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  1. No, this human janam is the only way we are able to get a place in sachkandh/Jivan Mukhti.
  2. Wow so much compassion shown by yourself Mandy bhenji. This woman has lost her child and her only love. Her baby died before she had it aborted. She loves her love so much she would move to a foreign country just to become his maid servant- just to be near him, I have never in real life heard of a love that deep. Her lover has acted like a complete as*hole to the woman who has claimed him to be her one and only True love. To the Poster, many many many condolences for the loss of your baby, may God bless you and heal your immense pain, you have been through an awful ordeal. Love is illogical, your love for this man is not deserved by him, his actions reflect a selfish, lying, heartless and sinful individual. The sikh way does not believe in sex before marriage, hence you will have gotten a lot of negative responses on here, spiritually, sex before marriage is a sin, it also makes one weak and susceptible to negativity and sikhism requires discipline and inner strength and purity. I went through a something like yourself once, I was so in love I acted irrationally(did not engage in sexual relations though). I fell in love with someone I thought was a decent person. My feelings were not strong at the beginning when he told me he liked me as I was very proud and not easily impressed- but the more I got to know him, the love eventually rose to the point that I began to worship the ground he walked on and like you, just wanted to be in his presence and see his face. I found out he had so many faults but loved him anyway(it was close to unconditional), many guys came my way but in my eyes none of them compared to him. By that time it was too late, he found a girlfriend and it tore my heart apart- it turned my world into hell, I stopped talking to all of my friends and didn't care for family, and just cryed and cryed daily. It got to a point that I couldn't take it anymore and just wanted to die because nothing would heal the pain. Then I turned to Sikhism hard and never looked back. After months(after being in incredible pain for a good year or two) I was healed. I even forgot what he looked like. I woke up at amrit vela and began naam simran- this is the Biggest seva anyone can do because it brings light and Truth into the world, makes the world lighter and better. Sikhism says that when the desire for God is experienced, all other pains heal, and this is exactly what happened to me. Since then I have come to realise that nothing compares to God's love. The only advice I can give you is to do naam simran/bhagti. Look it up on the internet and just do it as much as you can. The man you love is not worth your time as hard as it may be, you need to move on, read sikh books and live your life by them. God tells us that the world is not real, that it only causes pain and heartache- no matter how much we try there is pain in the end, we will watch our family and friends, husbands and wives get sick around us, die around us one by one. Then our time will come. So turn to god, the only reason we are here is to find out who we really are which is Him, and become free from the illusion of pain. Goodluck on your path. God bless you.
  3. A sikh(Student of Truth) is only so by deed. Many so called sikh boys are running around with 2/3 girlfriends, engaging in casual relations, drinking, doing drugs etc, using girls and dumping them etc. I have seen amritdhari boys who do nitnem etc and may do amritvela rating girls looks and taking the piss out of girls looks in the gurdwarra- this is how low some so called practicing sikhs have become. It is not just these girls, the judgemental thoughts(slandering), and verbal slandering, the jealousy and ego in some of these boys is ridiculous. I have rarley seem practicing sikh girls acting this way in the gurdwarra. The amritdhari boys go around in gangs judging people and gossiping like little women(man-bi*ches) instead of meditating and doing naam simran, it is a truly ridiculous(hilarious actually) and also shameful sight to see... The thing is that bitching like this reflects a guys low self esteem any sikh or god loving person can see that.. People need to stop calling people who do not truly make attempts to practice Truth Sikh. Just because one is born into a sikh family or is dressed in amritdhari garb, does not make one sikh. Once someone slanders (the biggest most serious crime in Sachkandh), consumes intoxicants etc, one has fallen so far off the path they are in hell(the state of mind). It is when they truly accept their misdeeds then make an attempt to practice truth again that their path continues.
  4. Naam Simran, embark on the path of true bhagti(silencing the mind through Samadhi). Think of these thoughts as a gift from god, like a challenge he wants you to overcome, everyone gets bad thoughts, when they get really bad, you know you need to turn to god, we all truly need him 100%. When I used to have really negative thoughts naam simran/bhagti was the only thing that helped them cease. The mind is the cause of all suffering in life, it brings only pain- most think negative thoughts are normal- they are not, we are all mentally diseased until we rid our minds of negativity no matter how normal we think we are. Society has led us to believe bad thoughts are normal and for us to accept them- bad thoughts are the root cause of Kalyug. Satnam Ji.
  5. Intoxicants cause mental illnesses- They basically tear holes in our spiritual self and weaken us alot. This leaves us open to negative energies from hell realms to basically do their work through us, influence our thoughts etc. One who has sight may see this like a demon jumping on someones shoulders attacking them or messing with their mind, due to the victims use of intoxicants. They severely hinder our progress on the path of truth.
  6. Thankyou bhaji that is lovely! But don't worry I'm not phased if the negatives come rolling in or not, but it was a lovely thought.
  7. No even the demi gods pray to become human for the chance to become jivan mukht and one with the Lord. When one prays to a devi devta, our amrit goes to them, we make them more powerful, we basically give them our bhagti which belongs to Us and God. We are to worship none but Akal Purak Ji- The demi gods are never regarded as no different to the lord himself, but the Brahmgyani is. We are All here to become Brahmgyani, whether we choose to grab this oppertunity or not is a different story. The man who prayed to the demi god was a fool (I am also).
  8. Dear brother, I am actually your sister! Lol Yes it was due to my past janam that I had seen Krishna and his realm. I never knew who he was having lived in an area with few asians, my knowledge of hinduism was non existant at the time. Although it was nice at the time and I was grateful that someone had looked out for me, it is unimportant on the path, as it did not bring me the message and lesson I needed. After recieving darshans of Baba Nanak, this sinning fool stepped on the path of bhagti- His darshans had served a purpose and brought a message, it was to move forward. Attachment and pride in darshans are foolish- many recive them, like someone said, many had darshans of the gurus in the flesh yet remained sinners. After recieving a darshan the true way is to learn the lesson being taught or appreciate it and move on on the path into the nothingness and silence- for darshans are imagery just like the khel on earth and freedom from attachment to imagery is key. This is not my knowledge, gurbani preaches that to be free we must become unattached like the God himself.
  9. Cheers, for the negative, go on give me another one on here, I think I may just about be able to bear it, the slanderer gives me all of his bhagti and good deeds, so Thankyou my friend, give me(and god) more....:happyjumper:
  10. The gurmukh is beyond the illusions of gender and form, when we are god and god is formless(we are like water drops in the ocean(god being the ocean) that makes us formless aswell, hence no discrimination- the Truth is very simple.
  11. Ok cool thanks, that's a relief, I've just got two negatives on this thread alone, and I'm still trying to figure out why... Lol :chairspin:
  12. P.s HarsharanJi your reply was beautiful Truth. Satnam Ji, Truth is his name.
  13. I've had many darshans of Krishna and His realm, the first one I had when I didn't even do naam simran, he saved me from a hell I was getting dragged to... The thing is these darshans may come, but god really is All Around, in the Saint and in the Sinner. When one contemplates this, the time comes to detach and go for the Truth in all it's glory- deep into the Nothingness where the Truth is actually found, beyond light, sound and form- The primal silence. Nirvair(and niroboa is One vision of True Love(a Fearless True love). It's not, love one vision but not the other, or love one person and love the other less. The devil literally is god himself, so is the rapist. How do we love a rapist as much as we love our own parents? That is the riddle the gurmukh must contemplate and the obstacle we must overcome. How do we remain psychologically sound when our parents and loved ones die around us, or when it comes our turn to go? Truth is not about visions(Maya illusion/false imagery) God created all from the void and we'll go back to where we were created(the void)- there is no imagery there, no sound, touch, sight- everything limited to these senses is false, absolutely everything. When one realises this physically, the truth is known and the attachments(darkness, 1 of the 5 thieves, all attchment to imagery in a sin) we hold are conquered. One may say they love to gaze upon the image of the guru, this is because he is Self realised and emnates the Truth, but darshan of him is not the end for we must also go and discover the very same thing He discovered. The jivan mukht knows that the Truth resides in the silence of nothingness(no mind which is the ego, no illusion of pleasure or pain, no nothing- just Truth/the balance). Through samadhi which is attuning onself to the frequency of Truth which is gods balanced gyan which applies across the universe(is everything and anything) that lives to discover while remaining detached from the nasha of the discovery be it high or low(for they are false only balance exists),we silence the mind so we can just feel within our being for the mind is ego- the knowledge of the mind is worldly, god cannot be fathomed through logic or truly described through language, we discover him through true love (trust and acceptance of his will)- Guru Ji said of god, that god resides in the heart, yet there is no heart- how can one ever contemplate such gyan though the mind? It can only be felt, the heart is beyond worldly knowledge, one can love for absolutely no reason, beyond all logic- Love the murderer and the holy man, love the slanderer and the saint- it is Truly love beyond logic and cannot be fathomed until one is deep in the true bhagti and the mind is silenced. These words are weak for language can never truly describe God, thats why we are asked to attune ourselves to naam/ truth and discover it ourselves on just about every page of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, reading it is simply not enough.
  14. So if a new member's posts don't sit well with a person who has manmat views but is deluded thinking thier worldly knowledge is gurmat- and they rate the newbie's posts as negative, the new member gets put under quality control?
  15. A gurmukh is beyond the illusion of gender and form...
  16. There is no science, no logic, there are even no frequencies, wordly language can only describe things in a certain way. We live in the imagination of the creator, the sunn is the nothingness in which god resides, it is the void, the innermost part of Sachkandh where all was created, for even outer sachkandh has an image- God is beyond an image. In actual fact, the sunn is prevalent everywhere, dukh and sukh together equal the sunn- the nothingness/balance/truth- it is only when we percieve them to be seperate that we are stuck in illusion.
  17. Welcome to Kalyug... Kalyug will keep beating you in different ways until you bow 100% to the Master and accept everything as Him, if you get beaten, it's Him beating you, if you get hated on, it's Him hating on you. Until you get rid of the barriers and recognise that your Father is pushing you towards him in different ways through different people the irritations(pain i.e hell state of mind of people bugging you, irritation is actually Maya presenting itself as still being alive and kicking within you) will not leave. Brahmgyanis are psychologically sound, seeing pain and pleasure as one because when someone kicks them they recognise that person as God, they are afraid of noone and nothing as all is Him, they dont get over excited at anything because its all God who's been there with them forever etc- Nirboa, nirvair etc
  18. Hello Ji I feel in my (and God's) experience that the tuk means both bringing dukh and sukh together as one, and also understanding dukh and sukh to be as one. The thing is that Language is limited, that is why we are asked to attune ourselves to naam/truth so as to physically apply gurbani and realise it ourselves, if the gyan of gurbani read a few times over was enough, we would all be brahmgyani by now. Beginning our divine beautiful slavery to god, in attuning ourselves to naam, doing good deeds and spreading Truth to others, we begin to rapidly pay off our karams. God knows we will not be able to live in truth 24/7 throughout every situation until we reach the Atal Awasth state- the state our Gurus and brahmgyanis were at. We can see their state through their acceptance of extreme torture and martyrdom. When we fall off the track of truth after embarking seriously on our path, we get hit with karam to get us back to the balance which we arrive back at by practicing truth once again. Bringing dukh and sukh together is going from the point of dukh(slap of karam) to practicing truth to such an extent that we arrive back at the balance. All is His hukam. Think of it as a scale. The slap of karam(dukh/pain/hell state of mind/darkness) throws a huge stone on one side of the scale. To get the scales equal again we must practice Truth to such an extent that something like a diamond begins to form on the other side of the scale. When the diamond is big enough, the scales balance, hence we reach a state of balance i.e Truth, we have brought dukh and sukh together to an equal weight to achieve this state. We understand them to be the same for they are both simply gifts put there by god to allow us/Him to achieve the balance, it doesnt matter how they look. Now my friend, when we See dukh or Sukh we don't truly feel it in a spiritual sense as our spiritual state remains in the balance- and one day with God's grace we reach the unbreakable state(atal awasth) where nothing can change our spiritual/ psychological state. We feel the pain of the martyrdom physically but our psychological state remains the same- we feel the balance being served, but we are exempt from feeling the nasha of the pain mentally for our mind has died and merged with that of the creator, and he lives in a state of balance/truth/true detachment 24/7. This is a weak example of course because like I said, words themselves are weak- they can never truly portray an experience, only their application can allow us to truly feel the truth.
  19. No this passage shows the glory of God and the falsness of the knowledge and illusions that we have been programmed to believe since birth. We are bound to earth and maya by our wordly knowledge only, there is no significance in keeping hair in Gurbani for we are Formless beings- God lives beyond logic i.e everything we know to be real. We believe each other before we believe God himself... It is impossible for a trunk of a tree to bear flowers yet Kabir Ji has seen this to be possible, He saw a fish that belongs in the water floating on a tree- in the world of True Sikhi, Anything is possible- the grass can become blue, 'Nothing is as it seems' and I mean Nothing- as quoted in Gurbani. The prime example is that God lives in the heart, yet there is no heart, how can someone possibly explain this Truly through language. The answer is that language is limited, it must be felt and experienced through eradication of mind i.e ego i.e bulls*t worldly knowledge. A high level bhagat who has thrown all worldly logic out the window and accepted every single thing we see hear and feel to be false would only Truly understand this hymn, others would apply their worldly knowledge(black demon of ego) to it to twist it to meet their own needs... If one were to see the symbolic imagery(everything is symbolic imagery) of the 2nd energy or 2nd world as baba Nanak called it,(astral realms) one would understand that there are people in the world who have demons from hell actually living inside of them due to their indulgence in maya(5 thieves), they'd see that angels fly around helping people- When one doesn't need this imagery anymore the real bhagti begins- we get rid of the mind and even the visions and just feel within our being- and that's when we reach the state of Nothingness(1st energy or world as described by Guru Ji) where God/truth is felt. Through samadhi(deep mediatation that eradicates the mind so we can Only feel within our being-by attuning onself to the Truth frequency which is what God himself did to discover who He was) we experience this state then we realise all to actually be Nothing but nirboah and nirvair...
  20. Naam simran is most effective and strong from 1am onwards, in my experience, it is millions of times stronger in the first 2- 2 and a half hrs a bit less in the next 2 and a half hrs and goes down from there for the next few hrs. I didn't have an alarm to wake me up at 1am so stopped sleeping, did naam simran and if I fell asleep after a few hrs then I did. Now with God's grace I rarely sleep and am still doing naam simran if I do when I wake up or come out of Samadhi- attuning myself to the Truth frequency is enough for me.
  21. Sorry Ji, my punjabi is not upto scratch, would you be able to ask the question in full English?
  22. I see anxiety and desire in many of these posts- what happened to killing the mind through attuning ourselves to the truth of naam and in Samadhi where we just feel the Truth within our being without the Bulls*t of the mind. Our Guru Harkrishan Ji only lived a few years, Guru Gobind Singh Jis beautiful Children died on the battlefield in their youth, Jesus accepted his matyrdom of being nailed to a cross whilst alive, still feeling the pain, our Guru Ji accepted being burned alive on a hot plate, he loved God so much that he accepted his fate gracefully without a single complaint- A love like that is what God wants us to feel- A pure True Love without logic, for the world we see and feel is false- there is no logic to it's creation or workings, only a feeling of pure Unconditional Love- we are able to find god through the heart and yet there is no heart- do you not see that there is no logic in this, there is no explaining a phenomenon like this, it is Truly Beyond the Mind for the mind is limited and keeps us chained to the limits and darkness of maya as it's slave. Who cares if we die without marrying, or if girls who are filled with darkness and the evil of ignorance do not pay you attention, we're not here to create more attachments, we're here to break free from them- embracing matyrdom means to throw all worldly knowledge, all the logic out of the window- our deaths could come at any moment- the demons of Kalyug(humans) have become complacent, greedy and attached- it is the mindset and deeds of a realms residents that make it what it is, and the mindsets of humans are demonic hence we are called demons in Gurbani.. If it's in Gods will for one to marry then one will, but living a married life is the same for a Gurmukh as living a life being single, the bandgi wil still exist for every moment you will be overcoming tests of your affiliation to maya(including the darkness of attachment to spouse- detachment is the way) while learning new lessons. Gurbani says the home is the deepest darkest Hell for a reason but living in such a hell as gurmukh is rewarding as it is from the most darkness that the most light is able to penetrate through and the same goes for Kalyug itself. Desire is the Sole Reason that we are stuck in the cycle of births and deaths- Hence the Silencing of the Mind which is actually the Ego(by attuning onself to Truth/naam) is our way out for without ego there would be no desire- for what could a being Without form, image, Affiliations To Anything possibly want? This is what we truly are, we are drops in the ocean of God, made of the same stuff, No Image, No Nothing, just Love and fearlessness(Nirboa and Nirvair, a Fearless Love- they are gifted in equal measure simultaneously, hence the more fearless we are the more we Truly love). A logical love is limited becuase as stated before the mind i.e Logic i.e desire ie. Black Demon of Ego is what limits us and binds us to maya in it's slavery, an illogical love is the only way one is able to embrace the Hot Plate of Martyrdom for as long as the logic/mind/desire exists, we embrace false fear, selfishness and self pity. Anything that desires Anything has an Ego i.e sense of I. Surrender to the Guru means wiping away the self completely, it is not a half trade, it's All or nothing(no jivan mukti without complete self effacement, acceptance of gurbani and application of the gyan- giving tan man dhan)- forget about your looks/image, family and friends/attachments and all the other distractions(anything and everything with an image- trees, people, clothes, wealth etc) maya has to offer, what will be will be according to god, if He wants to marry you off, he will, if he decides your spouses karam is for her to die the day of your wedding, that will happen and so and so forth, when the mind dies, you'll just live in and Accept(True Love) His hukam fearlessly.
  23. naanak dukh sukh sam kar jaapai satgur tay kaal na garaasai. ||61|| O Nanak, when one looks upon pain and pleasure alike, through the True Guru, then he is not consumed by Death. When one is attuned to the balanced gyan that pervades across and applies across the universe which is Truth, i.e naam, one is detached from the nashas of the highs and lows- hence they'll witness the appearance of the highs and lows i.e, someone slandering them or treating them nicely or badly, but are attuned to such a state that they feel the same- their hearts remain calm. The fact is that they realise that nothing is real, this is all a khel and We are Truly Nothing- this gyan within itself applied and lived while attuned to naam is enough for one to see both pleasure and pain as the same for the imagery is false- pleasure and pain simply do not exist- only the balance(Truth) does. ..
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