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  1. They sure are. They know what to expect. But it goes both ways. The Afghan Jihadis will also not be without Pakistani logistical support. Plus they will feel a rush of confidence after victory over Americans and be more than ready to fight the most hated Kafir of all, the idolator Hindu. Hindus/Indians also have a inherent fear and inferiority complex to Pathans. Hindus have abandoned their ancient Kshatriya traditions, neither do they have religious fanaticism to fight it out like the Sikhs. Through their traitorous ways they have alienated the Sikhs.
  2. I think the Kathkar probably made it up. She cannot be defeated by any devta or rakshas. She is too powerful for them as can be read in Dasam Bani.
  3. Durga herself is a manifestation of Chandi. Read Devi ju ki Ustat (chandi charitar)or Dheerag Tribhangi Chand(in Akal Ustat). The Naam Khanda Sword interpretation is a Singh Sabha interpretation not the traditional Nihang interpretation. And of course she is not a granter of liberation. Only Vahiguru can do that. No one is disputing that. And where did Durga lose from demons? I haven't read this is Dasam Granth. Where did you hear about this?
  4. Personally I'm not against Singh Sabha. It was a boon for the panth. Some reforms had to be made in order to counter Christianity and Arya Samaj.
  5. She was seen as Shakti of Vahiguru. If you read Dasam Granth great warriors like Kharag Singh, Meghnath(son of Ravan) were given their unbeatable strength by Chandi. That is how these two warriors were able to defeat Ram, Krishn and Shiva. She is a creation of Vehiguru but above Traiguni maya. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are under the control of Maya that is why they suffer from Kaam and Krodh.
  6. Sikhs back then were much different than Sikhs today. Dasam Bani was unquestioned. Cows were protected, Durga held a position in our metaphysics but was discarded later on by our reformers who wanted to prevent Sikhism from being swallowed up by Hinduism. Nihangs and Hazur Sahib of today hold many beliefs of puratan Singhs.
  7. Hindus themselves are fractured. Maratha nationalists don't like Hindi speaking Hindus. Muslims are also split along sectarian lines in Shia Sunni. In Kerala, we will probably see a repeat of the mopalah rebellion where radical Muslims will beat the less aggressive Hindu and Christian keralites
  8. In multiple opponents I mean India being a multi ethnic, multi religious land it will probably collapse based on these lines much like how multi ethnic states like Yugo Slavia and syria collapsed. And much like Syria and yugo Slavia it is an artificially created nation.
  9. We also have our Mahapursh who give hints about the future. Because this knowledge is Gupt Gian they don't say things out openly. But they all say things will be very bad. One should prepare by memorising as much bani as possible .and keeping rehit.
  10. Im not sure about the reliability myself but some things are really coming true. Sikhi becoming weeker in Punjab, more and more Sikhs settling abroad especially in English speaking countries. Hindus becoming extremely Hankaari while Muslims in India are increasingly feeling they're being pushed to the corner. A strategic alliance is being developed between Sikhs and Muslims. Muslims are getting more radicalized. Americans losing in Afghanistan while Kashmiris hate Indian rule. China and India also have bad intentions for each other. Russia will probably try their hand in India like they did in Syria
  11. They will but the situation in India will probably be like Syria with multiple opponents everyone looking out for their own
  12. Not completely. Sau Sakhis mention that in future when China and Russia will invade India, khalsa will beat them and establish Khalsa Raj over India.
  13. China and Russia are also very imperialistic and evil. Khalsa shouldn't trust them either.
  14. Things will go downhill for India once Taliban fully take Afghanistan. Then their next target will be the Kashmir with Pakistani isi and military help. Hindus are now fully drunk with power. They have too much hankaar. Muslims will be used as a scourge by the laws of Karma to be unleashed on Hindus.
  15. That does seem plausible. If you study the geo political situation things are going in that direction. Our Mahapursh have also prophesized things will get very bloody in future in the indo pak sub continent.
  16. It is more of a marriage of convenience. Both sides are using each other against the Hindus. Muslims want either of the 2 things. Either they want Sikhs to help them when they start their Ghazwa or they want Sikh neutrality because they know on their own Hindus cannot face the Muslims in battle.
  17. Exactly. The reason why Panthic Sikhs have become so pro Muslim is because the Hindus pushed Sikhs to the embrace of Muslims. I mean if there is ever going to be a watershed moment in future like the 3rd battle of Panipat between Muslims and Hindus I doubt Sikhs would help the Hindus and without Sikhs fighting for them they will get slaughtered by Muslims.
  18. Since I've been home the last 3 weeks reading is the best thing to do. For me personally, I have been reading sri Dasam Granth steek by Gyani Narain Singh. Currently I'm at Chaubis Avtar. I also read translations of 3 shabads a day from Guru granth Sahib from the steek of Giani Harbans Singh. Try to read and understand the Arths and Pad Arths properly. Besides this doing a Sehej Paath. Trying to improve my Ladiwar reading skills. If you want books to read, Punjab digital library has an excellent selection. Puratan, out of print books can be found there. It is a delight to read up some of those books that are now 80 to a 100 years old written by authors long gone and unknown today.
  19. Sadly this is too common. Even an eminent journalist like Shekhar Gupta(a Punjabi Hindu btw) is full of praise for war criminals like Gen Brar and kps Gill and their tactics. And Shakhar Gupta isn't even a right wing Gau Mutra drinking Hindu. He's as leftist as they can get.
  20. So glad we are having reality being shown to us about Hindus in regards to this incident. No matter what you do for them, whether is it sacrificing thousands of your young men as solders in the border for them, sacrifice our Gurus and their family for them, fight for them against Muslims, but one incident in Patiala happens and they forget everything & want to take away your religious freedom and start to display their genocidal pulse against the Sikhs by praising kps Gill for his tactics
  21. Proactive jee once again exposes Punjab police for what they are. Look at those videos. How can you be sympathetic to such a police force. They are the most ਹਰਾਮੀ type of police there. Where is our self respect? We've been beaten up and humiliated so many times that it seems quite normalized to us that this is the way it should be? when one of us refuses to be beaten and humiliated then you are shocked and decide to condemn the victim instead of the aggressor. Would you rather see those nihangs rolling on the ground, folding their hands and begging for mercy like we have been seeing the last few weeks? And stop quoting Balbir Singh and mainstream Hindu media. Had a Sikh done such an act in Pakistan, the Hindu media and Hindu public would have praised him round the clock.
  22. I enjoyed watching Panipat movie but it was very strongly partial towards the Marathas. The narrative behind the movie is like somehow the Marathas had a right over all of India. Anyone who doesn't give unconditional support to the Marathas is branded a national traitor whether they be the Rohillas or the Rajputs. First of all the Rohillas were Afghan/Pathan yousafzai settlers in India. So obviously they will stand by their ethnic kin instead of the Marathas. The Rajputs were being humiliated by the Marathas through their Chauth collections, at least the Marathas should have had some sense to not extort and loot their co religionists. The Maratha raid in Bengal proved they were just as barbaric and cruel as the Afghans. The Sikhs have also not been spared by some Marathas who criticize the Sikhs for being neutral. First of all they ignore history. Just 3 years prior in 1758 the Sikhs did help the Marathas in conquering all of Punjab. This alliance was between Mughals under Adina Beg, Sikhs and the Marathas who jointly drove away the Afghans. Although now the Marathas like to boast like they did it all alone but truth is they could not have done it without the Sikh and Mughal support. Secondly the Marathas did not go any further than the river Ravi but since the 20th century they began to claim their horses drank from the river Indus. Some even go further and claim they even conquered Peshawar! This is all unsubstantiated. After the Afghans were driven out the Marathas gave all of Punjab to the Mughals under Adina beg instead of the Sikhs who were equal partners in the alliance that drove away the Afghans. Adina Beg then gathered all the chiefs of Punjab from the Muslim tribal cheifs of Pothohar to the Hindu Pahari Rajas of Himachal and Jammu and Pathan Faujdars of Kasur, Multan. All joined the Mughals and persecuted the Sikhs to no end. Sikhs were almost killed off. They only survived because they escaped into the Malwa territory and held off until Adina Beg suddenly died. Sikhs learnt their lesson to never help the Marathas after that. During the battle of Panipat, the Marathas had their chance to prove their mettle by fighting the Afghans. Both armies were equally matched and blocking each other's path. No doubt Marathas fought very bravely. They would have won had Abdali not sent his reserve force at a critical moment. It was the most bloodiest battle of the 1700s. One lakh people are said to have died in a single day.
  23. I would be sympathetic to Punjab police if they would up hold the law instead of acting like they are above the law. Law is not just for civilians but for the entire population which includes the police force. Hitting people with sticks and expecting people to fold their hands and beg for mercy should not be acceptable
  24. I don't agree with nihangs on some things but this is what Nihangs are. You cannot treat Nihangs like the average person. They live by their own rules. They don't pay tolls in India. Even during the life of maharaja Ranjit Singh a European account of the Nihangs tells a story of a Nihang who wanted to see M Ranjit Singh. The Maharaja's bodyguards stopped him rudely. The Nihangs took out his sword and decapitated his hand in retaliation. This is what the Nihangs have been doing since the start. Only Taksalis can mess with Nihangs and get away with it. If Akali Phula Singh was alive and these police men had stopped him and talked with him rudely how do you think Akali Phula Singh ji would have reacted? All of them police officers would be dead in seconds.
  25. Till now we only know the police side of the story and going by that they are being condemned. I would like to see the Nihang side of what happened. What did the police say or do to them that led to the violence.
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