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  1. TigerForce1

    Punjabi Wedding fight - wolverhampton

    What else is expected from this level of Besharampuna! I mean you have age restrictions together with bouncers keeping an eye on people getting too tipsy in nightclubs, but this doesn’t apply to Punjabi wedding receptions. Alcohol flows freely, children are welcome, music is blasted, drugs are taken in toilets, under aged drinking takes place and the dance floor resembles a Nightclub that is modelled on the ‘Blue Oyster Club’. Tacky to the next level!
  2. TigerForce1

    Gurbani on meat

    The vast majority of the world eats a ‘meat’ based diet and that goes for the majority of faiths too. Their actions are a far contrast to what ‘Lions’ do, more in line with ‘dog’s really. Diet has nothing to do with being like ‘Lions and Hawks’.
  3. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    Chor Kutti sab millgaye neh!
  4. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    We can preserve and make copies of the scripture, but we are losing the battle with cloning our people from the past. For now 35 years have passed and we still have not been able to identify a leader who can steer us towards our destination.
  5. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    It all starts to make sense now with the destruction of Bhagat Ravi Das Mandhir, Gyan Godhri and Kar Seva Babeh destroying historical buildings etc. Also note that whilst the destruction of minority historical religious places is being carried out, there has not been any construction of Hindu Mandirs. This is something you would have expected on top of the agenda for an Hindu Fundamentalist organisation.
  6. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    Well noted! During the 80’s Indira Ghandi pushed for depopulation of India via mass forced sterilisations in camps on the streets. This could be seen as a testing phase for things to come in the future.
  7. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    At one point the Mafia were controlling Bollywood and Bal Thakre also had a lot of influence in the Industry. Recent decisions taken by Film and Arts associations over banning Artists such as Mika Singh from working in Bollywood, beacuse doing performances in Pakistan suggest that BJP/RSS are controlling the Industry.
  8. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    With the RSS having their tentacles in almost all Indian institutions whether it be religious, political, media, education, film, music etc etc. Why have they pushed for the complete failure of their fundamental preservation of Indian culture. Bollywood has become a westernised wh0re, music is moving towards western beat and promotion of promiscuous behaviour, ancient culture has been replaced again by a new foreign degenerative western culture. This is replicated in all the States inside India including Punjab. I have been aware of Secret Societies such as the Masons and the larger Illuminati, the parent umbrella of many of these Elite Secret Societies. Is it possible the RSS is part of a larger Elite Secret Society which is working to destroy the ancient cultures and traditions of the people of India. We have just seen Modhi in Texas sucking up to the Americans and telling the Indian people that ‘India must challenge themselves for the future’. Is this new challenge to completely submit to the ‘Elite’ in order to completely discard any ancient history and culture.
  9. TigerForce1

    One Nation! One Language!

    As most of you are probably aware of the recent protests against Gurdas Maan in Canada and now spreading to the Punjab. All of this because of Gurdas Maans controversial support of BJP’s vision for India to become a Hindi speaking nation. People are feeling betrayed, as for years Gurdas Maan was seen to be pushing for Punjabiat through his songs and accumulated vast wealth in the process, although some of us were already aware of the negative influence of his songs on the youth of Punjab. His association with KPS Gill (the butcher) is well known but this has not tarnished his Demi-God status. Could this be ‘the straw that finally broke the camels back’ and are the people of Punjab waking up to Indian Governments plans for further assimilation of Punjab into Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan?
  10. TigerForce1

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    This has already been covered with the response I posted earlier about the use of Afeem (Opium) during the late 80’s to early 90’s. Those Singhs are also Shaheeds now. This does not endorse the use of Narcotics in war. Personal choice for the situation at the time. Also remember not all Shaheeds have reached Brahm-Gyani status and to expect them all to have highest Jeevan is not right.
  11. TigerForce1

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    Yeh me too! Afroman for the ‘Jathedar of the Bhangi Dal’. This guy definitely has no deficiencies of Exogenous Cannabinoids.
  12. TigerForce1

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    Or maybe.... they just liked to get....
  13. TigerForce1

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    I don’t see how you see this practice as a part of our ancestral history. What I chose to do independently outside of Sikhi cannot be associated with Sikhi practices. Similar as to how dietary influence is largely down to the landscape and culture of the region you belong to. The same is for narcotics which are largely taken due to cultural influence and availability to the region. Just because I eat potato chips in England this does not mean my future generations should adopt this, and somehow associate this with my religious identity. Your cultural practices can be altered, discarded and chosen but your religious practices can never change, whether that be in the 18th Century or the 21st. If you reword this with ‘medicinal, recreational drug use in the region of Punjab in the 17th-18th Century’, I would have no problem with this observation. But as soon as someone quotes ‘Puratan Sikhs and use of Marijuana’, I am not comfortable with this!
  14. TigerForce1

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    100 or so years from now, historical observations from the late 80’s and early 90’s armed resistance of Khalistan Guerrilla Fighters is going to be examined and debated upon. They will find some of the Guerrilla fighters used Afeem (Opium) to help them stay alert and fight fatigue during the harsh times when they were being hunted or carrying out missions. Examining this through the present we can say that by no means was ‘Afeem’ a part of their Rehit Marayada, or were they encouraged or given exemption by the Jathedar of Akal Takhat to do so. They did this because they simply chose to do so. Unless anyone can submit evidence from Sikh sources or written Hukamnama from the 18th Century that taking Bhang was part of Sikh Rehit Marayada, this is no more than an observation of ‘some Sikhs who chose to do so’.
  15. TigerForce1

    Patiala "royal" family

    Correct! This was well planned to cause maximum destruction. Captain was used to bait Khalsa Aid by calling NRI NGO’s out as Khalistanis. They are trying to intimidate Sikh NGO’s from doing any relief work or anything that benefits the people of Punjab. This is what you call cruelty to the next level. This act should be treated as a war crime against the Punjab and Captain, Modi, Shah and Bhagwat should be dragged before the UN.

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