training, simply because my focus is strength and not aesthetics (getting lean). I eat the following -2x pitta bread + tomato sauce + mozzarella cheese + toppings - pine apple - cottage cheese - 250ml milk - whey - oats - peanut butter - strawberries ^^ all blended together come out to about 1,400 calories I've deloaded and now I'm working up again: squat: 75kg (form breaks on last 2 reps - not bad!) overhead press: gone up to 40kg bench: 55kg powercleans: 50kg ^^ form
  11. I agree that the body adapts. You should only be on this routine for around 3-4 months before the gains run out. Basically, if you're adding 7.5kg a week..starting from a 20kg bar for 3 months...you'll be squatting a fairly heavy weight. However, I didn't progress in a linear fashion. I agree with your comment about CNS...CNS is stimulated greatly during strength training. Indians refer to this as 'jaan'. In terms of routine I have considered moving onto wendlers 531...however I feel that the gains would be far too slow as my lifts are not really at a point where I need to move onto an i
  12. Yes, this routine is by mark rippetoe - well, he's one of the authors behind the book. It's recommended that you drink 1gallon a day. I was on 1/2 a gallon and it only helped initially. Whilst I was still gaining weight I had stopped gaining strength, therefore I reduced the amount of milk and started focusing on food sources such as cheese. Form: Believe me when I say this, I have spent countless hours fixing my squat form - ensuring I am using the correct muscles to move the weight and this helped add a further 10kg to my squat. However, you can't really cheat on deadlift and benchpr
  13. Why does the routine need work? I dont think it'll get any more basic than this. This is a tried and tested routine: Workout A: - squats (3x5) - bench press (3x5) - deadlift (1x5) Workout B: - squats (3x5) - overhead press (3x5) - powercleans (5x3). I started with the bar on everything (20kg) ...the lifts im at now are posted above, but it took me 8 months just to reach those numbers - pretty laughable. Also, I'm 24.So, I do workout A B A ..x3 a week.. so monday / wed / fri...or tues/thurs/sat..
  14. yep, main sources of protein: - whey - cheese - milk other supplements: - creatine - beta alanine calories as of now: 3000
  15. vjkk vjkf, As the title states I'm posting to see if any there are any strength training veers on this board. I'd also like to know what your current stats are, how long it took for you to reach those stats, what your body weight is and what your diet is. The lifts I'm looking at are squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press and power cleans.v (1 rep maxes or 5 rep max). The reason I'm asking is that I seem to stall a fair bit. The routine I'm doing is tried and tested but it may not be for a vegetarian as I don't seem to get linear progress no matter what I try. My stats: weight
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