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  1. Bro, the guy who posted the thread goes to Aston university, hence Birmingham. Hence what I post is greatly relveant. Exceptionally one of the art Wing Chun I practised for over 10 years with the Uk wingchun association. HQ is based in jewelery quarters and they run good classes at Birmingham Uni, Also Brother if you read my post I mention more than four other martial arts teacher, that I know or have trained directly with in Birmingham. I have spent more than 15 years in Birmingham and know the place, expecially the martial arts community. Not to be arrogant I do consider myself to be a sea
  2. Must attend. The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past will be the first major exhibition on one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic buildings, one which is both the epicentre of the Sikh faith and a place of pilgrimage for followers of other traditions. It is also the first major Sikh exhibition since the V&A Museum's 1999 'The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms'. Jai Hind.
  3. Guru Da Chella, in my background if some one can't give the lineage, then you have to assume...... Gatka is and always will be the illegitimate child of shastar vidya, extremely bad child. So what do you call a Gatka person, who is shamed of telling his lineage, you got it one. By the way a lot of the Gatka guys in UK learnt from Namdev in Germany. He's a gora singh, but been a singh for over 30 years. Funny thing is he now studies under Gurudev Niddar Singhji. Here's our shastar vidya lineage. :fight: 1. aba Darbara Singh (who also learned from Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji) 2. Akali
  4. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fat-heh Here's my Bio. I've practice Wing Chun for 16 years, with James Sinclair: & thai boxing, also eskrima (weapons) and Brazilian jujitsu coming up to 11 years. I also had a look at kalaripayat with Paul Whitrod and back in India with the biggest Kalaripayat organisation in Kerala. I also have trained with Sifu Abide (Birmingham) + Sifu Zab (Walsall) for over 10 years, until I left for Uni, hence I was kid. Not practising now. Brazilian Jujitsu- Brings out the Punjabi in me, I train in London, last 11 years, continuing practising (playing) as it'
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