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  1. Another way to look at this is by comparing the Americans to British. Same ancestors and source of gene pool. The Americans are broader and taller than Brits although they are fatter due to poor modern diets.

    I don't know the content of US milk but if it has a high content of colostrum then this could be the reason. The Americans consume much more milk than the Brits.

    Something to think about that has no evidence to back it up!

    Another theory!

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  2. Kluivert!

    Thats something that applies to the primary reasons for the creation of broader, taller, bigger boned people. For instance you are stating that the superior gene pool contributed to the builds of the North Indian people.

    But to maintain those physical attributes and to lose them over the space of 30 years cannot be possble if gene pool is the cause, because those same group of people are reproducing with the same community.

    Look at the present North Indian Sikhs from the age groups between 18 to 30 and compare to the previous generation. Bone structure and height is much smaller.

    Growth Hormone increases height and gives you broader bone structure in just one generation. The previous generation of Sikhs were consuming this from a natural source without knowing too much about the science but they knew this was a super food. Coupled with clean food and physical jobs made these people physically stronger than the rest of Indias people.

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  3. OhTwadi!

    Interesting theories for summing up factors for a weaker generation.

    I agree with what you are saying. I know for a fact that people involved in professional contact sports do refrain from acts of Kaam during fight camps. So I think you've hit the button when it comes to negative affects of Kaam on the human body and mind.

    Exercise would also change our physical mass and power but the the bone structure would require something else. Evolution or advanced diets.

    I feel that 30 years or so is to short for evolutionary changes to take notable affect so I think that nutrition is where the missing link lies. Again as you stated coupled with lack of exercise and early exposure to Kaam has accelerated the physical structure changes.

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  4. Years ago I questioned why the people of Punjab were generally taller, broader and more muscular than the other inhabitants from the Indian subcontinent?

    It bugged me for a while and at first my mind swayed towards superior genes with a combination of a high protein diets made up of Lentils, Nuts and Dairy.

    Then I started researching the diet of wrestlers of Punjab who were super strong with dense muscular bodies.  Obviously their diets consisted of high intake of Milk, Nuts, Pulses and Clarified Butter but there had to be something else that these people consumed that aided them to acquire these strong physical attributes.

    Then it clicked!  I remember speaking to elders when I was young, who spoke about the simplicity of old diets and physical nature of farming jobs that kept them healthy and strong. 

    One food that many villagers used to consume was 'Boulee'.  This was a creamy milk desert that was consumed particularly by farmers and wrestlers.

    This was the first milk of a Cow or Buffallo after giving birth to a calf.  It was only available for a few days then normal milk would follow.  This milk was produced to insure that the calf would be nourished adequately and grow healthy and strong in it's first few days.

    This milk would be given to the calf first and the remainder would be milked and a desert would be made and distributed to children in a household.  Wrestlers would collect this desert and consume it daily as a part of their diet.

    This milk is known in the west as 'Cholostrum' or 'First Milk'!  Cholostrum is very high in Protein, has Immune  System boosting agents and a high content of naturally occurring 'Growth Hormone'.  

    This is the agent that gives us strong dense bones and muscular growth.  Today's Bodybuilders and athletes inject Growth Hormone in sythetic form to gain size and strength.  This is banned in synthetic form for use in athletics and professional sports, but taking it in from food sources and to increase ones own natural production of Growth Hormone is perfectly legal for athletes and everyday people.

    This miracle dessert is one reason for the Height and Broad Frames of the people of Pubjab!   Cholostrum use has become popular in sports throughout the world and the New Zealnders and Australians have been using this for years.  You only have to look at the Maori community and draw the similarities between the body types.

    Sadly in the villages of Punjab 'Boulee' is just talked about by the elders as a past food.  The new generation would not even know what it is or of the health benefits of such a Super Food.  The heights and builds of the new generation of Punjabis is reflecting now.

    As our Sikh generation are losing ancient secrets for such powerful people of the past, the new world is discovering these secrets and implementing these foods in their diets.  

    We look to the future but have so much to learn from the past!

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  5. I remember those Amar Chitra Katha comics! I basically grew up reading them. Fantastic illustrations and were easy reads for the youngsters. I tried to track these comics down on the web and they publish about 10 different types now but when I was young I must have had a collection of about 30 different comics on Sikh History and the Gurus! I spoke to a book shop in Amritsar and the said that the publishers have moved onto higher margin publications so they have reduced their stock to about 10 now. It's a shame because I have never been able to track down entire collection from 20 years ago. But the publishers do have a website so direct dialogue might be fruitful.

    Amar Chtra Natak is the name of the Publishers!

  6. You're probably thinking what a unhelpful reply and why it wasn't serious reply!

    What do you expect! You have come before proud members of the Sikh community and asked for advice on baby names that wouldn't offend someone from the Hindu community. Yet you have offended the Sikh community in the process by doing this!

    If you find being a Sikh so offensive to Hindu community and you don't want to hurt their sentiments then you should go one step further!

    " Leave the Panth and become a Hindu"!

  7. I'll reply to your comment in the manner of the 100 rupee note you used in the context!

    I'm sure you have come across the term counterfeit currency? It's not always as it appears to the eye!

    I already said I am not a baba basher but I am a realist. Ascociating Maan Singh with Sants you mentioned does not give immunity from the accusations or further wrongs if were to do so.

    There are many genuine Parcharaks but there are probably more who are puppets that are created and placed to control vote banks for politicians. In that process some of them misuse that power. I'm sure you already know this but you refuse to believe how someone in such a position could do so! Which I know can be quite disturbing!

    As far I am concerned there was only one true Sant in my lifetime - Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. A true Sant Sipahi who never once referred to himself as Sant and fulfilled his duty as a Sipahi.

    Not many around us that are willing to do this especially at a time we need them to do so most!

  8. He is not s Radha Swami!

    He has his own seperare cult which like most Sadh's prey on the poor, illiterate and troubled. Like most Dereh they are backed by politicians so they control thousands of votes through one Sadh as oppose to door to door with individuals. The Centre promotes this because it fast tracks the process of absorbing Sikhs back into Hinduism. It's a simple formula where only the Signboards change out side these places but the ideology is the same!

  9. thanks for the reply, is he a radha swami?

    cant figure out this guy and whats his deal, i know hes a muppet but i wanted people to elaborate a bit more, cause ive heard he says its ok to cut hair and that we should 'modernise' etc, i just need some ammunition against the guy, hes an <banned word filter activated> that should be exposed!!

  10. This guys been rolling around got years! His dera is on Ghara Road, Jalandhar. One look at the architecture of his dera is all you need know about this fraud. Open shop for everyone and anyone. Hes got domes with the Jewish star of david, the cross, the moon and star and god knows what other symbols on his building.

    He's definitely on the government payroll and not much different to the Radha Swami outfit but not as large!

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  11. Wake Singh!

    There's no smoke without fire! I have utmost respect for Baba Thakur Singh but I am also a realist. It is a well known fact that the Taksal has been heavily infiltrated by the central government.

    KPS Gill has been documented by saying that he would end the Sikh movement where it all started.

    So I don't think Maan Singhs association with the present day Taksal is a good character reference!

  12. For a long time I've heard Singhs crying over one thing, and this finally needs to be said.

    "Sikh girls don't find men with beards and turbans attractive"

    "Sikh girls want clean shaven men"

    "Go to India to find a decent Sikh girl who will accept your kesh"

    "I think about cutting my hair so girls will like me"

    What have you guys been smoking?

    Firstly, how do you define "Sikh" girls? It seems that most people are actually referring to typical Punjabi kurriya, in which case, why is the word "Sikh" being thrown around? It takes A LOT more to be a Sikh of the Guru than simply being born into a Punjabi Sikh family. Punjabi and Sikh = two entirely different things, stop confusing them!!

    Secondly, why do these "Sikh" men with beards and dastara want to be with these cut haired, night club type Punjabi girls? Why do they want so badly to be accepted and liked by them? It is beyond me.

    Thirdly, if you're the type of "Singh" who considers cutting your hair so some shallow girl will like you, how can you even consider yourself a Singh? Putting some girl in front of your Guru... I would never want to be with someone like you.

    You guys are so deluded. Although I'm aspiring to become an amritdhari Singhni, even before I was into Sikhi I'd look at men with kesh and dastara in awe... as weird as it may seem, with cut hair and make up, I saw Singhs as higher than any other guy and I wanted to be with one. And no, I'm not from a religious amritdhari family.

    There is nothing more amazing to me than the Khalsa roop. Nothing more powerful and mesmerizing than a Singh with a long beard, an akali blue dastar and baana... wow. A saint soldier.

    (Of course, my image of Singhs has changed since I found out what the majority of these so called warriors are really like.)

    It was the same a few years ago, and its the same now; my friend (cut hair, fyi) and I talking about how absolutely amazing it is, hardly having any words to describe it... daydreaming like little girls lol.

    And no, its not a "needle in a haystack" type thing - if you're after girls who like to drink and party then what do you expect? Can you seriously complain? If you open your eyes and actually see that there are Gursikh girls who wouldn't settle for a non-Singh, then maybe you'd stop fretting over something so stupid and shallow!

    I'd also like to say, if you're one of these Singhs who goes out looking for attention from girls in order to feel that your beard and turban are attractive, then I wouldn't want to be with you.

    Real Singhs, please come forward.

    Lastly, I'd like to ask why you guys fret over what your dastars look like to outsiders and girls, but you dont consider how difficult it is for Singhnia wearing dastara and growing their kesh. They're more warriors than you are, going against all social norms and causing confusion amongst the public, who don't even know Sikh girls wear turbans. Do you think the average non keshdhari boy is going to want to be with them? But do they care, or are they looking for real Singhs? Stop complaining guys.

    This wasn't meant to cause offense but rather to open your eyes. One last piece of advice - Singhs, be kind and sweet to everyone you meet. Don't be judgmental, obnoxious, loud or cocky.. always strive to be the best person you can be. Obviously this applies to girls too, but I say this because briefly meeting dome nice Singhs recently impacted the way I think about Singhs (in a positive way).

  13. My thoughts are similar to Majhail-Jat!

    By creating the PP Party the Congress will be crippled during an election they would otherwise have one hands down.

    The Akali Dal Badal know that Punjab politics is about sharing terms. One term Akali Dali next term Congress, but by having a third party there would be a need of coalition for the both parties to be elected. So who better than his nephew to damage Congress votes and keep Punjab secured for future elections!

    However once Snr Badal dies then there could be a power struggle between Manpreet and Sukhbir!

    Either way the situation for Punjab is very bad!

  14. The problem especially with the Sikh community that our people are becoming to academic. This leads to people losing their physical competitive nature and ultimately leads to poor results in sports or physical events.

    Being academic is seen as a gold ticket to becoming economically strong so parents tend not to support their children in sports. The same problem most communities face who are driven by economics. The Jews and Hindus are prime examples and sadly this can be said for Sikhs too!

  15. Firstly my bodyweight at the time of performing those lifts was 94kg. My starting bodyweight was around 70 kg. The training period to achieve those lifts was between 3 to 4 years, however I feel I could have achieved those lifts earlier if my training incorporated pyramid training as powerlifters do but I was young and all I wanted to achieve was size and strength was not on top of my lists.

    I wasn't vegetarian at the time but I don't feel that hinders anyone's progress as most bodybuilders/ strength athletes use milk based protiens to feed their muscles.

    My squatting was rubbish considering the hamstring muscles and quads are very large muscles. I did regular squats with bar along the traps and I went low.

    My routines were standard 4 day splits where one muscle group was trained to failure once per week.

    I injured myself during deadlifts because I didn't warm up well during a heavy pull so I had to rethink training.

    As for someone who doesn't train suffering from muscle fatigue! The answer is your muscles are not programmed to set number of repetitions or weight numbers so mentally you don't know when to fail. I no longer believe in counting reps or calculating weights or performing reps to a set time when performing exercises because this holds you back. Your body gets used to this. Train till failure and perform maximum loads when performing isometric exercises.

    I believe this works and if you've heard of Charles Bronson then you'll find he trains in similar ways due him being confined to limited space and not having access to equipment. He holds many world records. Old time Punjabi wrestlers trained in this method too and were untouchable in ther discipline. Training back to basics against immovable objects without mental blocks helped them achieve great feats.

  16. You're a hard Singh to win over! But never mind at least you're committed to your cause.

    Strength Training and Weight training are two different discliplines but I still feel neither can cross over to help you affectively in combat affectively. Marius Puduanski is a prime example. A world strongest man titlist who crossed over to Polish MMA with years of Strength Training and and years of Kick Boxing experience. He struggled in his second fight and was unable to overwhelm his out of shape and unskilled martial artist opponent. He could not man handle or grapple or even lift an mobile weight that did not want to be lifted.

    Stationery weight is lifted in form and humans whether trained or not are a totally different scenario when it goes down to dominating them. Most guys that train for strength or size are programmed to lift in low repetitions which hinders you in real life situations because muscle fatigues and more so there is a mental block once we reach our desired number of repetition in a set. So I disagree that a guy who trains for strength will have an edge against an untrained oponent. For a short window of time only the strength athlete will have an edge but once the muscle that is trained for lifting is out it's comfort zone then the untrained fighter will be able to close the gap.

    Again everything will boil down to mental strength!

    Lifting wise I never trained for single repetitons or tested my max. But I worked in reps of 6 and bench stat was 135kg, squat was weak at 160kg, deadlifting was at 220kg, military press on smith was 110kg. By no means were these great as there were guys who could push out 160kg bench presses with body support suits. These were my best training weights!

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  17. If those chairs are disabled peope then it should be excused. But Gurdwaras should provide facilities which have well thought to accommodate the disabled community.

    And lastly why does Mandela speak as the third man?

    It'd almost like listening to 'Smiegel' from 'Lord of the Rings' speaking! Master 'Smiegel' wants the Precious!

    Sorry Blud I'm jus playin!

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  18. I agree that the movements that you mentioned such as heavy squats, benchpress, deadlifts are usefull for increasing strength. If they went then these movements would not be utilised by powerlifters.

    I want you to think outside of the box! Let's take science into consideration. For strong powerfull muscles they need to be exposed to intense exercise, food for growth and rest to repair muscles. These three lead to growth and strength. The muscle has no eyes so it cannot differentiate between exercises or equipment or method used to workout. The muscle only responds to the pressures you put on it- so in theory the exercise or equipment used is irrelevant as only pressures and intensity matter. The back to basics approach can and does work but the intensity matters as it does in weight training or powerlifting!

    I also agree that Singhs need to look strong but they also need to be able to apply that strength to the real world. By just doing weight training alone you are limiting yourself to repetition strength and strength that is limited to the gym boundaries. Powerlifters are great at lifting stationery objects but put a moving person infront of them for a 3 min round and they would struggle. The reson being that their muscles are trained for limited repetitions and time so the muscles start to get fatigued quickly.

    I am by no means anti weight training as I too used this type of training for years but I feel that I have found an allternative but unorthodox way of training that works for me personally and requires far less regimented style of routines or equient. But hey whatever works!

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  19. I think no one is questioning the parchar, just the man conducting the service. I'm no baba basher in any sense and I feel there are many babeh doing good work but there are also some that are not worthy of conducting katha service. Maan Singh is one of those!

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  20. Everyone needs to calm down and look at the bigger picture! The biggest threat to Hindutva and Indias so called Democracy is the unity of Muslims and Sikhs. Kashmiri Muslims and Sikhs both have the same agenda as far seperate homelands are concerned, so any steps towards unity even if temporary will favour both communities. I'm not saying we should all be best friends but we should use this oppurtunity to engage in dialogue with both community leaders to work alongside eachother to take the campaigns further. Whoever gains independence first will pave the way for the other.

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  21. That's a good account for the spiritual significance for tying your hair towards the front of our heads! But what's the viewpoint for tying it on the back and I assume covering the head in a bandana style?

    I feel that a patka serves a purpose for certain age groups and people who engage in sports but I'm also confused about why hair being tied back is frowned upon.

    I think one explanation is that some fall into the habit of never tying a dastar!

  22. These jokes are uttered with bad intentions to degrade the Sikh people through hear say and social media in attempt to break down the spirit of the Sikh people. But no one can destroy us or our forefathers legacies. The truth is none of these characters or jokes matter in the real world because in reality the world is told of how the brave souls handed the death of a dog to the darling of Hindustan 'Indra <banned word filter activated> haraamdi Gandhi'!

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