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  1. Being new to this community I recently stumbled across the Health and Fitness topics. I found that most guys especially were seeking answers to how to gain size, get toned or increase strength. I feel that most people associate strength with muscular size and weight lifting stats. This is something I used to do also until I questioned the gains you get from that type of training especially when applied to real life street combat situations. I mean that bench pressing equals strong and big chests but that also leads to a slow delivery of a punch when throwing hooks. Boxers rarely build their chests this reason. Curls enable you to build large bicep muscles but this type of strength does not help you in any life situations. The same goes for many weight training exercises because most are designed to pull or push weights at different angles but do little for real life situations of combat.

    After some thought and research I questioned what exercises and training should be implemented to gain an edge in the heat of a fight in need to defend yourself.

    My theory is that your exercise program should be designed around your action. For example throwing a punch requires powerfull fast movements similar to throwing a ball or chopping with an axe at a tree so why not practice these movements to build the correct muscles involved to that job. Stamping on someone requires powerfull driving of legs so why not practice this by legpressing with one leg against immovable objects to build those muslcles involved. Grappling requires immense grip strength so train those muscles by attempting to squash apples and potatos in each palm. To build overall body strength try to push against an immovable object like a wall or a tree, this involves the use of major muscle groups and smaller ones that get neglected during weight training exercises. You could also try pulling a rope tied against pole to increase your man handling power. This type of training is back to basics and serves a pupose not just something designed to increase muscular size for aesthetics. Because in all honesty bodybuilders look strong and powerfull but the low bodyfat and low water levels for tone and cuts is gained by sapping the body to show definition but a person in that state is at their weakest point. Just ask how a bodybuilder feels after a competing. Their power is only useful for lifting weights at controlled angles and do not serve any purpose in the real world. We need to be powerfull but we need to be strong for a purpose. Stamina needs to be on top our priorities, we should also be able to climb and jump. By practising these movements and feeding our bodies we can build those muscles to do that job efficiently. The best thing about this back to basics training is that you can apply it out of the gym anywhere. Incorporate press ups and bodyeight exercises such as chinups, bodyweght squats to increase natural strength without weakening the body by injuring it. Isometric exercises are also great for this type of training as they require no equipment and the resistance is again made up by natural exercises such as pushing your palms together and applying pressure or locking out your arms against a door frame. My reason for writing on this topic is because I too was into weight training but asked myself questions on how the people in the ages before modern equipment and time for long complicated training routines were able to build powerful bodies that could be efficient in combat.

  2. After further research I have learned that the number '84' used for units of past measurement is flawed and disputed. Units similar to the metric system have been used in Punjab region for centuries. So the 84 lakh literally means 8.4 million species as stated in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This is an amazing assessmen and this figure is more credible than the 8.7 million as it is from the supreme creator. I apologise for my previous flawed post, but hey I'm only a mortal!

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