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  1. There is also a thread from last year about a Hindu fighting to get legislation passed to get ‘Jhatka meat’ labelled similar to Halal Meat in eateries in Punjab. I know this is controversial, but at least by doing this, individuals will get a choice of whether they wish to line the pockets of Muslim businesses, that effectively will end up funding their religious cause and agenda. I can see this being a positive step which would drive our peoples businesses and if applied to Milk this would open up opportunities for Punjabi Sikhs who wish to enter the dairy industry. A simple identifiable mark would enable them to this and rid Punjab of negative foreign invaders.
  2. I’ve seen Pal Kharod and his organisation on YouTube exposing this disgusting behaviour. There is simple solution to ridding Punjab from this Kanjar tribe without resorting to violent agitation against them. The Gujjars are in Punjab because they earn their living from selling Milk to Punjabi Sikh and Hindus. Stop buying Milk from the Gujjars and they will no longer reside in Punjab. They are nomadic people and will move on to the next sucker who buys their product. The same goes for Bihari Bhaye, they moved back to Bihar during Covid lockdown when manual labour was restricted. Completely boycott their services and watch them run from Punjab.
  3. I’m not going to answer this. The reason for this, I think you need to start researching for yourself and you need train your mind to gather information from various sources and develop the ability to have deeper understanding before you draw conclusion. This skill set is what separates intelligent adult thought to child mindset that relies on being drip fed information, which can lead to being manipulated and ultimately relying on others for information whether it’s false or true. Good luck!
  4. If he didn’t care about Sikhi, he’d be alive today! The fact that he is no longer with us is speaks for itself regarding his ‘actions’. Your too fixated on appearance and too immature to look beyond that.
  5. I agree! Remember these celebrities are just tools that are implemented to heard the sheep in directions. The shepherds are powerful and can make and destroy you in a blink of an eye. Dangle a carrot and most people will compromise themselves. Those who refuse are threatened, whether by tax inquiries, visa restrictions or industry boycott. To stand up you have to be really strong willed and have strong belief in the All mighty. Deep Sidhu walked away from the industry and challenged India’s democracy. He went further and challenged the World Powers, with his open criticism of the ‘New World Order’. When you become vocal on these issues and start ruffling those feather's, then you are an open target. The sad truth is you have operate within the system to initiate change, to go further I'd say to even be allowed to exist.
  6. That’s why they call those in that profession ‘Kanjars’. Throw them a penny and they will dance to any tune.
  7. What is wrong with you? Do you judge people because of their relationship or marital status or do you form opinions on their courage to speak what is unspeakable in Puniab. He is the champion of the cause and he may have been Patit in his appearance, but he was more Panthic than any of the Blue Turbaned Jathedars with the flowing beards. He spoke up for the rights of the Sikh Quom and the people of Punjab. He was a diamond, a breath of fresh air who was natural born leader.
  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about this fudhu bhaman, he’s just putting in the hours to buy the latest ‘Authentic rubber Turbo MK2 Chapal’. 100 more anti-Sikh posts and he’s on his way to being the trendiest bhaman in his basti.
  9. I should have mentioned that this thought process is also a sign of cowardice. You buy your house first then you buy your furniture, not the other way round. When India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed, these answers were not demanded before the handover of power and neither have any countries been required to present a written or verbal constitution before attaining freedom. The first stage is freedom from present occupation, the second stage is to manage a peaceful transfer of power and the institutions which are in control, then a constitution is written, then finally you implement and work hard and smart to develop your country with all its institutions. We are at stage one!
  10. Cowardice has many shapes and forms when it come down to the topic of ‘Khalistan’. Some say the whole world should be Khalistan not just Punjab. Some say Khalistan should be made in Pakistan Punjab before Indian Punjab. Some say everyone must become Khalsa before we talk about Khalistan. Some say Khalistan should only be the demand of people within Punjab. Some say Referendum will not achieve Khalistan. Some choose to ignore the subject and stay silent like the majority on this forum. All are mostly signs of cowardice! Your wasting your time about this subject on this forum, as the majority of posters here are people who are disconnected from the real world.
  11. Actually I called you fudhu, kuteer, shadai, bandar but ‘Africa’ hit the nerve better than any insult.
  12. I think you do exactly what you despise the most. You clearly have a inferiority complex, which triggers a defence mechanism inside you, which goes on the offensive to bring down a certain caste or community. This kind anger is not healthy and neither does this create unity.
  13. It’s just a regional thing. The same as when people from Doaba pronounce the V&W’s as B’s, such as Vaal/Baal, Vatta/Batta, Vinga/Binga, Vaisakhi/Baisakhi, Video/Bideo and not forgetting Window/Bindow. Slight differences between Maja, Doaba and Malwa.
  14. If you have the right skills you can minimise getting hit in the head. The sweet science is just as much about being evasive as being offensive. If this young Singh makes it all the way, then he will be role model for many more who will surely follow this path. I hope he goes all the way.
  15. I was going to contribute and challenge people more on Caste on this thread, but to be honest ‘dharamyudh’ has summed up everything perfectly.
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