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  1. Despite these criminal acts by the police we will still have people defending there abuse of power. Hope phoolka doesn't do the wrong thing this time again.
  2. So true. Problem just isn't him. But I guess he's first Sikh to start this ugly sjw trend of wasting the Sangat's money on non Sikhs. As some one here put it, he's turned Sikhs into the school kid whose giving out gifts to other kids with the hope that they will like him. That's loser mentality
  3. Really appreciate and enjoyed this puzzled ji. Thank for sharing this.
  4. Amazing. The Akalis were really disciplined. They would get beaten but not even react to the pain. Nearly 500 Sikhs gave shaheedi during this movement. I wish there was a Punjabi movie made on the Akali movement which would show all of this but just hope they don't add the token Hindu and Muslim character like they did for that Kartar Singh Jhabbar movie in order to show even they played a part in a Sikh movement which we all know is bs.
  5. While the Kabul attack, Nankana Sahib attack and the recent UK attack were done by Muslims. But this one can go either side. It is in Kashmir, it can be from Muslims but there's a chance it could also be from the GOI. Seeing all the recent attacks, maybe the GOI is thinking let's put more kerosene in the fire because despite how we here on this forum may think but Sikhs and Kashmiris in India have made a strategic alliance that is not liked by the GOI. But this is just a possibility.
  6. It's really amusing how they take pride in the achievements of central Asians and Middle Eastern conqueror as if they are the same people. They are just the result of forceful conversions by these conquerors that they shamelessly take pride in. Then it's even funnier how they take pride in achieving Pakistan as if they conquered this territory when in fact they had it given to them by the British.
  7. You make a valid point. If the ancient Afghan Buddhists had been like this there is no way Islam would have taken root in their land. The problem with these Abrahamic religions is that they hate Dharmic religions to the core. That is why you see some modern missionary influenced Khalistanis like Udoke and Makhu who try to Abrahamize Sikhism in order to make it more palatable for there Muslim friends. Currently Sikhs in India are opening up their doors to the Abrahamics and you can see how Christianity has spread all over Punjab. Even Islam is once again taking root in Punjab thanks to Sikhs building mosques for them and giving our Gurdwaras to be used as semi Mosques where they can come and do there Namaz and celebrate Eid which as we all know is against Gur Maryadha. Of course some Sikhs partly do this moorkhta to annoy Hindus by showing closeness to Muslims and Christians. But you don't have you shoot yourself in the foot to annoy Hindus as we are doing now.
  8. I think only Muslims are capable of turning peaceful Buddhist monks towards violence as we saw in Burma. While I don't condone what has happened to the Rohingya, but not too long ago I read on a website which listed each and every violent crime the Rohingya did towards the Buddhists. These crimes included murder, rape, looting, violent crimes which resulted in Buddhists moving out of Muslim areas. It went on for years with no reaction from the Buddhists until finally a Buddhist monk decided enough is enough. Although the Rohingya started it but seeing the videos of their suffering, you can't help but be moved and feel bad for them. The Burmese went a little too far in their retaliation. I mean there are videos of the rohingya being burnt alive, their women have been gang raped by the Burmese soldiers. Rohingya are basically Bangalis who migrated there in the last century or so. But Bangladesh refuses to take them in.
  9. If you have decided to marry a non Sikh woman please keep a watchful eye over your children to make sure they will be raised as Sikhs. I have seen cases where often the non Sikh woman insists on raising their children without Sikhism or cuts a deal with the father that we can raise one kid as a Sikh but another kid as a Hindu as is the case of the famous singer Arijit whose father is Sikh and mother is Hindu. They raised Arijits older brother as a Sikh while Arijit was raised as a Hindu. If Sikhi is not passed on to all your children then your experiment of marrying a non Sikh woman will be a failure.
  10. All of India is indeed saved by the Sikhs. According to historian Hari Ram Gupta, during the 1700s, the Sikhs in Punjab acted as an iron wall preventing central Asian warriors from replenishing Indian Muslim armies with fresh blood throughout India. This resulted in weakening of their armies since this lowered the quality of their soldiers that they hired. Marathas will 1761 were flush with victory because until then they were fighting largely weak Indian Muslims. But in 1961 at Panipat when they finally fought some authentic central Asian warriors they were destroyed even though the Marathas had every advantage over the Afghans including better artillery.
  11. Yes but only with the help of Sikhs and Mughals. It was a tripartite alliance between the Mughals, Marathas and the Sikhs that drove the Afghans out of Punjab, although now the Marathas like to claim they did it all themselves. The Marathas went as far as river Ravi, but now they claim they went as far as Attock and even conquered Peshawar! The Marathas gave everything to the Mughals and nothing to the Sikh before going back even though the Sikhs were equal partners in driving out the Afghans. The Mughals under Adina Beg then used this opportunity to persecute the Sikhs. Sikhs were driven out of all of Punjab and besieged in Malwa region without a word of objection from the Marathas. It was a terrible time for the Sikhs. But then Adina beg suddenly died and the pressure on the Sikhs was lifted. Sikhs learnt there lesson to never help the Marathas after that. When the Afghans under Abdali returned the Sikhs stayed neutral this time. The Afghans destroyed the Maratha army at Panipat. As the victorious Afghans were returning, the Sikhs attacked and saved thousands of Maratha women who were being carried back as slaves.
  12. Brahmkavach is the shortest. Only takes about a minute. Chandi Di Vaar is about the size of Japji Sahib(ਜਪੁਜੀ ਸਾਹਿਬ). Then Chandi Charitar 2 is much larger, more than double the size of Jaap Sahib(ਜਾਪ ਸਾਹਿਬ). Chandi Charitar 1 is the longest of these, it is more than 3 times the size of Jaap Sahib(ਜਾਪ ਸਾਹਿਬ). First time I read these it took a long time. But now my reading of these Banis has improved and takes less time.
  13. It is Dasam Bani which can turn weak Sikhs into the fearless warriors of the 1700s. Look at the Shastars of puratan Sikhs they even had verses of Dasam bani written on their Kirpans, Chakras etc. Reading Brahmkavach, Chandi Charitar 1 and 2, Chandi di vaar is a must for Sikhs today.
  14. If it wasnt for Islamic persecution of the Sikhs, today there would have been at least a 100 million Sikhs. The persecution of Sikhs were so severe that our numbers were kept below 6% of Punjabs population before the rise of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The persecution was so severe that at one point there were just 2000 Sikhs left. They put a reward on the decapitated head of any Sikh man's head that was brought to the authorities. When they couldnt find any Sikh men to kill they killed Sikh women, decapitated their head and passed it off for as a head of a Sikh teenage boy in order to collect the reward money.
  15. Very true. 1700s is a fine example of the survival of the fittest. Of the Mughals, Afghans, Hindu Pahari Rajas, armed Muslim Punjabi Rajputs all if whom had the upper hand only the Sikhs came out on top who were less than 6% of the population. Sikhs back then didn't have any leftist SJW cucks, feminists in there ranks like we have today.
  16. As they should be. During the 60s and 70s there was a big influx of left wing Marxists into the academia of India who wrote very positively of Islamic invasions, hide the atrocities and glorify their oppressive rule. Examples of these Marxist academics are Romila Thapar. Marxists no matter in which community they come from are the enemies of their own community. -Hindu Marxists are anti Hindu and even anti Sikh if the Sikhs appear to be fighting on the side of the Hindus against Muslims. They are extremely pro Muslim. -Sikh communists also popularly known as Kaamreds(ਕਾਮਰੇਡ) are anti Sikh to the core. But politically they are very pro Muslim and pro Hindu. After 1978 they openly chose to side with the Nirankaris, Hindus and the oppressive Indian government. Since the mid 90s many of these kaamreds have infiltrated Sikhs by becoming Sikh missionaries where they try to undermine Sikhism through their atheistic arguments. Dasam Bani is there favourite target. -Muslim leftists and Marxists which can be found in Pakistan are anti Muslim but very pro Hindu and surprisingly even pro Sikh. Najam Sethi and Hasan Nissar are examples of such leftist Muslims. Of these three Marxists/leftists the Pakistani Muslim ones are the only leftists/Marxists I have a positive view on. They are the only ones who legitimately make any sense of the three.
  17. This is why I say we should not choose sides between Hindus and Muslims. At the end of the day we are still Kafirs for them who must be eventually purged or converted. No matter how much seva you do for them or help them but below all these videos in the comments sections you can always see many Muslims say "may Allah put them on the right path" OR "may Allah give them hidaya" which basically translates to may they leave their Kafir way and convert to Islam.
  18. That is what it is all about. Kashmiriyat has nothing to do with it. It is all about the struggle between Muslims vs Hindus just as 1947 was. We were just caught up in this tug of war between the two. Sikhs need to be very smart and not be used by any side as useful pawns as we have so far been used.
  19. In 1947 India's first education minister was Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He is said to have started this indoctrination of seeing Islamic invasions and their rule positively by twisting and suppressing the truth. The heroic Sikh resistance became a mere footnote, while whole chapters are dedicated to the greatness of Mughal emperors.
  20. I knew this would happen. Again we find some brain-dead fake Khalistanis twisting the story and trying create another fake Hindu conspiracy theory behind this attack like they did with the Nankana Sahib and Kabul Gurdwara attacks
  21. And Sikh siyasat is supposed to be a so-called Khalistani site. Would they glorify this if it was Hindus doing their pooja of their God in a gurdwara. They are all a bunch of cucks.
  22. Secularism started to infect Sikh freedom fighters during the 20th century too. As for Udham Singh's name. Tribune India wrote an article about this a few years ago. He wrote Muhammad Singh Azad. Later Hindus journalists added Ram to that name and popularised it. But originally Ram was never there in that name. It was just Muhammad Singh Azad.
  23. Of all masjids they chose Jama Masjid which was built by Aurangzeb. How these moorkhs have twisted the meaning of seva to this foolishness
  24. Mr Garcha is definitely a troll because no one could be this delusional. Can't help but laugh every time I read his posts here. Really entertaining stuff.
  25. The poster of that message is assuming this based on our circumstances today. But if you ask a Sikh from year 1900 what the situation of the Sikhs will be by year 2000 he would never have imagined the Akali movement, Nankana Sahib massacre, 1947 partition, Punjabi Suba movement, 1984 Ghallukara and the Kharku movment that followed. By 2100 we can't imagine what will happen. For all we know there might be Khalsa Raaj established through out the world.
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