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  1. 11 hours ago, genie said:

    Time for Sikhs to see the signs and work out how best to support the community in all aspects for the coming storms ahead.

    ‘Langar’ before the match starts, ‘Langar’ at half-time and ‘Langar’ at the end of the match!  Then our crew will ask Sita, Ram di bhain si? (was Sita, Rams sister?


  2. 1 minute ago, Premi5 said:

    We Sikhs don’t need to be shown in this way. We know what we are.

    Indian culture does not appreciate subtle messages live Western culture. Indians will see this as another evidence of Sikhs being ‘dumb’

    A nation that looks to cure terminal conditions with openly drinking ‘Cow Urine’ and worships ‘Shivs Johnson’ has no place as labelling Sikhs ‘dumb’.  For those of you who are not from the UK should know that Gao Mootar use for a cure against Cronavirus made it on the BBC world news. They’ve got worry about there own image before trying define a Sikhs!

  3. 4 minutes ago, ChardikalaUK said:

    Maybe you didnt grow up in the 90s like I did but Sikh characters back then were often portrayed as stupid silly characters and they often had names like Chadda or Kohli. I don't want to see a return of this.

    I understand your concern, but remember Aamir Khan is very picky about his movie script and generally makes movies that have a good message.  I might be wrong on this but my gut feeling is the movie will portray Sikhs in a good light.  Besides who cares we have our own Punjabi movie industry now, so we can portray the truth about our own people, we can also expose the truth about Brahmins. 

  4. 1 minute ago, ChardikalaUK said:

    Look that was never my intention. I just don't want Sikhs to get the reputation of being 'thick' and I don't want Sikh boys being bullied outside of Punjab due to movies like this.

    You have just done it again!  Using the term ‘thick’ to label hidden disabilities is not right for a Sikh to be using in this context.  A Sikhs character should be to protect the vulnerable and stand up to the bullies, not be worried about being on the receiving end.  I don’t think you have done this intentionally but I do suggest you watch ‘Forest Gump’ again and try and search for the inspirational message within.  My take on it was that no matter how much Forest Gump was limited by his disability and the cards that life had dealt him, he had the hand of ‘Akaal Purkh’ protecting and providing opportunities that worked in his favour.  He ironically had a ‘Chardi Kala’ spirit.

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  5. 3 hours ago, ChardikalaUK said:

    So who do they choose to play the low IQ dim witted lead character? A full Sardar.

    What does this quote say about you as an individual? Having an disability is being dim witted and of low iq?  So you feel having someone of Sikh heritage portrayed like Forest Gump is something for Sikh community to be ashamed of.  Seriously go and educate yourself!  

  6. The ‘Green Revolution’ is far from being a ‘failed’ experiment.  It has done exact what it was designed to.  The water table has depleted to the point where harmful elements are carried into available drinking water causing cancer.  The real culprit is not the farming but the diversion of the mineral rich water from the Himalayas, that once used to fill the canals carrying water into the fields.  The Tractors came along and the once hilly terrain was levelled flat to the point that natural irrigation was no longer affective, as water could no longer roll down the hills to water the fields like they do in the UK with rain water.  This was supplemented by bore-wells which could provide water throughout all seasons and flood the flat paddy fields.  The farmers enjoyed the concessions and became irresponsible with the wastage of water.  The demands for free ‘Electricity’ were met by all CM’s in Punjab and and to this day is the reason why Punjab is has been bled dry.  The canals once again could be filled with water by taking back control of the rivers, the free electricity concessions can be halted but the terrain has been flattened with use of lasers and tractors and is now beyond natural reversal.  Greed and Central Governments deliberate decisions to destroy our land is the cause for the state Punjab is where it is at now. 

  7. 4 hours ago, ChardikalaUK said:

    People are free to do what they want but when women begin to copy men too much a society usually breaks down, leading to higher divorce rates and lower birth rates.

    Good! We don’t need Kutte to go on and reproduce more Kuteer! 

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  8. On 5/8/2019 at 8:45 PM, Guest HomoSapien said:

    Warm greetings to all the readers, only in case the moderator finds the concepts of Sikhism strong enough to answer my thoughts that I am about to share. I am a sabat-surat sikh and I love tying my turban. I know I look good in a turban and I love the community that I am fortunately a part of. I love how we have truly become one of the most vital communities in maintaining peace on the planet.

    I had never been bothered by the history. I respected and was completely in condolence with what happened with our community in the last 3 decades in India after the events that took place in 1984 and I am no one to judge what went wrong and what went right. I never thought that the past of our community would decide the future of where we are taking Sikhism. But apparently, this is not the case. The more I explore the world, the more I come across the extremism that is going on in our people. I have always thought of myself as a normal human being, who belongs to the global community. Where my physical traits are not of much significance relative to my intellect. But this is clearly not the case. I am a sikh. And there are people who want to make us stand different than the global community. I am not sure if that's the right direction for any community to be. may it be Sikhs, the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus or even the Christians. 

    Clearing that out, I thought of myself as a normal human being until now. Someone with no limitations. Someone who can achieve anything by trying hard and putting effort on the cost of hard work and intellect. I have been in to the practice of meditation since 3 years. And this also has helped me understand Gurbani in a deeper way and feel more connected to the supreme consciousness. But there are some issues concerning me since more than 10 months now. I hope you guys can help me out.

    I work in a corporate environment, and I have been a very passionate student. I used to work for late hours in my college time and that has helped me make a good position on my professional front relative to my classmates. But due to some boundaries that have been defined in the education system, I wasn't able to get into the career position that I had always worked for. And that needs a lot of time and dedication. And that brings me to the point of this post. 

    But before that, do you wonder the comfort level of a bride who is been dressed for the wedding with the heavy Joda and the accessories, plus the make-up and the head cover pinned with the hair (mostly a hairstyle that makes the head look in better shape to be covered with the dupatta of the joda). You guys know that such a dressed bride cannot even lay on bed for a nap if she needs. Her hairstyle would get spoilt. She cannot even cry properly due to the makeup. She cannot even think of washing her face with cold water if she feels hot. She cannot ride a fast speed bike and much more. And if I talk about adventure sports, you'd say I am insane. Right? We all have sympathies with such a girl on her wedding day for the torture that she faces in the name of dressing beautifully. Of course, she looks pretty. And she likes to feel like a queen on her special day. But she'd rather prefer not marrying if she has to carry the same torture everyday.

    Now, I hope you can relate the same with a sikh boy. Who has to take an extra 1 hour to get ready everyday. And then put himself in limitations for the whole day. I'll share what 99% of the sikh boys with sabat-surat personality in a fast working environment face. If someone has to put extra hours during the night for his personal growth(which can be extra learning for professional growth or some kind of a hobby that he follows), he still has to make it right at 6 o'lock in the morning if he wants to reach office by 9. This 3 hour gap only includes getting ready and having breakfast. I hardly see a working sabat-surat guy taking time for his basic needs in the morning like gyming and meditating and worshiping and having breakfast after tying a comfortable turban and beard comfortably all together and still reaching office in time. To make this happen, I have been skipping my breakfast everyday right from my childhood when I used to tie my patka and it used to take more than one trials sometimes to tie a comfortable and a neat patka. Then while riding off to the office on a 6 lane highway on my bike, the fear of getting my turban blown off exceeding a speed of 50 comes into play(I am not sure how many people have experienced it). Also, since wearing a helmet is not an option, the tan on the forehead has to be faced because the hankerchief cover only half of the face. 

    Reaching the office, I finally deal with the discomfort of the last lard upon my ear which demands to be adjusted every 5 mins when I need to focus on a really sophisticated piece of code with full concentration. and adjusting the larh, I need to go to the washroom every 1 hour to see if I have not accidentally deformed my turban. And sometimes, I get a complimentary headache along. And if you are saying that the turban is not the cause of the ache, I agree with you. but it adds to the pain and if you deny that, I am not sure if you are human. And this brings off the first half of the day with struggle.
    I have been an athlete when I was a kid, jumping off, participating in gymnastics and what not. I still am in a nice health due to the habits that I have been able to cultivate as a child. But maintaining all of those is now becoming very tough. Working in office for more than 11 hours everyday that too in an exhausting manner as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and knowing that only reaching home and resting with a free head atleast could comfort you, you cannot have the courage to spend an hour in the office gym wearing the turban, where almost every excercize that you do would come with a fear of not spoiling your turban, and worse, you can't think of doing cardio and let your turban absorb all the sweat so that you are not eligible for social gatherings with the same sweaty and uncomfortable turban which stinks. My fellow mates can afford to go to the gym in the morning when all they have to do is wake up and brush their teeth and leave for the office gym. The workout and take a bath in the gym itself. I can't even think of doing that knowing my chores that include tying my beard with a spray and a hairdryer and also the complete course of tying the turban and that too in proper light and electricity and proper space. We don't find that in the gym. I have missed a lot of days of my excercise only because of the discomfort that I feel with the turban or the days when some strands from my beard would strangely come out and instantly make me loose all my confidence for the rest of the day or some days when my turban would be in an uncomfortable shape... no matter how much urge I feel to work out. It happens. Ever wondered why most sikh guys are out of shape? We are not made for the regular healthcare efforts. We have an additional burden to handle all the time. I know some of you would say that I should try tying a parna or a dumala for workout, but in a corporate setting when I am not sure about the meetings that have to happen and I am not sure about the formal dress code, I cannot tie the same parna everyday. ie. It gives a tradeoff between having a good corporate look or a sporty comfort for gym, I have to choose one. Isn't that clearly a limited way of living? Some of you must be managing it. I too occassionaly tie a mini turban the day I want to have a good workout. Some of you guys would be using the local gym in your colony and would be going there after returning from office and trying a parna or a cap. But in a place where commuting between the office and home takes 1.5 hour, I don't think would fit my schedule.

    I was always fascinated by skydiving. As I child I would imagine myself falling in the winds without any limits of what actually would be the scenario. But now, I am having a difficult time to decide the kind of turban I would wear when I would be on a trip with my better half without compromising my personality. And yes, I have a hindu girlfriend who like me the way I am and doesn't ever want me to cut my hair. There fore, I had thought be keeping my wish of skydiving as a wish only. I thought I would never choose to go for such adventure sports and hoped that I would never get an opportunity. But my company is sending me to US with my team for a conference where all of us would also be having a tour and skydiving is in the intenary. I am doomed.

    Yes, I know guru maharaj and many other martyrs sacrificed a lot for the community. I should be ashamed of thinking the way I am thinking. 
    But you see, when we talk about this with some one they say that they gave their lives for 'hair'  ignoring the fact that all that mattered to them were 'principles' in which keeping hair was just another factor. There's difference between the two statements. I hope you know that. And most of the hype comes from the females who don't face such issues because no matter if a girl has cut her hair or not, keeping it requires the same efforts as a hindu girl would do. And we all know, most of the sikh girls now a days, freely trim their hair and make hype if a sikh boy does the same. 

    And If we think philosophically, the martyrs sacrificed their lives once and for all and became eternal, but we guys are doing such sacrifices everyday by limiting our lives and living in discomfort and limits. I don't find it fair enough. 
    We all know that turban destroys the hairline. Aren't we modifying the nature's course by the turban's traction instead of scissors?

    I won't cut my hair. I don't have the courage to face the taunts of my relatives and the sadness of my parents. Moreover, the damage that has happened to my hair can't be reversed, so theirs no use of cutting it. 

    But one thing is for sure that I am unable to respect this concept in our religion. And I would forever find it unfair...

    Seems as though a lot of these limitations you have placed upon yourself.  I can honestly say that I have never felt being restricted or or weighed down by being Sabat Surat.  I don’t think there is a single profession in the world where a Sabat Surat Singh has not excelled at.  I think a lot comes down to Singh mindset, whether you actually have the courage to take on the world or you just want to be a part of it.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Jonny101 said:

    Sadly this had been misrepresentated a lot in our Panth for the last few years mainly by missionaries to the point where many Sikhs have also started believing this.

    Firstly, it is not buckets milk but buckets of Kachi Lassi. Kachi Lassi in this case is a small portion of milk(about 20%) mixed with 80% water. The reason this is used since ancient times in India is because it does not damage marble flooring. In fact it gives a soft feel to the marble after applying it. 

    The alternative to this is modern chemical based products which can damage the marble long term by corrosion and wearing it out. Besides this these modern chemical based products can also cause cancer and damage the environment. So Kachi Lassi is definitely best suited for this sewa. 


    Absolutely correct!  Kachi Lassi is the name for the solution and yes it is used because it is non-corrosive to the marble surface.  We also use Swaa (ash) and Reht (sand) to clean Untensils in Gurughars but again it’s used because it has no chemicals and is non-corrosive.  Nothing to do with Sadhus applying ash to their bodies before anyone tries to make that connection. Lol

  10. 1 hour ago, AjeetSingh2019 said:

    lets correct ourselves rather than correcting other ppl. 

    We wash harmandar sahib marble floor every morning with buckets of milk. If our guru sahibs saw that, they wouldn't like it !

    The context is completely different.  We as Sikhs feed people ‘and’ wash the marble with milk not one ‘or’ the other.   Hindus on the other hand do nothing to eradicate poverty or hunger and feed idols to perform miracles on their behalf.

    Ranjit Bawa should be given a ‘Saropa’ for calling out the Hindus.  This isn’t the first time he has stuck his neck out for Sikhs, he performed a song while ago with Lehmber Hussanpuri for the movie about Sukha and Jinda.  Most Artist’s run a mile from anything like this but Ranjit Bawa has once again shown his worth!

  11. 4 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    that's the thing it has multiple layered meanings which are revealed as one reads and goes deeper into the ras of the bani , you will understand more , learn more every day the more you do vichar . The concept of Sochna  i.e.the bathing and purfication of Brahmans is a deeper level than the more instant sochna i.e. to think . so both are right . Waheguru ji is too deep a concept to be grasped by our chotti mat .

    I remember hearing Sant Singh Maskeen Ji talking about his discourse of Japji Sahib going back 30 years ago, how he said that he didn’t agree with what he had interpreted looking back since his most present Gyan.  He said he wouldn’t say it was wrong but correct according to his understanding when younger, but as he accumulated more Gyan, he said his new discourse would be different. 

  12. On 4/24/2020 at 1:04 PM, GurjantGnostic said:

    Strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among the Sikh community and help protect and preserve its Sikh and national identity. Giving great importance to the shared British/western values we all have.

    Of the multitude of problems I have with your site, that I will joyfully converse with you about...forever...here is just one glaring problem...

    If british values...hold the laughter...were at all based on truth.. brotherhood...then you wouldn't have dismantled the Sikh Empire...or at least given Punjab back as Khalistan during partition then Sikhs..would have a nation...a national identity already. They wouldn't have been murdered by you..and been delivered into rape and genocide in two countries you created. And no...we don't all share your "british/western values". They are in fact antithetical to Sikhi..and historically the enemy not only to Sikhi but the entire world that you invaded, raped, murdered, dismantled and culturally appropriated.  You are devils and always have been. The Roop you wear now in your fake congregation is the same roop you put a kill on sight bounty on in Punjab..

    Balle Oh Shera!  Swaad aah gaiaa!

    Now that’s what we need more of!

  13. 59 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

    The word soch has been used by Baba Nanak as clean in other places too if I recall rightly.

    I used to think it was 'think' to, but I think it is 'clean' now. 

    This makes sense! I’d imagine quite a few words used in Gurmukhi are pronounced and written differently to now such as ‘Sat’ which is ‘truth’.  ‘Sat’ is no longer used in modern day spoken or written communication.

  14. 5 hours ago, puzzled said:

    I'v seen it translated as both     i use sundar gutka app and it translates it as clean,  watched bhai jagraj singhs katha on 1st pauri and he translates it as clean/cleansing as well      but then some websites online translate it as thinking 

    That’s interesting to know.  I’ve always only ever seen it as ‘Thinking’.  I’m surprised that there are two versions of the translation out there.  But then again what else would you expect from the SGPC with such important matters. 

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  15. On 4/23/2020 at 12:30 PM, puzzled said:


    Read the translations along with paath ?  i have the same problem. I find jaap a lot more difficult to understand though compared to japji sahib

    like read 

    ਸੋਚੈ ਸੋਚਿ  ਹੋਵਈ ਜੇ ਸੋਚੀ ਲਖ ਵਾਰ 

    and then read the translation     which means showering/cleansing 100,000s times does not purify the mind 

    all of these are simple punjabi words  ਸੋਚਿ   is like suchha  untouched/clean/pure   like a glass of water that no one has drank from. 

    read each line then read the translation for it. Break each word down 


    Sochia Soch Na Hovai Je Sochia lakh VaarII

    By thinking, ‘He’ cannot be reduced to thought, even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times.

    Soch- Think/Thought 

    Sucha/Sucham - Clean/Cleanse

    Slight difference in the way word is written and pronounced but meaning can be misinterpreted.  


  16. 15 hours ago, californiasardar1 said:

    You guys have brought up some valid points, but are ignoring the elephant in the room:


    Singhs have an extremely difficult time getting married

    In fact, it is so difficult, that many just give up

    Cheap air travel!  That’s the other elephant.  Everyone is out there clocking up air miles and filling up their Passport.  It’s considered trendy to travel everywhere and anywhere nowadays.  This depletes the disposable income which ultimately leads to maxing out the credit card, so marriage gets pushed further back.  

  17. 6 hours ago, AkalkiFauj said:

    In one topic, Bhai Jagraj Singh ji said to have loads of kids.

    We don’t need to breed ourselves into significance!  All we need is ‘one’ Parcharak/Leader that can connect with the masses and before you know it, the numbers will multiply faster than anything you have seen.  Sounds familiar to the great leader that emerged in the 1980’s and changed the landscape of Punjab and the Diaspora.  Have faith and pass on Sikhi to your children and spread it to those who know nothing about us and watch everything that happens before your eyes. Stay Chardikala!

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  18. 14 minutes ago, JSinghnz said:

    Please listen to the whole video and don't just to conclusions. It was the criminal so called Nihangs who went so low as to go to war over vegetables and insulted their uniform.

    What the same uniform those haraamis use to harass common folk whether they are young, elderly or female.  That same uniform that they use for the extrajudicial killings throughout Punjab.  They can ‘F’ Off out my homeland and take their hand 🖐 with them.  You can do one too!

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  19. 47 minutes ago, JSinghnz said:

    A sensible discussion in the link below shows how these criminals went to war over vegetables and let the whole community down with their criminal actions.

    And here posters are going off track and not understanding the real picture.


    Yeh I agree!  Those Criminal Police Officers completely used disproportionate force with their Lathis, especially now that you just pointed out that the Singhs were just out looking for Vegetables to feed their families.  

  20. 43 minutes ago, JSinghnz said:

    What a joke. They are not Singhs. Do you even understand the meaning of Singhs. Singhs never raise their weapons on unarmed people. They can do their acting for life in prison now.

    I’m sure the Khaki Kutteh were armed and were outnumbering the Singhs.  Some people actually know how to use their Shastar and not just play dress up on weekends.  

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  21. 4 hours ago, puzzled said:

    i was watching this the other day   and that big wooden thing that man is rotating     think it was common in punjab as well among people who did kabaddi    dnt think any1 uses it in punjab anymore    but iv seen videos of traditional wrestlers in other parts of india still using it. i dnt actually know what its for lol 

    its at 3:06  in the video      video is from haryana      


    Those wooden things are called ‘Persian Clubs’ which are used to strengthen hand grip and shoulders.  Dangal Wrestlers (Pehlwans) still use them as part of their daily training.  Bodyweight momentum squats and ‘Hindu pushups‘ as they are known are the core exercises used to develop strength.  Also pushing and pulling trees is also an old exercise which was used to develop strength.  The key to getting strong was always to do massive quantities of repetitions with these exercises, have daily massages and consume lots of nuts, milk and gheeoh!

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  22. 1 hour ago, jkvlondon said:

    in khalsa Raj there will be khalsa of all hues , so possibly native siberian could feasibly become khalsa ...

    Good point!  Belonging to a Punjabi background and being born into Sikhi, I forget that all races and ethnicities could potentially become Khalsa.  Tadpole in a small pond mentality sometimes kicks in.

  23. 6 minutes ago, puzzled said:

    yh im going india this December    I'll ask my cousin there to take me to one if theres one happening 

    Yeh definitely do that.  Also go and see the horses that never make it to shows or the mandi, which are kept by the Nihungs.  Baba Bakala Nihungs or Harianwala Nihungs have some of the best horses.  Those Nihungs have a wealth of knowledge too.

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