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  1. There are many differences but the ones I can remember are the following. -To begin with it mentions that Vishnu was given hukam by Akal Purkh to take birth on earth because too many demonic people were causing trouble on earth. But Hindu granths say Vishnu himself is God. -After Dashrath killed Sravan Kumar, he was given a Shraap by his parents. Hindu version says that after they died Dashrath did Saskaar of their body. But Guru ji says the parents through their Yogic powers had their own body cremated. Dashrath was going to become a Sanyasi but then he heard Akash Vaani saying to him not to become a Sanyasi because he is destined to become a Chakravarti Raja and also a father of an Avtar. -Hanuman Natak and Ram Charitar Manas says Kaikei helped Dashrath and that is why Dashrath gave her 2 promises he will fulfill in future. But Guru ji says that this is the view of the author of Charitar manas, Hanuman Natak. The real reason was that Dashrath was enchanted by the beauty of Kaikei and he wanted to marry her under any condition. The condition put forth by the father of Kaikei was that her son will become the future king which Dashrath agreed without thinking what he was agreeing to due to influence of Kaam. When they married Kaikei asked for two promises which Dashrath said he will fulfill when she asks. -During the swambar of Sita when Sita first saw Ram, Ram was so handsome and good looking that Sita became unconscious just by the sight of him, this is not mentioned in the Hindu version. -When Ram picked up the bow of Shiva and broke it, this angered Parshuram who came to kill the person that broke the bow. When Parshuram came Ram was fully ready for battle. He was undaunted by Parshuram and with full conviction answered all of Parshurams questions. Then Parshuram asked him to string his bow to see how strong Ram is. Ram stringed the bow and Parshuram was so impressed by his attitude and strength that he hugged him. Hindu version says ram was folding his hands and apologizing in order to calm Pashuram. -During the war with Ravan, Meghnath(son of Ravan) was so powerful and unbeatable that he beat Ram and even killed him. Ravan brought Sita with him to the scene of battle to show her the dead body of Ram. Sita then recited some Mantra by which miraculously Ram awoke and lived to continue the war the next day. Hindu version does not mention Ram being killed. -the Hindu version says that Ram banished Sita to the forest when some Dhobi questioned her Charitar. But Guru ji writes that after Sita and Ram spent a blissful time together she became pregnant and she expressed a desire to spend some time alone in a forest to which Ram gave his consent. -When Luv and Kush were old enough they became unbeatable warriors. When they stopped the Ashvamed horses of Ayodhya that started a war with the Ayodhya army. Ram sent one by one all his brothers along with big armies but Luv Kush beat them and killed them all. A Rakshas army under Vabheeshan was also killed, hanuman was killed. In the end Ram himself was also beaten and killed by Luv Kush. When Sita saw her husband dead she was overwhelmed with grief and was about to kill herself but then a heavenly voice was heard from the sky asking her to do no such thing. She said if she is pure and Sati then her Husband and all those who were killed by Luv Kush should again be given life. The next moment everyone awoke. Ram took Sita home to Ayodhya and lived happily ever after. Hindu version says that Luv and Kush were singing Ramayan verses. They don't mention that Ram along with his brothers were killed and later revived by an unseen power. Neither do they mention that Sita went back to Ayodhya living a happy life. Instead they say that Sita didn't want to come back and the earth swallowed her leading to her death. Guru ji writes that his version of Ram Katha is Jug Jug Atal and the one who does Paath of it will stay away from Dukh and Paap.
  2. Interesting info. So many ancient scriptures have now been lost or neglected. Guru ji had many granths translated for the benefit of the Sikhs by his court poets. Within Dasam Granth too we have ignored many compositions. We need to read these in proper context instead of rejecting things with a preconceived mindset. Ramavatar bani is an amazing composition. The Ram that is shown in Rama Avtar is a real Anakhi warrior Kshatriya not like the goody two shoes that is portrayed in Valmiki and Tulsi Das Ramayan who is always folding his hands in front of people. Even the story is different in many parts and does not match. Through the divine knowledge of Guru ji the real story behind the Avtars is given that was previously unknown.
  3. Often it is said by the rest of Indians that Sikhs helped the British in 1857 mutiny instead of the sepoys. Sikhs are stigmatized for this. But they don't want to see the reasons why Sikhs didn't want to help the sepoys. One of the reasons is the mistreatment of Sikhs at the hands of poorbia sepoys. Often they were even worse than the British. A research paper written by Kripal Chandra Yadav he writes about this when the Sikh empire was newly conquered and Sikhs began to be recruited in the British army: The Sikhs in the British army, whether in the regular or irregular forces, were oppressed by their officers. They were looked down upon as enemies and were demoralized.....Even the Hindustani sepoys, who were in a great majority in every regiment of the Bengal army, maltreated the Sikhs. Consequently, many Sikhs were driven out of these regiments and not a shadow of encouragement was given to counteract the quiet but persistent opposition of the Oudh and Bihar men. First you get conquered then you get insulted by these sepoys. It was like adding salt to the wound. No wonder the Singhs took their full vengeance upon those sepoys when they got the chance during the mutiny.
  4. Shaheed Singhs are much higher in status than angels, prophets and devtas. Only fortunate ones get to have their Darshan. Gurpartap Suraj Granth and Panth Parkash has mentioned about Gupt Shaheed Singh Fauj.
  5. The government was very schemy in the way they try to deal with their enemy. Saam Dhaam Dand Bhed. Bhed is the most dangerous since that weakens the enemy by dividing them. They tried to spread lies about Sant ji by saying he was a congressi and some even tried to say Sant ji wanted to declare himself as a Guru. The Mughals had done something similar when dealing with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. They divided the Sikhs back then by spreading lies, giving rewards and even claiming that he wanted to make himself a Guru. Guru Gobind Singh ji understood enemy tactics which is why He had Kavi Sainapati translate arth shastra and even gave hukm(one of the 52 hukms) to study the text translated by Kavi Sainapati so we don't get outsmarted by the enemy.
  6. The way I studied Sri Japji Sahib was to study one Pauri at a time. Study it fully including the word for word meaning. Without knowing the word for word meaning you cannot fully understand the meaning. When you think you know the meaning then test yourself without looking at the translation. If you can, then try to study from a Punjabi translation. Don't rely on an English translation. The translations I studied from was from Giani Harbans Singh ji amonst other steeks. since their translation always contained word for word translation. Later I bought the entire translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji by Giani Harbans Singh ji. And from that I have made it a life routine to study one Shabad a day fully word for word. The Shabad I study daily is usually which ever Hukamnama is read from Sri Darbar Sahib. If you do this then day by day you will notice your Gurbani understanding will greatly improve.
  7. The worst thing is the way they commit suicide. They burn themselves alive or they jump in front of a train. That's like the worst way to go. And if they survive the suicide attempt then they live a life with a burnt up face or handicapped. That's worse than death.
  8. Another amazing post by proactive ji.There are so many lies being spread about Sikhs which is propagated by mainstream media. These lies include: -Suicide rate in India is highest among Sikhs -female infanticide in India being the highest among Sikhs. -Sikh male is the most abusive against his womenfolk. -Sikhs started the partition riots. Sadly these lies are further perpetuated by Sikhs themselves who like to bring everyone on panic mode.
  9. This is the true face of Punjab police. They've been doing this for too long but are only now being exposed thanks to WhatsApp, YouTube and reporters like Makhu. But when we have some ਅਣਖੀ nihangs who refuse to be victims and live with some self respect then we complain of why they didn't just roll down on the ground with their hands folded and ask for mercy like 99.9% of the victims would do. Instead of giving them Shabaash we condemn those brave men.
  10. Exactly. These rice bag converts have forgotten their Aukaat. These Christian started by doing blasphemous Nindya of Gurus. The Singh replied in kind and these Christians came out started to riot and had him arrested. Them selling their souls for material gain is well known. Giani Jaswant Singh ji also called them ਵਿਕਾਊ ਮਾਲ। Desi Christians then made videos after videos insulting Giani ji. They are worse than Hindus, no different from their Islamic cousins if you ask me. So far we have not been able to recognize these Christian missionaries for what they are as Muslims and Hindus have. Swami Dayanand Sarasvati of Arya Samaj very early on started to preach against Christians. He even devoted a large part of his Satyarth Prakash in countering Christianity and later they informed Hindus of the Christian missionary threat. The Muslims under the Ahmadiyya movement also countered Christian preachers from targeting Muslims in Punjab during the early 1900s. Our leaders are the only ones who have failed to counter Christian missionaries. Maharaja Ranjit Singh very early on understood this threat which is why he banned all Christians from proselytising in his empire.
  11. Genie ji has identified a very important matter that Sikhs have ignored for too long. Sikhs have put almost their entire focus on Hindus but have ignored other enemies who are just as ਕਮੀਨੇ such as Christians and communists (ਕਾਮਰੇਡ). Most of the Christians in Punjab are rice bag converts. They have sold their souls in exchange for some material benefit. These fake Babas that belong to the Radhasoami, Kooka, noormahalia, sacha sauda etc are bad but they are not as dangerous as these Abrahamic cults. At least the followers of these fake babas can always come back to the fold of Sikhism since they hold many common beliefs. But once a person converts to an Abrahamic cult they and their progeny are lost for ever. It is very difficult to reclaim them.
  12. Ideally marriage should be at the latest 25 years of age for both genders. The later you go the more vikaars start to enter into you and you start to mess around by having many BFs before marriage. If you're going to mess around why not just get married and do it with your own spouse? I have a distant cousin. After she finished her education she was in her early 20s. My parents asked her father when she will get married. He laughed it off as if something weird was asked and said "oh don't worry she will marry after but first she has to work a few years and make her career". They delayed her marriage even though she was getting rishte but they kept on rejecting it because they wanted her to make her career. By the time she reached 30 she found a Muslim and married him. Her parents felt so embarrassed they didn't invite most of the relatives to the wedding. Another case in my relatives is of a girl who was 24 still studying to become a doctor. Her parents found a Rishta. The boy was also studying to become a doctor. They had them married while they were still studying. Today both of them are doctors. Once they became MDs they had their first child.
  13. The war in the Deccan was drawn out because the Mughals had sent a huge army to Afghanistan. Around the 1670s Afghan tribesmen rose up in rebellion. The Afghans had managed to crush every Mughal army sent against them. After tens of thousands of Mughal casualties they finally managed to defeat the Afghans. Even Jadunath Sarker notes how the Afghan war relieved the pressure on Shivaji by draining the Deccan of the best Mughal troops for service in Afghanistan. Shivaji took advantage of this diversion of Mughal strength and strengthened his position in the Deccan. It was a climax of his career. By the time Aurangzeb could turn his attention back to the Daccen, Shivaji was now in a much more powerful position to face the Mughals.
  14. This is how Katha should be. Direct to the point, no beating around the bush.
  15. It is mainly Hindus who preach this idea that nation comes before Dharm. If nation came before came before Dharm then why did millions of Hindus in Pakistan choose to remain Hindu and migrate instead of choosing to remain in their desh Pakistan by becoming Muslims. The modern geographical nation state is not an Indian concept, it is a European one. Sikhs have always seen themselves as a nation. There is no doubt about it. Even before partition the Sikhs saw themselves as a distinct nation. This rare book in pdl website is a perfect example http://www.panjabdigilib.org/webuser/searches/displayPage.jsp?ID=2665&page=1&CategoryID=1&Searched= It was written in 1946 by Sikh intellectuals who expounded on why a Sikh state should be formed instead of joining either the Hindu or Muslim dominated India and Pakistan after the British leave. We had our own country before the British came. Sikhs are currently a stateless nation. When a Sikh betrays his own people like Brar and Gill did they betrayed the Sikh nation. They can try to do justify their misconduct how ever they want but the Sikhs regard them as traitors, and that's how they will be remembered.
  16. No doubt Brar and kps Gill are THE biggest traitors in our history. This is how they will be remembered in history books written by Sikhs. These two are so hated by Sikhs that when they die no Sikh would feel mournful of their death. In fact when that ਕੰਜਰ kps gill died many Sikhs celebrated through out the world. I remember seeing a video on WhatsApp of a group of Sikhs who did an ardas asking Guru Sahib to make sure he gets fully tortured by Jamdoots for his immeasurable Paaps. Many even distributed Ladoos. I have a feeling this is how Sikhs will again feel when brar dies.
  17. It is their inferiority complex if they think Punjabi is rustic. If they want to discard their Punjabiness and speak Hindi the language of Bhaiyas that is up to them. Punjabi is our Maa while Hindi/Urdu is like our Maasi. Maasi can never become Maa. Only a really neech (ਨੀਚ)person would feel ashamed of his mother because he considers her rustic or poor. Punjabi films have also bypassed India as a whole. In Punjabi movies it is either Punjab or abroad. India is never shown or considered anywhere. Even the airports that are shown is always the Amritsar airport never the Delhi airport.
  18. Problem with some Hindus is that they see any step Sikhs do independently of them as a step towards independence. That's why they opposed the Punjabi language in favour of Hindi and still to this day Punjabi Hindus speak Hindi instead of Punjabi. Now all of a sudden they want to reclaim Baisakhi.
  19. One of my favourite kirtanis. Always love to listen to him. He had such sweetness in his voice.
  20. For Kashmir they want to re settle the Pandits back. But those Pandits are too few to make any dent in the overwhelmingly Muslim dominated state demographics. Most other Hindus are also scared and don't want to be the first Hindu settlers who will most likely be slaughtered in Kashmir. So they will probably follow the Israeli model and create Hindu only settlements most likely from ex Indian soldiers who will be armed. Slowly the some Pandits and other Hindus will be encouraged to settle and change the state demographics. You're right. The Kshatriya spirit has been wiped out of the modern Hindus. All that is left is a people without any Ghairat(Anakh). Even they know they have become a qaum full of cowards, that's why the RSS in their Shakhas are trying very hard to instill some bravery in them. But if war ever happens these Nikar wearing RSS will be the first the run across the Jamna.
  21. True our concept of Shaheeds is much higher than theirs. Our warriors become Shaheed to serve our Guru not for some apsaras or hoors. The Muslims thought at a different (and lower) level. If they die they get hoors but if they win and survive the battle they enslave the women of his fallen foe. That is pure evil. The anceint Hindu Kshatriya at least was chivalrous and did no such thing to the women of his enemy.
  22. True. Although ancient Hindus had a Kshatriya tradition which was very effective. Hindu kshatriya beliefs was that if they die in battle they will get swarg and whole bunch of Apsaras to enjoy. Similar to the Muslim concept of Jannat and hoors. The Rajputs were very brave warriors. Often they would die to the last man. But over time they became a spent force and lost their famed bravery. Hindus do not have a shahadat for religion concept in their belief system. Hari Ram Gupta noted in his book that when Muslims would invade and attack their most sacred Mandirs, the Muslims found them deserted. No Hindu warriors were present to offer his life for his deity. On the other hand Muslims always found Singhs ready to become Shaheed at Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar.
  23. True. Staying neutral is the best policy. We need to remember that the Hindu Muslim conflict predates us by centuries. So we need to stop acting like the attack dogs for either side. When Kashmir is separated I think that's the time India will start turning into Syria 2.0
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