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  1. Tu Mere Laalan Tu Mere Pran Please watch the shabad here :
  2. Fateh Ji Singh Sahib Prof Darshan Singh Ji Khalsa will visit Gurdwara Glen Cove NY Aug 4-5 (Sat and Sunday). He will be participating in a special seminar open to common sangat to ask questions. He will also recite Keertan on 5th Aug from 12.30 to 1.30 pm. Please see the attached flyer for details. Please call 5166746793 for more details. Gurdwara Sahib Glen Cove 100 Latting town Rd, Glencove NY 11542
  3. Yes!!!! I was right when I had commented regarding the ektaone website in an earlier thread that some one from the website had told me that they will come back bigger. This was when they were abt to close. NO one believed me that time.
  4. Yes the site is closed but I had a talk with one of the admins and he told me that they will be back with a new site much bigger and much better. He told me that all the sewadars were working for the new site. So everyone......just wait and see.
  5. Here it is: http://www.4shared.com/file/9248150/bf39cb...Prabh_Apna.html
  6. Here you go : Bhai Harjinder Singh ji - http://www.ikirtan.com/Bhai_Harjinder_Sing...20Re%20Mana.mp3 Jasdeep Singh
  7. Fateh ji, Lao ji.....Tuhadi farmaish te hor shabad upload kar reha han.....I hope you willl like these too. http://www.4shared.com/file/9046252/fe66c2..._Jag_Kamla.html http://www.4shared.com/file/9046310/75c60c...e_Ki_Pyaas.html http://www.4shared.com/file/9046584/a7e40f12/Gun_Gavan.html http://www.4shared.com/file/9046636/a85809...eh_Dikhaeo.html http://www.4shared.com/file/9046692/55da25...am_Ka_Ohla.html http://www.4shared.com/file/9046851/6af816...Prabhu_Jio.html Thanks Jasdeep Singh
  8. Wish Granted!!! I recorded him in New York. I have uploaded 3 shabads till now. I still have few more but I need to mix them before I can upload. Here are the links: http://www.4shared.com/file/8733072/f15863...in_Dhil_na.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8733130/7af8ad...Bina_Maati.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8733173/879d39..._Aise_Aise.html Thanks JasdeeP Singh
  9. http://ektaone.com/audio/Events/Year%20200...i_Jagjeevna.mp3
  10. Fateh ji, I have uploaded a few of the shabads that I could record live at Gurdwara Glen Cove in New York by Bhai Nirmal Singh Nagpuri (Hazuri Raagi Darbar Sahib - Amritsar). http://www.4shared.com/file/8732879/d0258c...ahut_janam.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8732519/8ea7b8...han_deejai.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8732753/99a40d9/deva_pahan.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8732329/a10797...a_Dil_soch.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8732613/6c34ef...Katae_Koye.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8732921/a24b9a...Neer_Dhare.html http://www.4shared.com/file/8517737/587b211f/Raakh_S
  11. Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa. Raag Devgandhari, Taal: Japtaal Here is the link http://gurmatsangeetproject.com/Recordings..._0114232328.mp3 My Webpage
  12. My Fav is Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Sri Nagar Wale. Sahib Singh may not be knowing it, but yes, he has a vast knowledge of Raags. I have had the honor of doing reyaaz with bhai sahib for sometime. While doing reyaaz, the only style you wil hear from him is classical. He is a real gem. Pakhandi??? he is miles away from pakhand. The man as humble as him and a true gursikh is one of the very few Kirtania who is nitnemi, and does keertan with pyaar. I remember once in Ludhiana , we invited him to do keertan. That night, he had to rush his mother to the hospital ( she is no more). After admitting
  13. I Donot Support changin the name of the Airport or Any other public place to my Guru's Name. Airport have all kind of people who may come drunk, smoke, doing all kinds of Nasha, shops inside the airport selling liquor, tobacco and all that anti sikhi stuff. Why wud you want your Guru's name be associated with such a place where all these things are present? This is applicable to all the public places. I dont know why we feel so proud to associate such places with our Guru's name. If you travel on GT road, you will find a numerous Guru Nanak Dhabas, where all kinds of filthy stuff is being
  14. If u r looking for audio of this shabad: http://ikirtan.com/Bhai_Harjinder_Singh_Je...Nidhaan_Hai.mp3
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