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  1. Nihangs translate Bhaang in that Tukh to mean Chicken and not Marijuana. Even Bhai Randhir Singh ji who was a strict vegetarian translated Bhaang in that verse to mean Chicken.
  2. I saw this serial last year. It was quite interesting. Although I feel the director has tried to justify the bad guys to some extent.
  3. I feel Deep Sidhu is a victim of viscous propaganda. He got there after the Nishan Sahib was already hoisted. He was part of the crowd not the one leading it. Yet he alone and to a lesser extent Lakha Sidhana have been turned into scape goats by the Kisan union leaders.
  4. Although I feel it was not necessary for the Kisan morcha to go to red fort but even if it has been done the propaganda of Godi media is disgusting today the least. But I'm not surprised since lying and twisting the facts is their main trait. They lied by saying inflammatory things like calling the Nishan Sahib as Khalistan flag. Even though this same flag (nishan sahib) has recently been hoisted by Sikh soldiers in Ladhak, then they don't call it Khalistan flag. When this flag is used to defend Hindus and India then it is called patriotic but when this same flag is used for defending one's own rights it is seen as a flag of terrorism. They also lied that the Indian flag was thrown away before the Nishan Sahib was put in its place. Nothing like this happened. Modi is playing a very dangerous game. He's literally pushing Sikhs against the wall even though Sikhs were sitting in Shanti for the past 25 years.
  5. They don't believe in any of the core Sikh beliefs. They don't believe in Naam Simran, Amritvela, concept of reincarnation or even concept of bad or good Karmas (paap or Punn) in relation to reincarnation. They talk against doing Yatra to historical Gurdwaras. Whenever Gurbani mentions anything they don't agree with they call it metaphor. His Chellas are the worst people I have encountered. Worse than missionaries. I have encountered his Chellas who insult Kharku Singhs on Facebook. Dharma is a GOI agent like Dhandri.
  6. Our Gurus met with and influenced many religious leaders. Lord Chaitanya of Bengal was one of them. Our historians should do more research on this important event in history. Another great incident is that of Guru Hargobind Sahib ji who met with Samarth Ramdas the Guru of the Maratha king Shivaji while in Kashmir. Guru ji taught Samarth Ramdas about picking up arms in defence of Dharm. I read some where that the Rajput Raja who helped Shivaji escape Mughal captivity was a Shardaloo of Guru Tegh Bahadur sahib ji. I really wish our historians would shed more light on these events
  7. They always give their terrorist groups these harmless sounding names. Rakshak sounds as if it is a defensive operation. Similarly during the 80s they had a group called Hindu Suraksha Samiti or something like that as if it was a defence group but the intention was to fight and kill Sikhs with the help of the police.
  8. Such a false flag operation was to be expected. Farmers were preparing for this. This is what they did during the Dharam Yudh morcha. But at the time there was no Ravish Kumar of NDTV, no youtube no facebook. So we couldn't tell our side of the story. Modi government will try to do more such false flag operations.
  9. He is a heretic. His views are very missionary like. Only difference between him and missionaries is that he believes in Dasam Granth while missionaries don't. But otherwise their beliefs, ideology is identical. From my interaction with Dharm Singh's chellas online, they are worse than missionaries. They insult our Shaheeds especially if that Shaheed is associated with the Taksal. They just look like Nihangs, but there is absolutely nothing Nihang like about them. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Dharam Singh also has close relations with prominent missionaries. They invite him to give lectures to their so called college since their heretical ideology is the same
  10. I was not a believer Sri Sarbloh Granth before but now I am. Listen to Katha of Sarbloh Granth. It is an ocean of Gyan.
  11. Although we shouldn't encourage such actions but I think if we must then it should be seen as a form of protest much like the Buddhist monks burning themselves. As we have seen from his letter and his last recordings he was pained at seeing the kisaans. This has solidified the resolve of the kisaans even more than before.
  12. On a side note, these tukhs are talking about Vedic teeraths and should not be imposed upon Gur Asthans. In Sikh tradition it is clear that the land where Guru ji rested is worthy of worship and respect and has Shaheedi Pehra of Shaheed Singhs. It is not wise to cut down ones own religious traditions by taking out of context Gurbani Tukhs meant for aan mats (other religions). That's almost like presenting Tukhs pointing towards the futility of reading Vedas and Quran and saying this also implies to Gurbani and so we should stop doing paath of Bani. That is what missionaries do.
  13. I have heard that he had encouraged Sikhs to strategically settle in large numbers in Haryana especially in areas near present day Punjab state back when Punjab and Haryana was one state. Maybe he knew that in future Haryana will be created so wanted maximum land area to come to Punjab in future but as we all know that didn't happen since a lot of Punjabi speaking areas went to Haryana.
  14. There has been so much fake news being spread by Modi media also known as Godi media. These lies are being spread by aaj tak, zee news and Arnab Goswami and right wing Indians. Calling them Khalistanis, misled by the congress and the weirdest lie I have seen them spread is that Capt Amrinder Singhs Pakistani gf Arooza is behind this conspiracy to destabilize India. These Bewaqoofs will believe in almost anything Modi tells them.
  15. If you listen to this from 11:50 even this popular YouTuber Akash Banerji doesn't agree with Barkha Dutt trying force Sikhs to agree with her on an unrelated topic that has nothing to do with the farmer protest. So it seems it is only Punjabi Hindu liberals who make an issue of this. Hindu liberals from other parts of India don't even care.
  16. But that too was done in response to Punjabi Hindus in Amritsar who distributed sweets to soldiers after the completion of operation blue star. It was like rubbing salt in the wounds of the Sikhs. So Sikhs responded by doing the same when Indira Gandhi died. Sikhs are never a proactive community who starts the Panga. We only do likewise when our opponent does it first.
  17. She probably can't even speak Punjabi. It's very common among Punjabi Hindus to speak Hindi in their household just like Punjabi Muslims speak Urdu with their family members. While Punjabi Muslims do it due to their inferiority complex that they are ashamed to speak their own mother tongue, Punjabi Hindus do it due to an identity crises. During the early 1900s their leaders who were heavily influential Arya Samaj would argue with Sikhs that Punjabi is nothing but a dialect of Hindi so Hindi in the Dev Nagri script should be promoted. They don't even want to acknowledge a separate ethnic identity of Punjabis. Sikh scholar Pandit Kartar Singh Dakha wrote in response a book refuting them. The book is available to read on pdl site.
  18. That's just the thing. Sometimes our own people get into Josh and don't think before speaking. Now the state media is using this same video to discredit these farmers. But it's real low level dishonesty on the part of right wing Hindus to discredit genuine concerns of farmers by using lies and half truths. It's because of things like this that they push Sikhs into the arms of Muslims and then they blame ISI and Pakistanis for misguiding Sikhs. Let's just hope that Modi does the smart thing and listens to the concerns of the farmers, but that seems too far fetched. As for the original video, Barkha Dutt really got triggered when Deep Sidhu used the term state terrorism. She acknowledges wrongs being done to Muslims by the state but doesn't want to acknowledge state terrorism that was done to the Sikhs that is well documented by all human rights organizations. They're not even open to the discussion as you can clearly see.
  19. This farmer protest has done one thing, it has exposed right wing Modi media. How they are all trying very hard to portray this farmer protest as a Khalistani protest even though Hindu farmers from Haryana and western UP are involved too. But still they spread their propaganda because one random Punjabi farmer said something along the lines that "we got rid of Indira Gandhi then who is Modi". And they are showing that same video all over on repeat. It's shameless to say the least. At least be honest. They are not even discussing the issue and are just repeating the "this protest is being led by khalistani terrorists" point. How does one even discuss an issue when the government and their blind followers are so dishonest.
  20. In this debate which was suppose to be about farmer protests in Delhi this journalist who is a known liberal Hindu of Punjabi background exposes her anti Sikh sentiments. Her name is Barkha Dutt. Just like other liberal Hindus like Shekhar Gupta who displays his genocidal pulse by praising mass murderers like KPS Gill and Gen Brar, she also insists that Deep Sidhu must call Sant Bhindrawale a terrorist in order for her to carry on this conversation. She repeatedly cuts him off, doesn't even allow him to finish his point. While most of us associate only right wing RSS type Hindus to be anti Sikh but these far left liberal Hindus are even worse in some aspects. They (liberal Hindus) have no problem with supporting Muslims or Christians but deep inside they hate Sikhs when Sikhs ask for their rights. Far left leaning Liberal Hindus should not be confused with average Hindus who don't really care about far left or right wing ideologies. But these far leftists should be identified. Sikh scholar Ajmer Singh is probably the only Sikh vidhvaan to identify these far leftist Hindus as being anti Sikh.
  21. Keep control of the forum Admin ji. But maybe you can give some younger ones admin duties
  22. Chatanga ji, you are correct about the Raja of Patiala. He was so loyal to the English. He was staunchly in favour of keeping India united. When it was clear that the British were leaving most of the Rajput Kings of Rajasthan had decided to band together and keep their independence. But the Raja of Patiala along with another loyal Indian Raja threatened them and ruined their aspirations. Patiala raja was the one leader who had the military might to form a Sikh state but he was so pro Congress and pro India that it was impossible to convince him. His son, Captain is today even a bigger Dusht than the Badals.
  23. There has been a lot of propaganda against Master Tara Singh. This propaganda was especially flamed by Sant Fateh Singh's group of Akalis who were rivals of Master Tara Singh. Pakistanis hated him because he destroyed their dream of swallowing up all of Punjab instead of getting just their demographic share. Many Khalistanis who grew close to Pakistan after 1984 took up the Pakistani narrative of Master Tara Singh of making him into some sort of Hindu agent to divide Sikhs and Muslims. If it wasn't for Master Tara Singh we would have ended up like the Sindhi Hindus. After partition his life was a constant struggle to get Punjabi Suba created. He went to jail repeatedly. He never amassed any wealth and lived a simple life unlike today's politicians. As for Ambedkar, I think his conversion is largely blown out of proportion. Sikhs had welcomed him to convert. A Sikh royal family even offered him the hand of their daughter to his nephew if he converted. Akalis back then opened up a Khalsa college in Maharashtra in participation that he was going to convert. And when he chose Buddhism only a few lakh followers of his converted not millions of Dalits as had been expected.
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