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  1. TigerForce1

    Kashmir - who does it belong to?

    This forum and countless forums are littered with Hindu RSS Agents. They are infiltrating multiple Sikh platforms whether they be online or in the physical world. Call them out challenge their lies with factual information. If you encounter one in the real world, give them ‘Chittar Parade’ that will make their future generations chant ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ into the 22nd century.
  2. TigerForce1

    Kashmir - who does it belong to?

    Great step taken by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu to finally revive the Khalistan Independence issue by pushing forward the Punjab Referendum 2020 campaign. Hope this brings peace to this area and ends the killing of so many innocent Sikhs lives. India has to behave now and stop interfering and stop providing moral and military support to the Hindu terrorists.
  3. TigerForce1

    Kashmir - who does it belong to?

    Fantastic post! The kind of thoughts that should automatically enter every Sikhs mind unless of course they have been infected by ‘Brahminsm’ (ie Mad Cow Disease)!
  4. TigerForce1

    Do you support Referendum 2020? Why or why not?

    1. The Referendum has been organised by ‘Sikhs For Justice’ who are a Human Rights Organisation made up of ‘Lawyers’ based in America. The group is led by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu who ‘Yes’ is a Lawyer, so that answers your question. 2. Politicians can only be selected once the ‘Independent Sikh Homeland’ comes into existence and the formation of any Government are questions that should be answered once this becomes a reality. Remember India prior to Independence never had any Political Candidates, Structure or Experience of running a country, so this question should not arise with Referendum 2020. 3. Questions regarding Economy, Military, Defence etc. Once again when India came into existence what was the projected GDP? No one asked or answered this question and if you are asking this then clearly the only problems you see are Economic in Punjab. The creation of a Sikh Homeland is to primarily preserve and protect our Faith from being assimilated into Hinduism, protect our people from future Genocide and most importantly stop the bedbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. All of which we have seen systematically since the creation of India. The economy of Punjab is all ready broken and the future under Indian control will push the Punjab further into drought, famine, drug dependency and terminal illnesses. Defence budgets and military lstructure will be for the Government to decide and the purpose of the Military will be to protect the borders, not suppress and murder its own citizens as the Indian state has done to Sikhs in India. These questions should not exist in any Sikhs mind. Lastly ‘Shiv Sena’ is protected and funded by the Indian State so to eradicate this disease is not a possibility for the people of Punjab whilst they remain under Indian occupation. Once we are Independent only then we can met out the correct punishment on a level playing field. I am not affiliated to ‘Sikhs For Justice’ or ‘Referendum 2020’ but I support any group or movement who works for the betterment of our Panth. I urge everyone to support this movement and think of the consequences of another 70 years of Hindu rule in Punjab. Wake up and smell the coffee!
  5. Harry Baweja had a dream from his early days in film making that he wished to make a movie to tell the story of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s ‘Chaar Sahibzade’ to the audience in India and the wider diaspora. He took his project to many Producers but was knocked back by all them and was discouraged from making the movie which they said was too risky to finance. After numerous setbacks Harry Baweja took the project to ‘Ponty Chada’ a well known smuggler in Punjab. Ponty Chada agreed to finance the Movie without hesitation as he felt this would be a great Seva to his Faith and single handily put up the cash. I have given this example to show that good things can be achieved when we put our prejudices aside work together as a community for the betterment of our Panth.
  6. There’s a place for people from all walks of life in our Panth. Remember Baba Bidi Chand? Guru Sahib never turned him away. I’m not condoning money earned from dishonest means but if anybody wishes to share their wealth for the betterment of Sikhi then I have no problem with that. To flip it if one earns his wealth from honest means but uses it in ways which damage the Panth is that person better than someone doing the opposite by using wealth for good causes? Also you cannot audit the Golak as it’s open for everyone. I understand what you are saying but I don’t think a good cause should be shot down. Money laundering through a Gurdwara is a strict no but I think this is a charitable donation not money laundering.
  7. TigerForce1

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    Good! He should split the piece of <banned word filter activated> in 2. What else is the Shastar supposed be used for?
  8. I don’t think his wealth or how he acquired it should be under scrutiny. The fact is he obviously has Sharda as he is willing to financially support causes for Sikhi. He is the same guy who made the City Gurdwara project possible by financially supporting the Gurdwara Committee. I also like the fact he supports a Dastar proudly and has a long flowing beard and hasn’t let that hold him back in success.
  9. TigerForce1

    How is art considered in Sikhi?

    If viewed in moderation I can’t see a problem with Art. We are not meant to hide away close our eyes and withdraw from the world like Yogis or Monks. Art is a brilliant medium for communicating with people who are more visually inclined. Children learn from visuals far easier than written words. Art has an important role in Sikhi just as long as we do not start to worship or misuse it. Maya can be suppressed but not completely taken away and as long as you use Maya for the betterment of oneself and others around us then there isn’t really a major issue.
  10. I think she wants to fatten you up in time for the Vaisakhi Mela!
  11. TigerForce1

    Bhagat Puran Singh

    Bhagat Puran Singh Ji was way ahead their time. As well as their seva for the vulnerable and people with disabilities, Bhagat Ji was also very forward thinking when writing articles about promoting organic farming and also the role of intense farming methods, which would eventually disturb the water table and have major impact on health in the future. This was at time when the green revolution had just begun and no one even thought of what damage could be done in the future. I also remember reading about when Bhagat Puran Singh Ji visited Harmandir Sahib sometime in the 80’s. Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had heard the news that Bhagat Puran Singh was on their way towards Darbar Sahib and went personally to greet Bhagat Ji. The story goes Sant Jarnail Singh said he would like to carry Bhagat Puran Singh Ji down the steps to the Harmandir Sahib Parkarama on his back. Bhagat Puran Singh Ji questioned this act and Sant Ji replied that Bhagat Puran Singh Ji was single handily carrying the weight of this immense seva for the most vulnerable in our community and the least Sant Ji could do was carry such a pure soul down towards the Harmandir.
  12. TigerForce1

    Khalistan 1947

    You’re right the Government does benefit from social divisions! Direct result is vote bank politics which keeps various political parties and representatives in power. Unfortunately our very own Sikh Political Party (Badal Akali Dal) on the other side in Punjab completely ignores the sentiments of Sikhs and succumbes to the majority Hindu voice of the Center Government. This is why I always say our future within the union of India is difficult because the majority will always enforce its agenda upon us. Like you said Khalistan is not the miracle pill to eradicate cast divisions, alcohol culture, female infantacide, poverty, negative people mindset etc. Law and Enforcement is the miracle pill but this has to be inspired by our own Faith and Beliefs. If the will of the Government is genuine and uunishment for breaking the Law is severe a lot the negatives in Punjab can be solved. I don’t see how this can happen in India because in order for this to happen the Centre Government will have to give Sikhs self autonomy within India to almost Federal State privileges but this will weaken the Center Governments hold on Punjab and the rest of India as others will wish to follow. We have already seen this with the ‘Anandpur Resolution’ as this was the closest model to Federal State proposal for Punjab and we saw how that played out. India is its own enemy and it really needs to look at the United States model for inspiration if it wishes to progress into a first world but in the meantime Sikhs will also be dragged down because of India’s stupidity regarding its own citizens.
  13. TigerForce1

    Khalistan 1947

    Good question! I know this for certain that cast discrimination could be eradicated from India within a very short space of time if the Government wishes to do so. As you are aware Cast is a big thing within the Hindu belief system. The Brahmins control the top Governmental and non Governmental positions in India and therefore they have no wish to put a stop to this, as this is the very system that ensures them power. The only way to stop this is by editing the Constitution that divides the groups by Cast and criminising the practice of this system. Then a new means based social welfare system needs to be introduced which is available for all. This can never happen in India but as Sikhs we would have our own Constitution and Laws which are in line with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s message. If this is bound by Law and the Law enforcers act upon it, I do feel Cast discrimination would disappear over time in Khalistan. As for the Dalits and Sikhlihar Sikhs they would be welcomed by the Punjabi Sikhs. Remember we are not part of the Hindu Cast system but unfortunately it is thrown upon and we are lumped in this system within the Indian Constitution. Most of our internal problems are inherited from Indian culture not because of our own belief system. The reason why the Indian Government denies us self autonomy is simply because they know we have better belief system than them and we would excel at all levels of self governance.
  14. TigerForce1

    Khalistan 1947

    More scare-mongering! The Mughals couldn’t wipe out the Sikhs even when the numbers were reduced to so few and you think Hindus could make Sikhs irrelevant. You have obviously bought into the India hype. If your genuine I truly feel for you guys as it must be really difficult to live with the burden of constant fear and cowardice on your shoulders. I mean seriously if all Sikhs had your mindset then you certainly are doomed. You are the complete opposite to a Chardi-Kala mindset.
  15. TigerForce1

    Khalistan 1947

    So you feel Sikhs should just remain silent like tenants as the landlord could get angry and punish them. What kind of existence is this? Sounds similar to how the Hindus used to live at the time of the Mughals or how the Maharajas used to conform when the British were there. We should expose the Indian Government to whom? The same people that colluded in the distruction of the Akal Takht and genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and neighbouring states. Where were those people you want uprise against the state when Sikhs were being singled out and butchered. Why does the Punjab only survive on a Agricultural economy? Possibly because the Central Government denies investment into alternative industries in Punjab. Do you really think that diaspora Sikhs are not capable of establishing other Industries in Punjab when they brought so much prosperity and development with their skills in their adopted countries. You make Khalistan sound like it’s all doom and gloom but you fail to see that Punjab benefits zero from being a part of India. The only way to expose India is by gaining independence and showing the people of India how a neighbouring Sikh State operates with the success and equal opportunities for its citizens. All this scare mongering about Khalistan is becoming boring. People are far too clued up to buy into the bs.

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